Your alumni community

You are one of almost 95,000 alumni across 150 countries, all linked by one thing:  Essex. Welcome.

Your next steps after university are an exciting and sometimes daunting time. And we're here to help you along the way.

Advancing your career

Career support is available for three years after you graduate (via Skype or phone if you’re no longer in the UK) And if you’ve been thinking of further study, the alumni discount on postgraduate study at Essex could help make it a reality. 

Extending your network

As a part of the Essex alumni community you will receive invitations to exclusive events in the UK and internationally. Build your professional network and meet other Essex alumni.

Your Essex alumni membership

As one of our Essex alumni you can:

  • access free journals and books online through JSTOR
  • receive a discount rate at the sports centre
  • sign up for an NUS Extra discount card even though you're no longer a student
  • your alumni card will gain you access to the library and campus events like alumni sports weekend and the End.

We’ll keep you updated with what is happening at Essex through a monthly e-newsletter and an annual magazine. 

Update your details through our alumni community so we can stay in touch and to receive your full Essex alumni membership. And follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Getting involved

Essex was founded on philanthropy (from 700 founder donors), and last year 271 volunteers came to events on campus and across the world to help support Essex. You could add to this number, helping to improve your employability along the way.

Already in a great job or graduate scheme? Why not come and share your experiences with our current students at one of our speed networking events or meet prospective students at one of our open days.   

No longer in the UK? Alumni volunteers can support our overseas recruitment and welcome new students at pre-departure events. If you’d like to get involved please contact us.

Most importantly, stay in touch. We love to hear from you.