Have you seen...?

You know what it’s like when you move house – it’s impossible to remember everyone when you let people know your new address. Over the years, we’ve lost touch with some of our graduates.

Can you help us find them? Check out the year you graduated below – you might find you have up-to-date details of someone on our list of the lost. If so, please get in touch with them and ask them to sign-up to the website www.essex.ac.uk/alumni - that way they too can benefit from our services and publications.

Thank you.



First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Mohammad Abdullah   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Oluwole Adegboyega   PhD Mathematics
Stanley Allen   MSc Telecommunication Systems
James Alt   MA Political Behaviour
Adrian Andrews   BA Electronic Engineering
Peter Ashby   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Thomas Astell   BA Electronic Engineering
Clifford Attfield   BA Economics
Margaret Attfield Pudney BA Literature
John Augustin   MA Applied Linguistics
Thomas Averre   BA Electronic Engineering
Bryan Avery   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Lawrence Ball   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Paul Banning   BA Computing Science
Helen Barber   MA Sociology of Ussr
James Beall   BA Sociology
Raymond Bennett   BA Sociology
John Bevan   BA Government
Christopher Bishop   BA Theoretical Physics*
Leon Black   BA Government
Jeremy Booth   BA Sociology
Gabrielle Bradley   BA Government
Susan Branford   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Angela Brew   MA Sociology
Philip Brew   MA Linguistics
Christine Bridger Mann BA Sociology
Pamela Brightwell Ferns BA Sociology
Sandra Broadfoot   BA Literature
Christine Brooks   BA Theoretical Physics*
Philip Brown   BA Sociology
Kathleen Bruder   BA Literature
Philip Bryant   BA Computing Science
Thomas Burden   MA Sociology
Steven Burke   MA Applied Linguistics
Barbara Burman   BA Art
Leon Burnett   MA Lit - Theo & Prac Of Lit Tran
Elizabeth Burns Clifford BA Sociology
Christopher Campbell   BA Computing Science
Ian Carter   MA Sociology
Roy Carter   MA Linguistics
Elizabeth Chrominska   BA Literature
Peter Clark   BA Economics
Christopher Clarke   BA Economics
Peter Clarke   BA Sociology
Neil Clayton   MA Applied Linguistics
Judith Clowsley   MA Sociology of Latin America
Robert Coe   BA Literature
Stanley Cohen   BA Physics*
Peter Coles   BA Government
Martin Collyer   PhD Mathematics
David Cook   BA Literature
Malcolm Cooper   MA Applied Linguistics
Carmela Cope Sturdee BA Literature
Jaap Creutzberg   MSc Computing Science
June Croll   BA Literature
Geoffrey Croshaw   BA Economics
Roger Cullis   BA Economics
Christopher Culpin   BA Physics*
Simon Curtis   PhD Literature
Rolf Dahl   MA Applied Linguistics
Geoffrey Davey   PhD Chemistry
Eileen Davies   BA Sociology
Nicholas Davies   BA Literature
John Dawson   BA Economics
Josefina De Hernandez   MA Sociology
Lucia De Lazaro   MA Sociology of Latin America
Anthony Dexter   PhD Chemistry
David Dickins   BA Economics
Jennifer Dorn   BA Literature
Alec Dunn   BA Electronic Engineering
Niall Duthie   BA Literature
Tony England   BA Government
Christopher Esmond   BA Literature
John Evans   MA Economics
John Ewart   MA Applied Linguistics
Timothy Faiers   BA Government
Michael Fenton   BA Economics
Anthony Fraser   BA Sociology
Robert Fraval   MSc Opto-Electronics
Luke Freeman   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Michael Frend   PhD Chemistry
Michael Gallagher   BA Electronic Engineering
Denis Garland   BA Economics
Merel Gepfert Jones BA Mathematics
Uptal Ghatak   BA Electronic Engineering
Madeline Giles   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Roger Giles   BA Sociology
Peter Gill   MA US Government & Politics*
Peter Golding   MA Sociology
John Gordon   MA Applied Linguistics
Ian Gouldsborough   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Jeanne Grant   BA Sociology
Neville Grant   MA Applied Linguistics
Malcolm Gray   MA Economics
Paul Gray   BA Sociology
William Gray   BA Government
Michael Green   MA Applied Linguistics
Ian Greenleaf   BA Literature
Ahmed Guennoun   BA Economics
Stuart Hamilton   BA Economics
Stephen Harding   BA Economics
Helena Harper Lempert BA Government
David Harris   MA Sociology
James Harris   MSc Computing Science
Kevin Harvey   BA Economics
Anthony Head   BA Electronic Engineering
John Hembury   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Michael Henry   PhD Chemistry
Stephen Herman   BA Economics
Valentine Herman   MA Political Behaviour
John Heslop   BA Literature
Margaret Heywood   BA Economics
Alan Hickman   MSc Opto-Electronics
Stuart Hirst   MA Applied Linguistics
Janice Hiscock   BA Physics*
Roger Hogg   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Robert Hooke   MA Applied Linguistics
Harman Hopkins   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Peter Hopwood   MA Applied Linguistics
Alan Houston   BA Government
Robert Howell   BA Physics*
Keith Humphries   BA Physics*
Raphael Isaacs   MA Applied Linguistics
Anthea Jack   BA Sociology
Thomas Jamieson   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Peter Jenkins   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Mervyn Jewell   BA Government
Joelle Johnson   MA Literature - Translation
Michael Johnson   BA Literature
Robert Johnson   MA Applied Linguistics
George Johnston   MA Applied Linguistics
Malcolm Jones   BA Mathematics
Victor Jupp   MA Sociology
Harminder Kaur   MA Economics
Darrell Kay   BA Electronic Engineering
Leslie Keith   BA Sociology
Robyn Kemmis   MA Economics
Lindsey Kirby   BA Sociology
James Knight   BA Economics
Stuart Knight   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Bernadette Kyne   BA Literature
John Langmead   BA Economics
Michael Leach   BA Physics*
William Leach   BA Chemistry
Anne Lee   MA US Government & Politics*
Anthony Lee   BA Economics
David Lee   MA Linguistics
Patricia Lefevere Scharber MA Literature - Drama
Larry Leighton   BA Sociology
Richard Leonard   MA Political Behaviour
Janice Lindsay Graham BA Literature
Martin Lindsay   BA Government
Benn Lines   MSc Telecommunication Systems
James Lockhart   BA Economics And Government
Nicholas London   BA Physics*
Peter Loneon   BA Sociology
Christopher Long   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Lawrence Longhurst   BA Literature
Susan Longhurst   BA Literature
Graham Loomes   BA Economics
Judith Lown   BA Sociology
Richard Lown   BA Economics
Edward Lyons   BA Sociology
Kay Macgregor   BA Sociology
Edward Macrae   MA Sociology of Latin America
Janet Maher   MA Sociology of Ussr
Michael Mann   BA Economics
John Matatko   MA Economics
Nicholas May   BA Government
John Mccarthy   BA Economics
Richard Mccarthy   BA Government
Christine Mcconnel Hancock BA Sociology
Ann Mcgrath   BA Literature
Colin Mcvey   BA Sociology
Jean Meachen   BA Literature
Stanley Miller   BA Economics
Donald Minter   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Lyn Morgan   MA US Government & Politics*
Peter Morgan   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Iain Morrison   MA Sociology
Paul Mosley   MA Economics
Jessica Munns   BA Literature
John Murphy   BA Electronic Engineering
Terence Neilson   BA Government
Rosalind Nicol   BA Literature
Karin Nilsson   MA Literature - Translation
Geoffrey Norris   MA Sociology
Ekwaeju Ohwoisi   MA Political Behaviour
Anthony Parker   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Keith Parr   BA Electronic Engineering
Brijbihari Patel   MSc Quantum Electronics
Kenneth Pavitt   MSc Opto-Electronics
Pauline Pawson Eadsforth BA Literature
Raymond Pawson   BA Sociology
Raymond Peirson   BA Government
Marsha Peltz   BA Sociology
Elizabeth Penycate   MA Applied Linguistics
Arthur Peterson   MA Economics
John Phelps   BA Electronic Engineering
Barbara Proll   BA Literature
Panayis Ptochopoulos   BA Electronic Engineering
Trevor Redding   BA Chemistry
Barry Reece   MA Economics
Kenneth Reeder   MA Applied Linguistics
Alfred Regan   BA Sociology
Jeremy Reid   BA Mathematics
Susan Richards   MA Political Behaviour
Alan Robinson   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Andrew Robinson   BA Literature
William Rodger   BA Electronic Engineering
Peter Roe   MA Applied Linguistics
John Rogers   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Rowley   BA Mathematics
Javier Ruiz-Castillo   MA Economics
Diana Ruston   BA Art
Julian Rutter   BA Economics
Mark Salmon   BA Economics
Beryl Sandlund   MA Applied Linguistics
Jennifer Saxton   BA Sociology
Anthony Scott   BA Literature
Trevor Sellwood   BA Chemistry
Malcolm Senior   BA Physics*
Pippa Simmons   BA Government
Melvyn Slater   MA Sociology
Noella Smith   BA Sociology
James Spence   MA Political Behaviour
Mary Spicer   BA Sociology
Jennifer Stern Hartley MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
John Stevenson   MA Applied Linguistics
Richard Stevenson   BA Economics
Robert Stradling   MA Political Behaviour
John Sumner   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Ben Sutherland   BA Electronic Engineering
Jennifer Swinburne   BA Sociology
Keith Tabor   MSc Telecommunication Systems
David Taffs   BA Sociology
Arthur Thomas   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Leslie Trenery   BA Literature
Justin Tseayo   MA Sociology
Martin Turner   BA Government
Ruth-Therese Valentine   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Malcolm Wallace   BA Sociology
Michael Walsh   MA Economics
Robert Walters   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Derek Watts   BA Government
Martin Watts   BA Economics
Helen Wenman   BA Sociology
Julian West   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kenneth West   BA Physics*
Brian Whalley   BA Literature
John Whalley   MA Economics
John Wheeler   BA Government
Stephen White   MA Sociology
Alun Williams   BA Economics And Government
Richard Williams   MA Philosophy
Terence Wise   BA Sociology
Eleanor Wood   MSc Statistics and Operational Res


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Judith Agafonoff King BA Computing Science
Huseyin Akalin   MSc Opto-Electronics
Rodney Allen   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Atkins   BA Electronic Engineering
Clifford Attfield   MA Economics
Brenda Avery   BA Literature
Michael Baldwin   MA Economics
Zena Balsom Hales BA Sociology
Matthew Barnes   MSc Computing Science
John Barnsley   PhD Sociology
Evi Belevics   BA Literature
Peter Bell   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Michael Bew   PhD Chemistry
Roger Bibby   BA Computing Science
Timothy Bierman   BA Computing Science
Rae Blesing   MA Applied Linguistics
Thomas Bloor   MA Applied Linguistics
Marian Bond   BA Economics
Preston Boord   BA Economics
Philip Booth   BA Sociology
Paul Branch   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Patricia Brandon   BA Mathematics
Farley Brathwaite   MA Sociology
Michael Brogan   BA Government
Lesley Brown Keen BA Mathematical Politics
Ian Bulkley   BA Economics
Linda Burroughs   BA Literature
Susan Butterworth   BA Economics
Paul Byrne   BA Government
Jose Cabral   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Andrew Calcraft   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Barry Camp   MA Aesthetics & The Theory Of Art
Paul Camp   BA Literature
William Candler   MA Applied Linguistics
Joyce Capper   MA Social Service Planning
Peter Capper   BA Chemical Physics
Alan Cardew   MA Literature - American Poetry
Brenda Carpenter   MA Applied Linguistics
Simon Carrel   BA Literature
Alan Chalmers   BA Government
Julian Cheek   BA Sociology
Hubert Chermin   PhD Chemistry
Robert Church   BA Physics*
Alan Clark   BA Economics
Marshall Clarke   BA Economics
Lucien Clelland   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
David Coles   BA Mathematical Economics
Penelope Coles Norman BA Sociology
Richard Collard   BA Economics
Thomas Collings   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Philip Conn   MA Linguistics
Keith Conner   BA Sociology
David Cook   BA Literature
Ronald Cooney   MSc Quantum Electronics
Claudine Cowan   BA Mathematics
Frances Cowie   BA Literature
James Cox   MA Economics
Raymond Coyle   BA Electronic Engineering
Stephen Crabtree   BA Computing Science
Alan Crawford   BA Computing Science
John Crisp   PhD Physics*
Stephen Crowther   MA Applied Linguistics
Susan Dale   BA Mathematics
Peter Dangerfield   BA Government
David Daum   MA Applied Linguistics
David Davies   BA Economics
Alexander Davis   MA Sociology
John Deacon   PhD Physics*
Marie Denham   MA Social Service Planning
John Devereux   MA Applied Linguistics
Gentil Dias   MA Social Service Planning
Brian Donnelly   BA Literature
Nigel Dottridge   MA Literature - American Poetry
Guy Dowse   BA Literature
Colin Drake   BA Mathematical Politics
Anthony Dunkerley   BA Sociology
Matthew Eatwell   BA Literature
Willis Edmondson   MA Applied Linguistics
Barry Edwards   MA Literature - Drama
David Emlyn-Jones   BA Economics
Brian Emmett   MA Economics
David Eyres   MSc Computing Science
Aziz Farashi   BA Mathematics
Eduardo Farell   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Hewson Fawcett   MA Social Service Planning
David Finch   MSc Opto-Electronics
Susanne Flatauer   MA Literature - Translation
Elizabeth Fletcher   BA Literature
Peter Flinn   MA Applied Linguistics
John Floyd   MA Applied Linguistics
Jane Foot   BA Sociology
Kenneth Foxley   BA Mathematics
Graham Frecknall   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Alison Freegard   BA Art
David Freeman   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Edward Frost   BA Government
Margarida Fujii   BA Literature
Peter Garrard   BA Sociology
John Gee   MA Social Service Planning
Susan Gerry   BA Computing Science
Margaret Gibbon   BA Literature
Alan Gilling   BA Government
Peter Gilpin   BA Sociology
Sergio Gomez   MA Sociology
Patrick Goode   MA Sociology
Jocelyn Gowar   BA Sociology
Robert Graham   MA Political Behaviour
Malcolm Gray   BA Chemistry
Clive Gregory   BA Art
Stephen Gregory   MSc Quantum Electronics
Paul Griffith   BA Sociology
Terence Hagan   BA Sociology
Audrey Halhead   BA Sociology
Robert Hallam   BA Literature
Peter Hancock   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Alice Harris   MA Linguistics
Jeffrey Harris   PhD Physics*
Ruth Harrison   MA Literature - Translation
Ruth Harrison   MA Literature
Geoffrey Harrod   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Raymond Hazell   BA Literature
Peter Head   MSc Computing Science
Patrick Healey   MA Sociology
Michael Hearn   BA Economics
David Heather   BA Sociology
John Helps   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Caroline Henley   BA Literature
Alan Herbert   BA Literature
Susan Herbert Kirby BA Economics
Martin Heslop   BA Physics*
Martin Hewitt   MA Social Service Planning
Nigel Hewlett   MA Linguistics
Judith Hidderley   BA Literature
Linda Hill   BA Sociology
Michael Hodkinson   MA US Government & Politics*
David Hogarth   MA Applied Linguistics
Paul Houghton   BA Sociology
Jeffrey Howells   MSc Computing Science
Abdel Huda   BA Economics
Denis Hunt   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Malcolm Inman   BA Theoretical Physics*
David Jackson   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Michael Jacobs   MA US Government & Politics*
David James   MA Literature - Translation
Diane Jennings   BA Mathematics
Michael Johnson   MSc Computing Science
Ian Jones   BA Sociology
Karen Jones   MA Linguistics
Jennifer Joyner   BA Sociology
Paul Kaati   MA Political Behaviour
Oscar Karadima   MA Sociology
Malcolm Kent   PhD Physics*
Sean King   MSc Opto-Electronics
Roger Kinzett   BA Economics
Derek Knott   BA Economics
Mary Knowles Wooldridge BA Sociology
Paul Kusel   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Kyle   BA Economics
Joseph Lai   BA Electronic Engineering
Maurice Lainchbury   BA Economics
John Lakeman   BA Literature
Robert Lambert   BA Electronic Engineering
Peter Lane   MA Economics
Cristina Lange   MA Linguistics
Raymond Lawrence   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Alan Leach   BA Literature
Richard Lee   BA Literature
Derek Leslie   MA Economics
Christopher Lester   MSc Computing Science
Michael Leyton   BA Electronic Engineering
Giok Lim   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
John Loosemore   MA Political Behaviour
Roger Luther   BA Mathematics
Maximillian Macson   BA Sociology
Roger Maitland   BA Sociology
Michael Mann   MA Economics
Michael Mann   BA Computing Science
Sheila Mann Bouchier BA Art
Marilyn Marshall   BA Economics
Gillian Marsland   BA Literature
John Mattingley   PhD Chemistry
John Mcadam   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Neil Mcnair   BA Economics
Jean Mcniff   MA Applied Linguistics
William Mcsweeney   BA Sociology
Clive Meachen   MA Literature - American Poetry
Mehrazar Mehrnoosh   BA Mathematical Economics
Nicholas Millard   BA Government
David Mills   BA Government
Diana Moate Cran BA Literature
Brian Molyneux   BA Computing Science
Kenneth Montague   MA Literature - Translation
Derek Moorat   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Agnes Morrison   MA Economics
Gerald Mosback   MA Applied Linguistics
Kenneth Munday   MSc Computing Science
Daryl Nelson   MA Political Behaviour
Helen Odamtten   MA Applied Linguistics
Marie Oxtoby   PhD Sociology
Nicholas Parkes   BA Electronic Engineering
Brijbihari Patel   PhD Physics*
Panayiotis Pengas   MSc Opto-Electronics
Gordon Peters   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
David Pettit   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Andrew Phillips   BA Sociology
Graham Phillips   BA Electronic Engineering
Mary-Rose Phillips   BA Literature
Sandra Phillips   BA Literature
Michael Pickering   BA Literature
John Pomery   MA Economics
Robin Poppelsdorff   MA Literature - American Poetry
Amrik Rana   BA Mathematical Economics
Thomas Raworth   MA Literature - Translation
David Rawson   BA Chemistry
Raymond Richardson   BA Electronic Engineering
Vivienne Richardson   MA Applied Linguistics
David Ricks   MA Applied Linguistics
Hilary Robinson   MA Sociology
Paul Rodwell   MA Political Behaviour
Vincent Routledge   BA Chemistry
Brian Rowlatt   BA Theoretical Physics*
Jennifer Rowley Praill BA Physics*
John Royston   BA Mathematics
Ulken Sami   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kulwant Sandhu   MSc Computing Science
Keith Sandum   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Jean Seaton   MA Sociology
Michael Seaton   BA Economics
Abdol-Karim Sedaghat   MSc Quantum Electronics
Malcolm Senior   MSc Opto-Electronics
Penelope Sewell   MA Applied Linguistics
Jill Shankleman   BA Sociology
Anthony Shelton   BA Physics*
Andrew Sherwood   BA Sociology
Terence Sherwood   BA Chemistry
Peter Shore   BA Sociology
Jennifer Sidney   BA Literature
Penelope Silver   BA Sociology
Donald Simpson   BA Mathematical Politics
Norman Simpson   MA Applied Linguistics
Penelope Simpson   BA Literature
Colin Siskin   BA Economics
Derek Sleigh   BA Sociology
Howard Smith   BA Sociology
Robert Smith   BA Government
Robert Snell   BA Literature
Ian Souter   BA Economics
John St Clair   BA Theoretical Physics*
Polixeni Stefanoglou   MSc Computing Science
Michael Stevens   BA Computing Science
James Stone   BA Economics
Anne Stoppard   BA Sociology
Susan Stubbs   BA Art
Graham Stukins   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Gillian Sturtridge   MA Applied Linguistics
Harry Swalef   MA Literature - Translation
Tadeusz Szymborski   BA Government
James Talbot   BA Chemistry
Geoffrey Taylor   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Peter Thomas   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
William Thomas   MA Applied Linguistics
Pamela Thompson   BA Sociology
Ivan Thorpe   BA Sociology
Dorothy Tilt   MA Social Service Planning
Jennefer Tingey   BA Sociology
David Turner   BA Sociology
Marilyn Tyler   BA Literature
Robert Valentine   BA Mathematics
Roy Walker   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Michael Walter   BA Sociology
Rodney Ward   PhD Physics*
Annette Warren   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Paul Wass   MA Linguistics
Anthony Watkins   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Brian Watson   MA Sociology
Nigel Watson   BA Literature
Stephen Webber   BA Economics
Robert Welham   MSc Computing Science
Celia Wheeler   BA Economics
Robert White   BA Literature
Robert White   BA Economics
Valerie Whiteson   MA Applied Linguistics
Keith Whitfield   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Silvaine Wiles   MA Applied Linguistics
Julian Wilkinson   BA Theoretical Physics*
Michael Wilkinson   BA Literature
Peter Williams   MA Applied Linguistics
David Wilson   MA Political Behaviour
Keith Winter   BA Computing Science
Dennis Wolstenholme   BA Electronic Engineering
Jerzy Wolynski   BA Mathematics
Robert Wombwell   BA Economics
Margaret Woodhouse   BA Literature
Gordon Wortelhock   MA Applied Linguistics
Stephen Wozniak   BA Physics*
John Wright   MA Applied Linguistics
Elvira Zunker   BA Sociology


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
James Abbott   MSc Mathematical Computation
George Adams   BA Economics
Syed Ahsan   MA Economics
Jackton Akumu   BA Sociology
Faisal Al-Fozan   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Alastair Allan   MA Applied Linguistics
Enrique Anda   PhD Physics*
Anthony Andrews   MSc Opto-Electronics
John Armstrong   BA Sociology
Gillian Avery   MA Literature - Drama
Jennifer Bailey   BA Art
Stephen Bailey   BA Mathematics
Stephen Ball   BA Sociology
Mary Barbour   BA Mathematics and Sociology
David Barker   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Graham Barrett   BA Computing Science
Christine Beckwith   BA Economics
David Beckwith   BA Mathematics
Roger Bellows   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Laurence Benfield   BA Computing Science
Janice Bennett Wade BA Literature
Jeffrey Benson   BA Mathematical Economics
Christopher Berry   MSc Prog Ling & Theory Computation
Alan Bevis   MA Economics
Maryam Binbrek   MA Applied Linguistics
Selwyn Binstock   BSc Electronic Engineering
Satyendra Biswas   MSc Computing Science
Roger Boe   BA Sociology
Peter Boss   BA Economics
Stephen Bostock   BA Computing Science
Lynne Bowron   BA Art
Harley Brookes   MA Applied Linguistics
Gordon Brown   MSc Computing Science
Colin Buchan   MA Applied Linguistics
Alan Buglass   PhD Chemistry
Nicholas Bullard   BA Literature
Peter Burgess   MA Sociology
Peter Burnett   MSc Computing Science
Nigel Burson   BA Economics
Andrew Cameron   BA Computing Science
Arabela Campos   MA Sociology
Carol Canham   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Richard Canning   BA Mathematics
Karen Chapman   BA Sociology
Michael Chapman   BA Sociology
John Charlton   MA Political Behaviour
Godsuno Chela-Flores   MA Applied Linguistics
Iain Chisholm   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Barbara Clarke   MA Applied Linguistics
Louise Clarke   BA Computing Science
David Close   MA Political Behaviour
Rhiannon Collinson   MSc Statistics and Operational Research
Charles Conlon   BA Government
Frances Cook   BA Literature
Sally Cook   BA Mathematics
Jonathan Craig   BA Government
Alan Crawshaw   BA Mathematics
Riccardo Cuminetti   MSc Quantum Electronics
Pritam Dass   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
David Davies   PhD Sociology
Glyn Davies   BA Mathematics
Lidia De Anda   MSc Computing Science
Rutaro De Entale   MSc Computing Science
Gerald Dean   BA Electronic Engineering
Kenneth Dean   MA Sociology
Barbara Dearing   MA US Government & Politics*
Cecilia Dekker   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Robert Dixon   MSc Opto-Electronics
Roderick Dixon   BA Sociology
Colin Dover   BA Physics*
Timothy Dunmore   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Vivienne Dunster   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Michael Dyer   BA Government
Patrick Dyer   BA Government
Katherine Eachus   BA Computing Science
Patrick Early   MA Applied Linguistics
Carolyn Ede   BA Literature
Peter Edwards   MA Literature - Russian Poetry
Stephen Elliott   BA Computing Science
Osman Ese   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Deborah Evans   BA Economics
Linda Exley   BA Mathematical Economics
Patricia Fairclough   MA Applied Linguistics
Gonzalo Fernandez   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Henry Firth   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Joyce Fisher   MSc Opto-Electronics
David Fletcher   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Michael Fletcher   MA Sociology
Rosemary Foot   BA Government
Ruth Fox   BA Mathematics
Jennifer Frost   BA Sociology
Robert Furlong   BA Economics
Roger Gannon   PhD Language Centre
Helen George   MA Linguistics
Kyriacos Georgiou   BA Computing Science
Patricia Gibbs   BA Literature
Rosemary Goffin   BA Sociology
Catherine Goggin   BA Literature
Faith Goodland Brewer BA Computing Science
David Goodwin   BA Computing Science
Ian Grant   BA Government
Sally Greenburgh   MA Literature - Drama
Christine Gregory Sullivan BA Economics
Michael Gregory   BA Literature
Mary Grimsditch   BA Sociology
Georgina Gutierrez   BA Chemistry
Clive Harding   BA Electronic Engineering
Eileen Harrison   BA Literature
Keith Harrison   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Stephen Harrod   BA Economics
John Hawkins   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Crispin Hayllar   BA Sociology
Robert Heath   BA Sociology
Paul Hebden   MA Sociology
Christopher Heginbotham   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Hennebry   BA Government
Christopher Hobbs   BA Computing Science
Carolyn Holder   BA Literature
Michael Holmes   BA Economics
Sara Holmes   BA Literature
Margaret Horne   BA Literature
Stephen Horne   BA Computing Science
Christopher Hoult   BA Sociology
Jack Humphreys   BA Government
Marianne Hunter Dennis BA Art
Sean Hurley   BA Art
John Hutton   BA Electronic Engineering
Michael Illsley   BA Mathematics
Clive Ireland   PhD Physics*
Robert Jackson   BA Economics
Michael Jefferies   BA Economics
Anna Jenkins Osborne BA Literature
Marcela Jimenez Gajardo MA Sociology
Keith Johnson   MA Applied Linguistics
Annette Jones   BA Literature
Daphne Jones Parsons MA Applied Linguistics
Dennis Jones   BA Government
William Jones   BSc Computing Science
Christine Jourdan   BA Literature
James Kenning   BA Government
Susan Kenyon   BA Literature
Richard Kingston   BA Literature
Alan Knight   BA Computing Science
Nina-Maria Kritopoulou   MA Applied Linguistics
Judith Lamb   MA Literature - Drama
Christel Lane   BA Sociology
Natalya Lane   BA Literature
Ian Law   BA Economics
Jane Leggett   BA Literature
Kenneth Lever   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Nina Lewis   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Edward Lisle   BA Computing Science
Stanley Little   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Marian Littlechild   MA Literature - Latin Amer Lit
Ian Littlewood   BA Computing Science
Clifford Lloyd   MSc Prog Ling & Theory Computation
Mary Lorimer   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Pauline Low   BA Literature
Hugh Macdonald   BA Government And Sociology
John Mackenzie   BA Sociology
John Mackenzie   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Mackintosh   BA Economics
Rose Mahe   BA Literature
Timothy Mahony   BA Government
Daphne Mango   BA Literature
Charles Mann   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Phillip Mansell   PhD Language Centre
Francis Mares   MA Linguistics
David Mason   MSc Computing Science
Carolyn Matheson   BA Literature
Trevor Matthews   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Terry Mccormick   BA Literature
John Mcgilley   BA Physics*
Gardiner Mclennan   MA Applied Linguistics
John Mcleod   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jean Meachen   MA Literature - Drama
Colin Meir   PhD Literature
Felicity Mesger   BA Literature
Penelope Middleditch Wright BA Art
John Miller   BA Electronic Engineering
Lynne Mitchell   BA Literature
Robert Monckton   BA Chemical Physics
Francoise-Helene Moore   MA Linguistics
John Morgan   MA US Government & Politics*
Terence Morris   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Mullaney   BA Government
Jessica Munns   MA Literature - Drama
Robert Murphy   BA Economics
James Murray   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Nighat Nadvi   BA Chemistry
Brian Neve   MA US Government & Politics*
David Newbery   MA Sociology
David Nichols   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Joseph Nicholson   BA Economics
Timothy Nind   BA Electronic Engineering
John Nix   MA Social Service Planning
Jacqueline Norman   BA Literature
Philip Noskeau   BA Physics*
John Nowell   BA Literature
Janice Ogg   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Frederick O'Hanlon   MA Applied Linguistics
Howard Oxley   MA Economics
Harish Pant   MA Applied Linguistics
David Parry   BA Art
Stephen Pasek   BA Sociology
Kerry Patterson   BA Economics
Frank Peacock   BA Economics
Edward Pelentrides   BA Sociology
Sally Pemberton   BA Sociology
James Pett   MA Applied Linguistics
Alison Phelps   BA Literature
Linda Phipps   BA Literature
Margaret Pointon   BA Sociology
David Potter   MA Economics
John Powell   BA Mathematics
Richard Pratt   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
John Priest   BA Economics
Peter Prior   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Maurice Punch   PhD Sociology
Etty Rabinovitch   MA Literature - Translation
John Ratcliff   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Piers Ratcliff   BA Physics*
George Rattray   BA Economics
Jacqueline Reiter   BA Literature
Mary Rex   MA Literature - Drama
Jonathan Richards   BA Sociology
Suzanne Richards   BA Chemistry
Georgina Roberts Hodgson BA Art
Paul Roberts   BA Computing Science
Mark Robertson   BA Sociology
Norman Robinson   BA Government
Diana Rock   BA Literature
William Rodger   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Charles Rother   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Geoffrey Sarsby   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Derek Sayer   BA Sociology
John Scarlett-Streatfield   BA Sociology
Claudia Schadeberg Horvath BA Art
Anthony Schneider   BA Government
Christopher Scott   MA Sociology
Jennifer Scott   BA Mathematics and Sociology
Stephen Sears   BA Mathematics
Abdol-Karim Sedaghat   PhD Physics*
Hamid Seddighi   BA Mathematical Economics
Gerald Seiflow   BA Computing Science
Susan Selby   BA Literature
Robert Service   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Roger Shaw   BA Literature
Peter Shelton   BA Literature
Ralph Shepherd   BA Theoretical Physics*
Ian Sherwin   BA Mathematics and Sociology
Alison Shilling   MA Applied Linguistics
Henry Slater   BA Government
Michael Sly   BA Literature
Angela Smith   BA Sociology
Anthony Smith   BA Chemical Physics
Graham Smith   BA Art
Graham Smith   BA Physics*
Bruce Sobey   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Celia Southerst   BA Literature
David Spencer   BA Government
William Squire   MA Sociology
Alan Stevens   PhD Physics*
Martyn Stevens   BA Sociology
Sheila Stevenson   BA Literature
Richard Stone   BA Sociology
Richard Swan   BA Computing Science
Eusebio Tanco   BA Economics
Jon Taylor   MA Linguistics
David Thomas   MA US Government & Politics*
Jennifer Thornton   BA Mathematics and Sociology
Enrique Tierno   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Roy Townsend   MA Literature - American Poetry
Philip Trickey   BA Computing Science
Susan Triesman   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Philip Tritton   BA Mathematical Economics
Mukundlal Trivedi   MA Economics
Jennifer Truman   BA Literature
Paul Tucker   PhD Chemistry
Stephen Unsworth   BA Economics And Government
Joaquin Urquidi   BA Government
Anna Uttenthal   MA Literature - Translation
Andrew Valdar   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Elsbeth Van Heyingen   BA Art
Breffni Van Mastbergen   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Richard Veale   BA Government
Paul Venables   BA Sociology
Keith Vincett   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Peter Wagstaff   MA Economics
Nicholas Walshaw   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Stephen Warnes   BA Art
Richard Wash   BA Mathematics
Julie Waterhouse   BA Literature
Terence Watson   BA Government
Ernest Welsh   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Valerie Weston   BA Sociology
Teresa Whichelow   BA Literature
Paul Whiteley   MA Political Behaviour
Robert Whitney   PhD Chemistry
Robert Whitrow   PhD Physics*
John Wiles   BA Sociology
Joanna Wilkes   BA Literature
Andrew Wilson   BA Sociology
Graham Wilson   MA US Government & Politics*
Stephen Winyard   BA Economics
George Wotton   BA Literature
Francis Wright   BA Literature
Graham Wright   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Janet Wright   BA Mathematics
Philip Yorke   BA Literature
Mohammad Yousefian   BA Mathematical Economics
Negeen Zinovieff   BA Literature


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Ronald Ackerley   BSc Chemistry
Jason Adams   BA Computing Science
Brian Ager   BA Biochemistry
Ahmad Al-Hassan   MA Applied Linguistics
Adil Al-Sinid   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Harold Ambler   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Richard Andrews   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Noel Artist   MA Applied Linguistics
Taskin Atilgan   MSc Computing Science
Richard Atkinson   BA Literature
Caroline Baker   BA Sociology
John Baker   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Timothy Balassa   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Roger Barlow   MA Political Behaviour
Ronald Barnett   BA Literature
David Barton   MA Linguistics
Keith Bates   BA Sociology
Stephen Beackon   BA Sociology
Brian Beck   BA Computing Science
Peter Bedwell   BSc Electronic Engineering
Rachel Belgrave   MA Applied Linguistics
Oenone Bell   BA Government
Andrew Bennett   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Jeremy Benson   BA Economics
Michael Berry   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Peter Berry   BA Government And Sociology
Christine Bestington   BA Government
Richard Biddle   MA Political Behaviour
John Billingsley   BA Sociology
Graham Bishop   PhD Physics*
Lindsay Blackmore   BA Art
Hedi Blanco   MA Political Behaviour
Jack Blunden   MA Applied Linguistics
Joy Booth   BA Government
Sydney Boswell   BA Computing Science
Nancy Bough   BA Sociology
Peter Bramham   MA Sociology
Robert Bramich   BA Art
Stuart Brenton   MA Sociology
Patricia Brewster   BA Literature
Christopher Brickhill   MSc Program Linguistics
Stephen Bristow   BA Electronic Engineering
Celia Britton   PhD Language Centre
Peter Brooks   BA Sociology
Maureen Brookson   BA Literature
John Browning   PhD Literature
Ian Bulkley   MA Economics
Christopher Burgess   BA Government
Roger Burrell   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Abel Caballero   MA Economics
Roberto Caldeira   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Antony Cannings   BA Mathematics
Roderic Canty   BA Computing Science
William Carey   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Cassandra Carr   BA Literature
Michael Carson   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Ian Castilho   BA Computing Science
Richard Chamberlain   MA Applied Linguistics
Efthymios Charalambous   BA Applied Physics
Henry Cheong   BSc Electronic Engineering
Seat Chin   BA Economics
Derek Christopher   MA Soviet Government & Politics
David Churchill   MA Applied Linguistics
Robert Clark   BA Electronic Engineering
Iain Clarkson   MA Linguistics
Martin Clatworthy   BSc Biochemistry
Terence Claughton   BA Computing Science
Brian Clayton   BSc Chemistry
Richard Cockram   BA Literature
Ian Cole   BA Computing Science
Robert Cole   BA Computing Science
Anne Cooke   BA Sociology
James Cooper   BA Computing Science
Katharine Cooper   BA Literature
Rowena Cooper Tostdevine BA Literature
Malcolm Corbin   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
James Cormick   MA Applied Linguistics
Barry Cornelius   MSc Computing Science
Michael Courthold   BSc Applied Physics
Andrew Cox   BA Economics
Michael Creevy   BA Computing Science
Nigel Cromey-Hawke   BA Art
Andrew Crozier   PhD Literature
Frazer Crump   BA Computing Science
Geoffrey Cullinan   BA Economics
David Culpin   PhD Mathematics
Anthony Daly   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Michael Daly   MA Economics
Rajat Dam   MA Economics
Peter D'Arcy   MSc Computing Science
Thomas D'Arcy   MA Applied Linguistics
Thomas Davidson   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Peter Davis   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Silvia De Sussmann   MSc Computing Science
Hakamali Dhanani   BA Mathematics
Pierre Diamantopoulo   BA Literature
Brian Donnelly   MPH Literature
Shmuel Dorfan   MA Applied Linguistics
Milagro Ducasse   MA Literature - Latin Amer Lit
David Duff   BA Theoretical Physics*
Fiona Duff   MA Linguistics
Derek Edgell   MA US Government & Politics*
Pauletta Edwards   MA Applied Linguistics
Loku Ekanayake   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Susan Elliman   BA Sociology
Stephen Elliott   MSc Program Linguistics
Sheelagh Ellwood   BA Sociology
Michael Esden   BA Economics
John Faherty   BA Sociology
Rashid Fatah   BA Mathematics
Michael Foley   MA US Government & Politics*
Robert Foley   MSc Mathematical Computation
Clive Foreman   BA Computing Science
Richard Foreman   BA Literature
John Fox   MSc Telecommunication Systems
David Fulton   MA Literature - American Poetry
David Gartside   MA Applied Linguistics
Faramarz Ghassemi   MSc Opto-Electronics
Diana Gittins   BA Government And Sociology
Carla Gladstone   BA Mathematics
Hans Glockner   BA Mathematics
Anne Gluck   MA Applied Linguistics
Hilda Goldring   BA Government
John Gradwell   BA Literature
Earl Grant   PhD Economics
Robert Griffiths   BA Economics
Nigel Hancock   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Geoffrey Hand   BA Literature
John Harding   MA Soviet Government & Politics
John Hardwick   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Helen Hardy   BA Computing Science
Steven Hardy   MSc Computing Science
Peter Harley   MA Sociology
Trevor Harries   BSc Electronic Engineering
John Harris   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Michael Hartwell   BA Literature
Jennifer Hatton Tyler BA Art
Linda Hilton   BA Art
Monica Hinton   BA Sociology
Stephen Hoare   BA Literature
Frederick Hobbs   BA Mathematical Economics
Michael Hobson   BA Literature
Elizabeth Hock   BA Government
Benjamin Hodson   BSc Biochemistry
Jeffrey Holmes   BA Economics
Brigid Hughes   BA Art
David Hughes   MA Sociology
Peter Hunt   MSc Computing Science
Ian Irvine   MA Economics
Diane Jackson-Baker   BA Literature
Frederick James   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Peter James   MSc Program Linguistics
Graham Jenkins   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Jeanette Johnston   MA Literature - American Poetry
Elizabeth Jones   BA Government
Eric Jones   PhD Literature
Frank Jones   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Peter Jones   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Russell Jones   BSc Applied Physics
Timothy Jones   BA Literature
William Jones   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Kay Karabinos   MA Linguistics
Anne Kelly   MA Applied Linguistics
Stephen Kelly   BA Mathematics
Sarah Kent Lawson-Barnes BA Literature
Sarah Kent Lawson-Barnes BA Literature - English & European
David Kenyon   BA Art
Mojtaba Khabaz   BA Mathematics
Peter King   BA Biochemistry
Andrew Kirby   BA Economics
George Kodikara   MA Social Service Planning
Jitendra Kumar   BA Computing Science
Rachelle Kushner   MA Applied Linguistics
Maurice Lainchbury   MA Economics
Robert Lamb   BA Mathematics
Catherine Lancaster   BA Sociology
Ann Latimer   BA Sociology
Susan Lemon   BA Literature
Brian Levy   BA Sociology
Mercedes Li   BSc Biochemistry
John Lill   BA Biochemistry
Judith Lillie   MA Applied Linguistics
David Linter   BA Computing Science
Lynne Livesey Gillon BA Computing Science
Christopher Longworth   BA Government And Sociology
Vivienne Lucas   BA Art
Christopher Luck   MA Literature - Russian Poetry
Geoffrey Luland   BA Mathematics
Henry Lyon   MA Sociology
Photis Lysandrou   BA Economics
James Macbeth   BA Literature
Tony Mack   MA Economics
Patrick Maguire   BA Art
Vivienne Maguire   BA Literature
Joseph Male   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Khalid Malik   MA Economics
David Margolies   PhD Literature
John Marshall   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Gerald Maxted   BA Mathematics
Jacqueline Mayall   BA Literature
Janet Mcalpin   MA Applied Linguistics
Patrick Mcclean   BSc Biochemistry
David Mccullagh   BA Government
Mohamed Mcdoom   MA Applied Linguistics
Mary Mchale   BA Sociology
Anne Mcmanus   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Maureen Mcmorrow   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
James Mcquillan   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Kenneth Menzies   PhD Sociology
Anthony Michael   BA Economics
Ruth Middleton   BA Mathematics
Terence Mills   BA Economics
Robert Milthorp   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Lynne Mitchell   BA Economics
Firdaus Mobedji   BA Economics
Salim Mohamed   MSc Opto-Electronics
Jose Moises   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Patricia Monckton   BA Mathematics
Jennifer Moorwood   MA Applied Linguistics
Christopher Morris   BA Government
Colin Mortimer   BA Government
Michael Mulholland   MSc Computing Science
Ronaldo Munck   BA Sociology
Brendan Murphy   BA Sociology
James Murray   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Mohamad-Nader Naimiyan   BA Mathematics
James Naylor   BA Sociology
Yehia Negm   MSc Quantum Electronics
Edward Newman   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Robert Newton-Jones   BA Literature
Brian Norris   MSc Quantum Electronics
John Nuttall   MA Linguistics
Susan Oppenheimer   BA Sociology
James O'Shea   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Paddon   MA Sociology
Eleftherios Panagopoulos   PhD Language Centre
Christina Panteli   BA Literature
Mark Pattison   BA Government
Athishdam Pavanantham   MSc Computing Science
Anthony Payne   MSc Computing Science
Richard Payne   MSc Computing Science
Christopher Pearson   MA Applied Linguistics
Jeffrey Pearson   BSc Biochemistry
Adrian Penfold   BA Government
Simon Pepper   PhD Art
Ronald Pickard   BA Electronic Engineering
James Pincombe   BA Computing Science
Paolo Pistoi   MA Sociology
Martin Platt   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Deborah Plinston   BA Computing Science
Claire Pollak   BA Literature
Edwin Potter   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Martin Prentice   BA Mathematics
Graham Randall   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Stanley Ratcliffe   BA Mathematics
John Raven   BA Theoretical Physics*
Nandini Ray   BA Economics
John Reeves   BA Biochemistry
Ann Richardson   BA Literature
Kathryn Roberts Clements BA Literature
Martin Robinson   BA Sociology
Robert Robinson   BA Literature
William Robinson   MSc Opto-Electronics
Phillip Round   BA Sociology
Kenneth Rozier   BA Computing Science
Alan Rush   MA Applied Linguistics
Thomas Russell   BA Literature
Savvas Savva   BA Biochemistry
Abdulla Schrueder   BSc Biochemistry
Jorge Sebastian   BA Mathematics
Raymond Sentes   BA Sociology
Kamal Sharma   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Jill Shaw   BA Mathematics
Jeffrey Sheen   MA Economics
Masao Shirakawa   MA Applied Linguistics
Terence Shryane   BA Literature
Hans Siekmann   MSc Computing Science
Nicholas Sigurdsson   MSc Computing Science
Hardave Singh   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Tarsem Singh   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Janet Smith   BA Sociology
John Smith   MA US Government & Politics*
Katharine Smith   BA Literature
Kevin Smith   MA Applied Linguistics
Paul Smith   BA Literature
Robert Smyth   MA Applied Linguistics
Myrinda Snell   MA Sociology
Christopher Sowerby   BA Sociology
David Spashett   BA Sociology
Paul Stevenson   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Monica Stoll   MA Literature - Translation
Malcolm Strachan   BA Economics
Richard Stuckey   BA Mathematics and Politics
Sharon Suich   BA Literature
Sumati Surana   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Ricardo Sussmann   PhD Physics*
Carolyn Sutherland   BA Art
Brian Taylor   MA Sociology
Michael Taylor   MA Applied Linguistics
Paul Teeple   MSc Program Linguistics
Barrie Thomas   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Ceiriog Thomas   BA Sociology
Deryck Thomas   MA Applied Linguistics
Denise Thompson   BA Government
Haydn Thompson   BA Economics
Maurice Thompson   BA Chemical Physics
Janet Thomson Stanley BA Government
David Thornton   BA Literature
Stephen Tindall   BA Literature
George Torrington   BA Electronic Engineering
John Treble   MA Economics
Richard Trerise   BA Literature
Peter Trusty   MA Literature - American Poetry
Juan Valdes Soublette   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Eddie Wan   BA Economics
Michael Ward   BA Government
Patricia Ward Greening BA Mathematics
Alan Warren   BSc Biochemistry
Robert Watson   MA Literature - American Poetry
Paul Weller   MA Economics
Michael Wenn   BA Sociology
Kenneth Westney   MA Applied Linguistics
Despoulla Whitrow   BSc Biochemistry
Michael Wilkinson   MA Literature - American Poetry
Philip Williams   BA Chemistry
Paul Willis   BA Economics
Philip Willis   MSc Computing Science
James Wills   BA Computing Science
Jonathan Wilson   BA Literature
Ralph Winsor   BA Computing Science
Terence Winsor   BA Sociology
Thomas Woolley   MA Sociology
Abdul-Halim Wriekat   MSc Quantum Electronics
John Yeo   MA Economics
Richard Yorke   MSc Program Linguistics
Jonathan Young   BA Government
Martin Zak   BA Government


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Colin Adams   BA Computer Systems
John Adams   MA Linguistics
Robert Adams   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Stanley Addison   BA Government
Victor Adereth   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Paul Affuso   MA US Government & Politics*
Barry Alford   BA Computing Science
Jean Anderson   MSc Computing Science
Ross Anderson   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Penelope Arnold   BA Literature
Aiyudubie Asemota   BSc Biochemistry
John Atkins   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Atkinson   PhD Sociology
Robert Austin   BA Government And Sociology
Eric Barker   BA Literature
John Barnes   BA Computing Science
Anthony Baron   BA Economics
Nicholas Barrett   BA Chemistry
Colin Beardon   MSc Computer St.(Program Ling)
Anthony Beck   BA Government And Sociology
Trevor Bedeman   MA Political Behaviour
Marcia Beer   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
John Berdinner   MA Linguistics
Christina Best   BA Literature
Jaikishin Bhagia   MSc Computing Science
Jonathan Blundell   MA Linguistics
David Boggett   PhD Physics*
Roland Bonnel   MA Political Behaviour
Deb Bose   PhD Mathematics
Anthony Bowen   MA Applied Linguistics
Colin Boyne   BSc Physics*
Robert Branton   BA Computers And Computation
Gregory Bray   BA Sociology
John Brennan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Laurence Brown   BA Chemistry
Iain Buchanan   MA Aesthetics & The Theory Of Art
David Burgess   BA Sociology
Richard Caperon   BA Government
Alan Carling   MA Formal Political Analysis
Mary Cecil   BA Sociology
Janice Chapman   BA Literature
Gautam Chaterjee   MA Economics
Pak Chum   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Paul Chung   PhD Electrical Engineering
Helen Clugston   BA Literature
Christopher Cockle   BA Sociology
Andrew Coldridge   BA Theoretical Physics*
Robert Cole   BA Biochemistry
Marshall Colman   MA Sociology
Kevin Connolly   BA Mathematics
Timothy Coombs   BSc Biochemistry
Trevor Cooperman   BA Literature
Nigel Cousins   BA Literature
Jennifer Craig   MA Linguistics
Colin Crix   BA Economics And Government
Anne Crump Mccune BA Mathematics
Timothy Curtis   BA Mathematics
Jonathan Curwin   BA Economics
Richard Dacre   MSc Computer St.(Program Ling)
Alireza Dara   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Malcolm Davies   MA Linguistics
Roy Davis   BA Computer Systems
Cecilia De Peresbarbosa   MA Linguistics
Janet Dean Kyle BA Literature
Phillip Deane   BA Electronic Engineering
Emin Der Kureghian   BA Mathematics
Christopher Dickins   BA Government
Colin Dixon   BA Sociology
William Dobson   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Clearchos Efstratoglou   MA Economics
Roger Ellender   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Penelope Erben   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Osman Ese   PhD Physics*
Archibald Fairley   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Peter Falvey   MA Linguistics
Thomas Fawcett   MA Linguistics
Felicity Ferguson   MA Linguistics
Shirley Ferguson   BA Sociology
Patricia Ferrie   BA Sociology
Paul Fillingham   BA Government
Ronald Fink   BA Sociology
Sara Fisher   BA Government
David Fox   BA Economics
Maria Fremlin   MSc Chemistry
Kenneth Fry   BA Computing Science
Michael Gasper   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Roger Gasson   MA Political Behaviour
Neil Gater   BA Computing Science
Rodney Gilbert   BA Sociology
David Gilroy   MA Social Service Planning
Fe Godwin   BA Sociology
Colin Golder   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Krishna Gowandan   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
John Graham   BA Economics
Diana Grant Brueton BA Art
Peter Grazette   BA Economics And Government
Catherine Hakim-Goldsbrough Hakim PhD Sociology
Victor Hambridge   BA Computing Science
Christine Harris   BA Sociology
Clive Harris   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Janet Harris   BA Sociology
Robert Hasted   MSc Computing Science
Clive Hayton   BA Mathematics and Politics
Katherine Herdman   MA Social Service Planning
Allan Higginson   BSc Physics*
Andrew Hinchliffe   BA Literature
John Hodgson   PhD Literature
Ian Holmes   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Leslie Holmes   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Neville Holmes   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Rossana Horsley   BA Literature
John Hoyle   MA Linguistics
Garry Hughes   BA Literature
Helen Hughes   BA Literature
Paul Hughes   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Tetsuo Ida   MSc Computer Studies
Hugh Inwood   BA Economics And Government
Melanie Isherwood   BA Computers And Computation
Albert Jacquinet   MA Economics
Madeline James   BA Literature
Richard Jenkins   BA Mathematics and Sociology
Raymond Johnson   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Hugh Jones   BA Sociology
Kenneth Jones   MA Literature - S0C Of Literature
Sadahiko Kano   MSc Electrical Engineering
Rajesh Kapoor   BSc Biochemistry
John Keane   BA Government And Sociology
Robert Kernot   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Josephine Kingsford Chrystal BA Sociology
Henry Klein   BA Literature
Robert Knope   BSc Chemical Physics
Martin Kuhles   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Peter Lavery   MA Linguistics
Vanessa Lea   BA Government And Sociology
Thiam Lee   MA Social Service Planning
Alexander Leggeat   PhD Physics*
Gidon Levitas   MA Social Service Planning
Howard Linburgh   BA Electronic Engineering
Roy Linley   BA Computer Systems
Michael Livesey   MSc Computer St.(Program Ling)
Delia Lomax   BA Literature
Michael Long   MA Linguistics
William Lovell   MA Linguistics
Clive Lovelock   MA Linguistics
Trevor Lupton   BA Literature
David Lyon   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Rodney Mace   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Sheila Mann Bouchier MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Patricia Marsden   BA Literature - English & European
Ian Marshall   MSc Computer Studies
Nicholas Maxwell   BA Government
John Mcallister   MA Linguistics
Dianne Mccarthy   BA Economics
William Mccaskie   BA Art
Jose Mcdonough   MA Linguistics
Steven Mcdonough   MA Linguistics
James Mcfeely   MA Linguistics
David Mckay   PhD Government
Moira Mckeown   BA Literature
Anthony Mead   BA Literature
Naushad Mehrali   BA Mathematics
Alberto Meijide   MA Economics
Stephen Mellor   BA Sociology
Jane Miller   BA Government And Sociology
Michael Miller   MSc Computer Studies
David Mitchell   BA Economics
David Mitchell   BA Economics
Rahmatollah Mojab   BA Computers And Computation
Michael Moran   PhD Government
Upali Morawaka   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Paul Morris   BA Government
Elaine Moule   BA Literature
Kathryn Mulgrew   BA Sociology
Peter Murray   BA Economics And Government
Paul Mylotte   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Avtar Nagra   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Elizabeth Nash   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Yoel Neaman   BA Economics
David Neill   BA Sociology
Peter Nelson   MSc Mathematical Computation
Robert Newton   BA Theoretical Physics*
Michael Nicholls   MA Linguistics
John Nicholson   BA Literature
Nde Ningo   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Deirdre O'Brien   BA Literature
Matthew Ojo   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Matthew Ojo   MPH Statistics
Akamaye Oko   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Emelia Oko   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Brian O'Neill   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Michael Owen   BA Art
David Owens   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Elizabeth Paddon   BA Literature
Simon Pannett   BA Economics
Colin Parfitt   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Neil Parr   MA Linguistics
Patricia Peacock   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
John Petrie   BA Biochemistry
David Phillips   MA Linguistics
Donald Phillips   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Michael Phillips   BSc Electronic Engineering
Rodney Phillips   MA Linguistics
Elizabeth Pierce   MA Linguistics
Salvatore Pinto   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Carol Piper   BA Literature
Christopher Plane   BA Mathematics
David Potter   BA Computers And Computation
Gerard Power   MA Linguistics
John Prewett   BA Mathematics
Trevor Price   BA Sociology
Philip Prowse   MA Linguistics
Zbigniew Przasnyski   MSc Mathematical Computation
Peter Ramsey   BA Economics And Government
Adrian Randall   BA Sociology
Michael Read   BA Sociology
Neil Reay   BA Biochemistry
Carlos Ribeiro   PhD Chemistry
Rosalind Richards   BA Literature
Alwyn Richardson   MSc Mathematical Computation
Edward Richardson   BA Literature
Margaret Rieth   MA Sociology of Ussr
Carol Riordan   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
George Riseborough   MA Sociology
Graeme Ritchie   MA Linguistics
George Roberson   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Patricia Roberts   MA Social Service Planning
Keith Robinson   BA Government
Ivan Rogers   MA Linguistics
Nicholas Rogers   BA Computers And Computation
Florence Rossetti   MA Social Service Planning
Jonathan Rowson   MSc Computer Studies
John Rushworth   BA Art
Anthony Sabey   BA Sociology
John Salmon   BA Government And Sociology
Shirley Salter Cox BA Chemistry
James Saunders   BA Computer Systems
Andrew Sawyer   BA Literature
Henri Schadee   MA Formal Political Analysis
Robert Scott   BSc Electronic Engineering
Yselle Shapiro   BA Sociology
John Sharman   BA Computer Systems
Philip Shaw   BA Computing Science
Marie Sieh   MA Linguistics
Charanjit Sihra   BSc Electronic Engineering
Stuart Silverman   MA Literature - Drama
Elizabeth Silverwood   BA Art
Marilyn Sington   BA French Language & Linguistics
Peter Sjogren   BA Government
Ruth Sklan   BA Literature
Margaret Slattery   MA US Government & Politics*
Richard Slessor   MA Linguistics
Mary Smith Inwood BSc Biochemistry
Richard Smith   BA Computing Science
Winston Smith   BA Economics
Juan Soko   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Robert Somerscales   MSc Quantum Electronics
Ishwar Sopori   MA Linguistics
Dorothy Southam   BSc Biochemistry
Jill Staley   BA Literature
Melvyn Standen   MPH Electrical Engineering
Terence Stephens   MA Linguistics
Colin Stevenson   BA Economics
Martin Stoner   MSc Computer Studies
Geoffrey Stretton   BA Economics
William Sullivan   MA Political Behaviour
Geoffrey Sumner   MSc Opto-Electronics
Herbert Sutton   BA Government And Sociology
Geoffrey Swimer   BA Mathematics
John Symons   BA Computer Systems
Nasser Tajabor   MSc Quantum Electronics
Stuart Taylor   BA Sociology
Paul Tebbutt   BA Government
Anne Toole   MA Aesthetics & The Theory Of Art
Juan Tosco   BA Sociology
Robin Turner   MA Linguistics
Dorma Urwin   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Dilbir Vahali   MA Economics
Padmini Venkatnarayan   MA Economics
Michael Vernon   MA Literature - Drama
Jana Vesely   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Kishin Wadhwani   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Stephen Walters   MA Linguistics
Anthony Wardle   BA Mathematics
Stewart Ware   BA Computing Science
Gillian Waterman   BA Government And Sociology
Donald Watson   MA Linguistics
Ian Watson   BA Government
John Watson   BA Government And Sociology
Andrew Webb   MA Sociology
Juliet Welsh   BA Art
Christine West   MA Linguistics
Carolyn Westbury   BA Literature
Nigel Wheeler   BA Mathematics
Craig White   BA Art
Michael Whooley   BA Government And Sociology
David Wilkins   MSc Computing Science
John Williams   BA Mathematics
Keith Williams   BA Government
Jeffrey Wilmott   BA Government
Philip Wilshaw   BA Literature
Paul Winterburn   BA Economics
Robert Wombwell   MA Formal Political Analysis
Lorna Wright   MA Linguistics
Malcolm Wright   BA Sociology
Ivor Young   BA Government
Eyvazi Ziaei   MSc Quantum Electronics


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Nelson Acosta   MPH Sociology
Derek Adams   BA Government
Jonathan Adams   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
James Aherne   BA Mathematical Economics
Mohammed Ahmed   MSc Opto-Electronics
Mohammed Akram   BA Biochemistry
Thomas Aldridge   BA Sociology
Brenda Allcock   BA History And Government
Michael Allen   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Guillermo Alvarez   BSc Chemistry
Veronica Andreae   BA Mathematics and Sociology
Priscilla Annamanthodo   BA Sociology
Mario Aresti   BA Government
Kathleen Armstrong   BA Art History And Theory*
Paul Armstrong   MA Sociology
Rosario Arroyo-Velasco   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Stewart Atkinson   BA Sociology
Alan Ayling   BSc Computing Science
Caroline Baker   MA Social History*
Shamim Baloo   BA Literature
David Barlow   MA Applied Linguistics
Richard Baron   BSc Electronic Engineering
Robert Barrows   MA Applied Linguistics
Stephen Barton   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Dilip Battacharyya   PhD Economics
Antony Baxter   BA Computer Systems
Christopher Beaman   BSc Computing Science
George Beck   MA Aesthetics & The Theory Of Art
Eleanor Bedding   BA Russian Language and Linguistics
Roger Bedford   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Christine Bennett   BA Language
Phillip Bennett   BSc Electronic Engineering
David Benyon   BA Mathematics and Politics
Rosemary Betterton   MA Aesthetics & The Theory Of Art
William Bilston   MA Social Service Planning
Alan Blattner   BSc Computing Science
William Blyth   BSc Electronic Engineering
Deverney Bobb   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Mark Bond   BA Literature
Christopher Bone   BA Sociology
Robin Bonner   BA Economics
Gwyneth Booth   BA Sociology
Margaret Bottomley   BSc Chemical Physics
David Boughton   BA Biochemistry
Christine Boyle   BA Sociology
Philip Bragg   BA Economics
Nicholas Bream   MA Sociology of Latin America
David Brooks   BA Sociology
Robert Broughton   MSc Mathematical Computation
Alan Brown   BSc Electronic Engineering
James Bryce   BA Sociology
Charles Buxton   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Christodoulos Cacoullis   BA Theoretical Physics*
Emygdio Cadima   BA Mathematics
Stephen Caley   BA Literature
John Callaghan   MA Political Behaviour
Jane Campbell   BA Government And Sociology
Elizabeth Carey   BA Sociology
Leslie Carruthers   BA Electronic Engineering
Allen Carver   MSc Telecommunication Systems
David Charlesworth   MSc Computer St.(Program Ling)
Brian Clark   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Marshall Clarke   MA Economics
Simon Clarke   PhD Sociology
Sharon Clue   BA Art History And Theory*
Peter Collins   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Brian Cooke   PhD Chemistry
David Cooke   PhD Language
Ultan Cowley   BA History And Literature
Terence Crawley   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Jane Cullen   BA Literature
Riccardo Cuminetti   PhD Physics*
Robin Cunningham   MA Political Behaviour
Thomas Curry   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Teresa Daleki   BA Literature
Maurice Dalton   BA History And Literature
Philip Dann   MA Aesthetics & The Theory Of Art
Naorayex Dastoor   BA Mathematical Economics
Adrienne Davidson Dunsford BA Literature
Laurence Davidson   BA Sociology
Patricia Davis   BA Sociology
Geoffrey Davison   MA Political Behaviour
Janan Dawood   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Geoffrey Dawson   MA Applied Linguistics
Barry Devlin   BA Sociology
Paulina Ecclesiarchou   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Susan Edwards   BA Government
John Ellis   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jonathan Ellis   BA Mathematical Economics
Richard Emanuel   MSc Computer Studies
Fiona English   BA Literature
Said Esfahani   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jennifer Evans   BA History And Literature
Richard Evans   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Robin Evans   PhD Art
Kazem Falahati   BA Mathematical Economics
Elizabeth Falconbridge   MA Aesthetics & The Theory Of Art
Nigel Feast   BA Economics
Anne Fegarty   BA Sociology
Linda Floyd   BA Literature
Michael Flude   BSc Biochemistry
Graham Fowler   BA Government
Christina Foxcroft   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Sally Fraser   BA Sociology
Henry Friedman   BA Government And Sociology
Carol-Ann Gabor   BA Art History And Theory*
Paul Gallagher   BA Economics
Mark Garner   MA Applied Linguistics
Rita Gauci   BA Sociology
Vanik Gharibian-Saki   BSc Electronic Engineering
Stephen Gibbs   BSc Computing Science
Stephen Gill   MA US Government & Politics*
Diana Gittins   MA Social History*
Gonzalo Gomez   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Bryan Gonsalves   BA Economics And Government
Harold Gordon   BSc Physics*
John Greenslade   BSc Computing Science
Tejman Grewal   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Margaret Griffith   MA Applied Linguistics
Stephanie Grimshaw   MA Applied Linguistics
Kaveh Haddad   BSc Computing Science
Mohammed Haj-Mahmoud   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Carolyn Hall   BA History And Government
Mark Hall-Pearson   BA Sociology
Omar-Farrouk Hamouda   BA Economics
Martin Hancock   BA Economics
Bleddyn Harris   MA Political Behaviour
Janet Harris   BSc Chemistry
Reshat Hayri   BA Economics And Government
Peter Heath   BA Computer Systems
Elspeth Hemery   BA Government And Sociology
Neville Hibbs   MA Applied Linguistics
Jean Hicks Haynes BSc Computing Science
Kevin Hill   BA Government
Timothy Hill   BA Electronic Engineering
Alan Hodgkiss   BSc Computing Science
Duncan Hopkins   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Cho Hui   BSc Biochemistry
Alan Huntington   BA Economics
Adrienne Hurley   BA Government
Ian Hutton   BSc Electronic Engineering
Peter Hutton   BA Literature
Elaine Ingham Jones BA Literature
Richard Inskip   BA Mathematics
Caroline Isukul   BA French Language & Linguistics
Andrew Jackson   BSc Biochemistry
William James   MA Social Service Planning
Edward Johnson   MA Applied Linguistics
Christopher Jones   BA Government
Pierre Joris   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
David Jowitt   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Martin Judd   PhD Chemistry
Lakis Kaounides   MA Economics
Peter Kay   PhD Physics*
Ronald Keeble   BSc Electronic Engineering
Sarah Kent Lawson-Barnes MA Lit - Latin American Lit
John Kerridge   BSc Biochemistry
Mohammed Khaled   MA Economics
George King   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Gerald King   BSc Computer Systems
Margaret King   BA Sociology
Vasco Lagarto   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Lai   BSc Computer Engineering
Keith Laidler   BA Mathematics
Winston Lalla-Maharajh   BSc Biochemistry
Narinder Lamba   BA Biochemistry
Keith Landles   BSc Chemistry
Niels Larsen   BSc Chemistry
John Lee   BA Economics
Clive Levy   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Sheila Lidbury   BA Government
Peter Lind   MA Political Behaviour
Martin Lister   MA Aesthetics & The Theory Of Art
Rowland Livock   BA Sociology
Jill Lloyd   PhD Chemistry
Chang Loa-Wing-Fat   BSc Electronic Engineering
David Locke   BA Computing Science
Anne Lockwood   BA Language
David Loutit   BA Literature
Barbara Lynch   BA Literature
Robert Macwilliam   BA Government
Elizabeth Maguire   BA Literature
James Masters   BA Literature
Jane Maud   BA Art History And Theory*
Kenneth Maynard   MSc Computer Studies
David Mcbirnie   BA Government
Michael Mccarthy   BA Government
Michael Mccarthy   BA Government And Sociology
George Mcconville   BSc Computer Engineering
John Mcdonald   PhD Economics
Peter Mcelroy   BA Economics
Sheila Mcilroy   BA Sociology
Damien Mcmanus   BA Government
Pauline Mcnally   BA Sociology
Marian Mcnamara   BA History And Literature
Michael Mctear   MA Applied Linguistics
Gustavo Mejia   MA Lit - Latin American Lit
Graham Mills   MA Social Service Planning
Luciano Milone   MA Economics
Kavouss Moghadam   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Winston Moore   BA Sociology
David Morgan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Neville Morgan   MA Applied Linguistics
Nicholas Morris   BA Mathematics
Gregory Morton   BSc Biochemistry
Farhad Moshfeghi   MA Applied Linguistics
Mohammad Movahedi   MA Applied Linguistics
David Mulhall   PhD Electrical Engineering
Amanda Mullowney   BA Sociology
Alan Murdoch   MSc Opto-Electronics
Francis Murphy   BA Art History And Theory*
Marian Murphy   BA Government And Sociology
Moh Ng   BA Economics
Siew Ng   BSc Electronic Engineering
Patricia Nichols   MA Applied Linguistics
Stuart North   BA Economics
El Nur   MA Economics
Lesley Nuttall   BA Biochemistry
Arthur Ogwayo   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Donal O'Kane   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
James O'Keefe   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Osborne   BSc Biochemistry
Christine Owen   BA Government And Sociology
Carolyn Owens   BA Sociology
Colin Oxley   BA Literature
Denis Parchment   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Roger Parsons   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Suryakant Patel   BSc Computing Science
Mark Pattison   MA US Government & Politics*
Alberto Perez-Gomez   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Simon Pettet   BA Literature
Laura Peugniez   MA Applied Linguistics
Keith Pfister   MA Sociology
Peter Phelps   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Gary Platts   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Jiri Pomikalek   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Richard Pope   BSc Computer Engineering
John Portman   BSc Computing Science
Edwin Potter   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Martin Powell   BA Government And Sociology
Jean Primett   BA Literature
David Provis   PhD Mathematics
Madeline Pugh   BA Economics
Philip Quinn   BA Economics
Coleen Ramsey   BA Sociology
Roar Ravem   PhD Language
Kenneth Redman   BA Electronic Engineering
William Rich   BA Sociology
Sally Richards   MA Applied Linguistics
Robert Rider   BA Sociology
Roberta Robb   PhD Economics
John Roberts   BA History And Government
Raymond Robinson   BA Government
Juan Rodriguez   BSc Computer Systems
Elaine Rolfe   BA Sociology
Jeremy Rose   BA Sociology
Stephen Rowley   BA Literature
Dorothy Runnicles   MA Social Service Planning
Lynne Russell   MA Economics
Chantal Sanchez   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Barbara Savage   BA Art History And Theory*
Manfred Schmutzer   PhD Government
Ahltjen Schoeneweg   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Thomas Scott   BA Mathematical Economics
Terence Scragg   MA Social Service Planning
Antony Sedivy   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Jean Setzer   MA Political Behaviour
David Sharpe   MA Applied Linguistics
Kim Shipston   BA Literature
Ali Shums   MSc Chemistry
George Sibley   MA Sociology
Robert Sigley   BA Computer Engineering
Sheena Sinclair   BA Government And Sociology
Eleftherios Smaylos   MSc Computer Studies
Andrew Smiley   BA Literature
Paul Smith   BA Sociology
Deborah Spring   BA Literature
Nigel Squibb   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Ralph Squire   BA Mathematics and Politics
Andrew Stacey   BA Mathematics and Politics
Ann Stafanou   MA Applied Linguistics
Ann Stevens   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Terence Storry   MA Political Behaviour
Jonathan Stratton   MA Sociology
Robert Stubbs   BA Biochemistry
John Sugden   BA Government And Sociology
Stephen Tanner   BSc Chemistry
Hossein Tavakkoli   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Michael Taylor   PhD Government
Nam Teng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Ian Tullis   BA Sociology
Keith Tully   MA Social Service Planning
Maureen Turnbull   BA Mathematics
Alan Tyne   MA Sociology
David Tyrrell   BA Sociology
Jacalyn Underwood   MA Social Service Planning
David Vincent   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Philip Vivash   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Richard Wade   BSc Physics*
Michael Walker   MA Sociology
Peter Ward   BA Computing Science
James Warrilow   BA Literature
Kenneth West   PhD Chemistry
Isabel Whitbread   BA History And Sociology
Dawn Wiberg Smith BA French Language & Linguistics
Terence Wickenden   BA Mathematics
Stephen Winyard   MA Social Service Planning
Hilary Withey   BA Literature
Dennis Wood   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
George Xydis   BA Economics
David Yeo   BA Sociology
Wendy Young   BA Literature
Thomas Zaleski   PhD Chemistry


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Christopher Ackerman   BA Government
Teresa Adams Farren BA Government
David Alderson   BA Art History And Theory*
Jacqueline Aldridge   BA Literature
Adil Al-Sinid   MPH Physics*
Paul Andrews   BSc Computer Engineering
Nicholas Appleton   BSc Biochemistry
George Assaf   MA Economics
Gerard Austin   BA Mathematics
Rabi Azizian   BSc Electronic Engineering
Miriam Bagley   BA Literature
Jennifer Baker Harvey BA Sociology
David Baness   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Richard Barnes   MA Applied Linguistics
Karen Barr Barr BA Literature
Robert Barraclough   BA History And Literature
Susan Barrett   BA Economics
Terence Barrett   BA Sociology
Margaret Beardon   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Bridget Bell   BA Sociology
Raymond Berry   BA Art History And Theory*
Christina Best   MA Literature - American Poetry
Ethel Beswick   MA Social Service Planning
Terence Binsale   BA Government And Sociology
Michael Blanchard   BA Mathematical Chemistry
Alice Bloor   MA Applied Linguistics
Patrick Blum   BA Government And Sociology
Elizabeth Boland   BA Literature
David Bolton   BSc Electronic Engineering
Joy Bond   BA Literature
Malcolm Bowden   BA Sociology
Richard Boxall   BSc Computer Systems
Robert Bramich   MA History And Theory Of Art
David Brenkley   BSc Electronic Engineering
Paul Brewin   BA Literature
Stephanie Bridges   BA History And Government
Geoffrey Brogden   MA Social Service Planning
Maureen Brookson   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Genia Browning   BA Sociology
Kenneth Brownsey   BA Mathematics and Politics
Susan Burke   BA Sociology
Leon Burnett   PhD Literature
Juliet Burton   BA Literature
Francis Byrne   BA Art History And Theory*
Thomas Byrne   BA Economics
James Cameron   BA Literature
Keith Cameron   MSc Quantum Electronics
Richard Caperon   MA Political Behaviour
Enrique Carracciolo-Trejo   PhD Literature
Carmen Carrera   MA Economics
Donal Carroll   MA Literature
Stephen Carter   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Rosemary Cassels   BA Sociology
Susan Challis   BA Sociology
David Chaplin   BSc Physics*
Khalid Chaudhry   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Chhin Chea   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Chieh-Hua Chen   MPH Chemistry
Peter Childs   BSc Electronic Engineering
Kwee Choo   BSc Electronic Engineering
Roy Clark   BA Sociology
Andrew Clarkson   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
David Claytor   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Stephen Cleak   BA Economics
Michael Cleary   MA Literature - American Poetry
Peter Cochrane   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Susan Collins   BA Literature
Suzanne Collins   BA Government And Sociology
David Cooper   BA History And Sociology
Stephen Cox   BA Sociology
Peter Craggs   MPH Chemistry
Ian Craven   BSc Electronic Engineering
Colin Cussons   MA Economics
Anne Dalton   MA Applied Linguistics
Christina Dalziel   BA Art History And Theory*
Graham Dancer   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Austen Dancey   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Albert Dann   BSc Electronic Engineering
Leri Davies   BA Literature
Judith Davis   MA Applied Linguistics
John Day   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Lisbeth De Lara   BA Sociology
Michele Decaestecker   BA Art History And Theory*
Robert Del Quiaro   BA History And Government
Peter Dell   MSc Computer Studies
Michael Dent   MA Sociology
Ayhan Dervisch   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Elio Di Piazza   MA Applied Linguistics
Bilal Dizedj   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Dobbs   BA Government
Michael Doherty   MA Applied Linguistics
Bahman Dolatshahi   MSc Telecommunication Systems
David Drake   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
David Druce   BA Biochemistry
Linda Dryden   BA Literature
Christine Duffell   BA Literature
Eugene Dugan   MA Literature - Drama
Maureen Dugan   BA Art History And Theory*
Emanuel Efentakis   MPH Chemistry
George Eldridge   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Faiq El-Kaissi   PhD Chemistry
Marwan Elkhoury   BA Mathematics
Gerald Ellis   PhD Chemistry
Joseph Elotu   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Wendy Euston   BA Biochemistry
Christine Evans   BSc Chemical Physics
Carol Faiers   BA Sociology
Ronald Ferguson   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Robert Findlay   BA History And Sociology
Kieran Fitzgerald   BSc Electronic Engineering
Stuart Flanders   BA Economics And Government
Isobel Fletcher   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Kevin Fogarty   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Detlef Fogen   BA Russian Studies
Stephanie Forman Benson BA Government And Sociology
Geoffrey Forster   PhD Electrical Engineering
Farokh Fouladvand   BA Sociology
Nicholas Fountain   BA Physics*
Anthony Fowler   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Geoffrey Fowler   BA Economics
Nora French   MA Applied Linguistics
Keith Gallasch   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
David Gardiner   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Robert Garrett   BA Electronic Engineering
Janet Gates   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Donald Genasci   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Norma Gerry   BSc Biochemistry
Hamidreza Ghaffarzadeh   MA Economics
Anne Gibson of Market Rasen   BA Government
Shelley Goldman   BA Government
Carlos Gonzalez   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Harold Gordon   MSc Opto-Electronics
Anne-Marie Gorset   MA Applied Linguistics
Alastair Gouck   BA Government
Gopidas Govind   BSc Biochemistry
John Graham   MA Economics
Michael Griffiths   BA Economics
Cengiz Gumus   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Miguel Gutierrez-Garza   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Nigel Hague   BA Government
David Hall   MA Applied Linguistics
Mehrdad Harati   BA Economics
David Harbord   BA History And Sociology
Steven Hardy   PhD Computing
Wendy Harris   BA History And Government
Brian Harrison   BA Literature
Jennifer Hartley Stern PhD Literature
Michael Harwood   BA Literature
John Hawkes   BA History And Government
Susan Heath   BA History And Literature
William Hemingway   MA Literature - Drama
Jean-Iouis Henriot   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Leslie Herman   BA Sociology
Richard Hil   BA Sociology
James Holloway   BA Philosophy And Government
Richard Holman   BA History And Sociology
John Holmes   MA Applied Linguistics
Kaveh Homayounfar   MSc Opto-Electronics
Philip Houseago   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Roger Howard   MA Literature - Drama
John Howell   BSc Computer Engineering
Jack Humphreys   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Carlos Huneeus   MA Political Behaviour
Leslie Hyde   BA Literature
George Idise   BA Economics And Government
Hernan Iglesias   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Robert Iles   BSc Electronic Engineering
Robert Iles   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Susan Iles   MA Sociology
Charles Ingham   BA Literature
Alexander Inweregbu   BA Economics And Government
Robert Ip   BA Economics
Rosalind Irwin   BA Sociology
Mohammed Islam   MA Economics
Glenn Jackson   BA Mathematics
Paul Janove   BA Literature
Ahmed Jehanli   BSc Biochemistry
Jeffrey Johnson   PhD Mathematics
Anthony Johnston   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Claire Johnston   BA Government And Sociology
John Jones   MSc Computer Studies
Rajnikant Joshi   BA Computing Science
Anthony Justin   BA Economics
John Kaare   BA Biochemistry
Peter Kamau   MSc Telecommunication Systems
William Kelly   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Janet Kennedy Bacon BA Literature
Melloney Kentish   BA Government
Veronica Kerr   MA Applied Linguistics
Radwan Khader   BSc Computer Systems
Josephine Kingsford Chrystal MA Sociology
Richard Kingston   BA Sociology
John Kirton   BA Economics
Henry Klein   MA Literature - Spanish Poetry
Keith Knightson   MSc Computer Studies
Kam Koo   BA Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Barbara Kuehl   MA Literature - Drama
Mei-Hung Kwan   BA Mathematics and Sociology
Samuel Kyei   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Ping Lam   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Michael Lane   BA Sociology
Irene Langfield   BA History And Sociology
John Lau   BSc Physics*
David Law   MPH Chemistry
Judith Le Maistre   BA Mathematics and Sociology
Doreen Leach   BA Sociology
William Leach   PhD Chemistry
Anthony Leddin   BA Economics And Government
Kwong Leung   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Tsan Leung   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Kok Lim   BSc Computing Science
Judy Linnell   BA Government And Sociology
Dawn Linwood   BA Literature
Terence Lockney   BSc Electronic Engineering
Karen Lord Bradshaw BA Art History And Theory*
Trevor Lord   BA Economics
Carl Luxford   BA Government And Sociology
Vijay Maharaj   BA Government
Barry Mahoney   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Lorraine Malcolm   BA Government And Sociology
Quazi Malek   MA Economics
Tariq Malik   BA Economics
John Mansfield   BSc Computer Systems
Jean Marshall   MA Social History*
Christopher Martin   BA Mathematics
Mary Mason   MA Applied Linguistics
Ronald Mathers   BSc Computer Systems
Anthony Mccashin   MA Sociology
Mary Mccaskie   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Michael Mcgee   BA History And Government
Jane Mcintosh   BA Sociology
Marguerite Mclaughlin   MA Literature - Drama
Robert Mcninch   PhD Literature
Dean Mcsweeny   MA US Government & Politics*
Morkos Meckled   MA Literature - Latin American
Augusto Medina   MA Political Behaviour
Theodor Memos   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Derek Mercer   BA Sociology
Vagn Mikkelsen   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Douglas Miles   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Mills   BA Economics
Robert Minter   BA Theoretical Physics*
Eirene Mitsos   BA Sociology
John Moffat   BA Literature
Stanley Moreno   MA Sociology
Adrian Morgan   BA Linguistics And Sociology
Derrick Morrison   BSc Electronic Engineering
Carol Mosco   MA Literature - Latin American
Janet Mowatt   BA Literature
Mark Mullen   BA Government And Sociology
Katharine Murdoch   BA Art History And Theory*
Simon Murray   BSc Computer Engineering
Iffat Nadvi   BSc Biochemistry
Richard Najwert   BSc Computing Science
Aly-Raza Nazerali   BA Economics
Yehia Negm   PhD Physics*
Linda Nixon   BA Government And Sociology
John Nkoma   PhD Physics*
Eric Norman   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Aubrey Nunes   BA Sociology
Gideon Nyandoro   BA Government
Thomas Obinyan   MA Sociology
Edward O'Brien   BA Government
Jean Oliver   BA Art History And Theory*
Susan Oliver   BA Sociology
John O'Neill   BA Government And Sociology
Christine Organ   BA Literature
Rachel Osbiston   MA Applied Linguistics
John Osborn   BA History And Government
Mireya Palmieri   BA Government And Sociology
Mathew Papadopoulos   PhD Chemistry
Elizabeth Pearce   BA Art History And Theory*
Margaret Pearce   BSc Computing Science
Marina Pedrosa   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Christine Pell Swift BA Economics
James Peterson   BSc Biochemistry
Dennis Pinner   BSc Computing Science
Margaret Preston   BA Government
Elizabeth Price   BA Sociology
Marion Prince   BA Government And Sociology
Celina Prytys   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Binti Ragayah   MA Economics
Morteza Rahnemoon   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Andrew Raszewski   BSc Electronic Engineering
Gavin Ravenscroft   BA Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Robert Reeve   BA Language And Linguistics
Jacqueline Reich   BA Literature
Dennis Reid   BA Literature
Ian Reid   MA Political Behaviour
Mary Remnant   BA Literature
Nasser Rezaee-Famy-Tafreshy   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Anne Riches   BA Government
Marsha Robert   MA Applied Linguistics
Candida Roberts Ford BA Art History And Theory*
Frank Roberts   MSc Computer Studies
Nigel Roe   BA Sociology
Wynne Rogers   BA Economics
Alan Roseman   BSc Electronic Engineering
Kenneth Rosie   BA Computer Systems
Rosemary Rowell   BA Literature
Janice Rowlands Hughes BA Art History And Theory*
John Rowson   BA Economics
Judith Rutherford   BA Literature
Fanny Salazar-Hernandez   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Sarinder Samrai   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Maria Sanchez   MA Applied Linguistics
Deepak Sathaye   MA Economics
Terence Saunders   BA Economics
Max Schware   MA US Government & Politics*
Roger Scott   MSc Opto-Electronics
Jonathan Seath   MA Applied Linguistics
Leo Sequeira   MSc Chemistry
Gary Sewell   MSc Computer Studies
Raj Sharma   BSc Biochemistry
Heather Shaw   BA Sociology
John Shepheard   BA Economics
James Shepherd   BA Mathematics
Timothy Sherwood   BSc Biochemistry
Efthimios Sideris   MA Literature - Translation
Stephen Sih   BA Mathematics
Timothy Sime   BA Literature
Dennis Simpson   MA Social Service Planning
Keith Sinclair   BA Sociology
Hazel Slade Archer BA Literature - English & European
Christopher Smith   BSc Electronic Engineering
Graham Smith   BA Art History And Theory*
Veronica Smith   MA Applied Linguistics
Ezra Sopher   MA Applied Linguistics
Colette Soucy   MA Applied Linguistics
John Spencer   BA Sociology
Sophia Stathatou   MA Literature - American Poetry
Sylvia Stewart   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Mark Strutton   BA Biochemistry
Helen Stuart Viktorsdottir BA Art History And Theory*
Ian Stuart   BA Government
Norman Sutton   BSc Physics*
Peter Szmyt   BA Computer Engineering
Nasser Tajabor   PhD Physics*
Keng Tan   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Mark Taylor   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Rosalind Taylor   BSc Physics*
Christopher Thomas   BA Sociology
Gaynor Thomas   BA History And Sociology
Ronald Thomas   BSc Biochemistry
Towfiq Towfiq   BSc Electronic Engineering
Nigel Trewhitt   MSc Opto-Electronics
Premananda Tripathy   MA Applied Linguistics
Richard Tripp   BA Government
Herman Tse   BSc Computing Science
Osvaldo Tujsnaider   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Alec Turner   BA Government
Praful Vaid   BSc Biochemistry
David Waldram   BSc Electronic Engineering
Peter Walker   MA Applied Linguistics
Carole Warburton   BA Literature
Graham Ward   BSc Computer Engineering
Paul Warren   BA Mathematical Economics
Terence Waterfield   PhD Physics*
Richard Weekes   BA Literature
David Weller   BA Mathematics
Alwyn Westfield   BA Government
Andrew Wevill   BA Government
Janet White   MA Applied Linguistics
Margaret Whittaker   BA Sociology
Glynnis Williams   BA Sociology
Andrew Wilson   BA Economics And Government
Elizabeth Wilson Flather BA Government And Sociology
Sidney Winward   BA Sociology
Lian Wong   MA Applied Linguistics
John Wood   BA Literature
Paula Woodhouse   BA Literature
Josee Wyatt   BA Sociology
Massoud Yazdi   MPH Sociology
Nathan Zach   PhD Literature


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Amir Abidi   BA Economics
Hilary Adams   BA Sociology
John Adams   BA Art History And Theory*
Henry Aina   BA Economics And Government
Joan Airey   BA Sociology
Akinola Ajidahun   BA Economics And Government
Karen Alder   BA Literature
John Aldham   BSc Computer Systems
Lynne Allen   BA Philosophy And Government
Glenn Allspach   BA History And Government
Stephen Andrews   MA Applied Linguistics
John Arnold   BA Sociology
Janet Ashman   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Abdul Awang   MSc Theoretical Physics*
David Bailey   MA Political Behaviour
Robert Bailey   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Laureen Baillie   BA Literature
Naghi Bakhshi   BSc Electronic Engineering
John Barlow   BA Sociology
Christopher Barnett   BSc Electronic Engineering
Simon Barnsley   BA History
John Bateman   MSc Telecommunication Systems
David Beal   MA Applied Linguistics
Colin Beardon   PhD Computer Science
Stella Bell   BA Sociology
William Bennett   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
John Berry   BSc Biochemistry
John Berry   BSc Electronic Engineering
Shamim Bhimji   BSc Computing Science
Janice Bird   BA Literature
Harry Blair   BA Government
Sarah Blair   BA Art History And Theory*
Martin Blignaut   BA History
Stephen Blucert   BA Economics
Mark Bogatin   MA Literature - American Poetry
Kevin Bonnett   MA Sociology
Roy Borge   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Carole-Ann Boutell   MA Literature - Drama
Colin Boyne   PhD Physics*
Edmund Bradden   BA Philosophy And Sociology
David Bradley   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Keith Bradley   MA Sociology
Ana-Maria Brasileiro   PhD Government
Christopher Breen   BA Sociology
Gillian Brett   BA Literature
Helen Brooke   BA Literature
Michael Brooks   MSc Computer Studies
Alison Brown Wright BA Philosophy And Government
Edythe Brown   BA Literature
Richard Brown   BA Sociology
Gregory Bull   BA Economics
Raymond Burridge   MA Applied Linguistics
David Burt   BSc Biochemistry
Ian Burton   BSc Computer Engineering
Steven Burton   BSc Chemistry
Ronald Bushell   PhD Computer Science
Ian Cameron   BA Literature
Keith Carter   BA Sociology
Geoffrey Chadwick   MA Applied Linguistics
Deborah Chambers   BA Sociology
Shashikant Champaneria   BSc Biochemistry
Soon Chan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Daniel Chandra   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Janice Chapman   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Benjamin Cheese   BSc Electronic Engineering
Lyduina Chichu   BA Economics
Honest Chimenya   BA Government
Gordon Chisholm   BA Computer Systems
Pravinsing Chouhan   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Giovanni Cimatti   MSc Mathematics
Donald Clarke   BSc Electronic Engineering
Miriam Clift   BA Literature
Susan Cohen   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Jahanshah Cohen-Shohet   BA Economics
Alun Cole   BSc Biochemistry
Mark Coleman   BSc Computer Systems
Jonathan Collins   BA Sociology
Janice Cooper   MA Social Service Planning
Ciaran Cosgrove   PhD Literature
Kathleen Cousins   BA Language And Linguistics
Stamatia Coutsouiti   MA Economics
John Cox   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Sandra Cox   BA Literature And Art
Rosemary Cromarty Wildsmith MA Applied Linguistics
Helen Crowley   BA Sociology
Simon Curry   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
David Curtis   BA Sociology
Michael Curtis   BA Government
Kieran Daly   BA Literature
Davina Dare   BA Literature And Art
Victor Darley-Usmar   BSc Biochemistry
Naorayex Dastoor   MA Economics
Karsono Dasuki   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Anne-Marie Davis   BA Literature
Richard Day   BSc Electronic Engineering
Nigel Dean   BA History And Government
Clive Dearman   BSc Applied Physics
Lesley Denham   BA History
Rosalind Doig   BA History And Sociology
Gavin Douglas   BA Sociology
Peter Downe   BA Government
Keith Downer   MA Applied Linguistics
Alfred Dube   BA Government
Alan Duffield   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Margaret Dunlop   BA Sociology
Ahmad Ebrahimi   MA Economics
William Egan   BA Literature
William Egan   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Erskine   BA Literature
John Everard   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Christine Ewens   BA Literature
Assadolah Farzinvash   MA Economics
Rosalind Flaxman   BA Russian Studies
Edward Forbes   BSc Mathematical Computation
David Foster   BA History And Government
Ruth Frith   BA Sociology
Pia Gallo-Dykstra   BA Sociology
John Gatuma   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Adrian Gay   BSc Computer Engineering
Thomas Gilhooly   BA Economics
Jonathan Gill   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Charles Gillon   BA History
William Gilmour   BSc Chemistry
Francis Glover   BA Literature
Siong Goh   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Gregory   BA Philosophy And Government
Antoinette Griffiths   MA Applied Linguistics
Dainis Grundmanis   BA Mathematics
Catherine Hall   MA Social History*
Peter Hamilton   BA Literature
Peter Hanratty   MA Political Behaviour
Patricia Harper   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Christine Harrison   BA Literature
John Harrison   BA History And Sociology
John Haworth   BA Government And Sociology
Deborah Hennessy   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Jill Hills   MA Political Behaviour
Michael Hodgson   BA Mathematics
Melvyn Hodkinson   BSc Chemistry
Carl Holmberg   BSc Electronic Engineering
Sharon Holt   BA Linguistics And Sociology
Philip Homer   BA Economics
David Honey   BSc Electronic Engineering
Michael Hopley   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Geoffrey Horne   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Tan Hua   MA Applied Linguistics
Simon Hubbard   BA Literature And Art
Tamer Hulusi   PhD Chemistry
Issah Ibrahima   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Paul Jaggs   BSc Biochemistry
Michael James   BA Philosophy And Government
Rene Jara   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Christopher Jay   BSc Electronic Engineering
Carol Johnson   BA Sociology
Janet Johnson   BA Literature And Art
Gareth Jones   BSc Biochemistry
Ingrid Jones   BA Art History And Theory*
Owen Jones   BSc Electronic Engineering
Pauline Jones   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Ruth Jones   BA Sociology
George Jupp   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Marlita Kahn   BA Literature
Carol Kam   BA Sociology
Krishnakant Karia   MSc Opto-Electronics
Azim Karmali   BSc Computer Engineering
Abdel Kashani   MSc Quantum Electronics
Rogati Kayani   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Timothy Keen   BA Economics And Government
Lynne Kemp   BA Literature
David Kennedy   MA Social Service Planning
Heather Kennedy   BA Literature
Sun Keong   MA Applied Linguistics
Asha Khanzada   BSc Theoretical Physics*
Peter Kilbane   BA Government
Ian Kirkham   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Maysoon Kubba   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Richard Laban   BA Literature
Neville Lachmansingh   BSc Biochemistry
Solange Lacombe   BA Sociology
Margaret Landells   BA Sociology
Ruthy Laniado   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Anthony Lavagna   BSc Computing Science
Michael Leach   PhD Physics*
Sidney Lee   BSc Biological Sciences
Armando Leon   MA Applied Linguistics
Susan Lewis   MA Social Service Planning
Roderick Lomax   BA Literature
John Longe   MA Economics
Arturo Lopez   MSc Mathematics
Michael Lyons   MA Applied Linguistics
Alan Macdonald   BA Sociology
Rowena Macfarlane-Wade   BA Sociology
Nazim Madhavji   BSc Computing Science
Moazam Mahmood   BA Economics
Patricia Manning   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Terence Manning   BA Sociology
Anne Martin   BA Art History And Theory*
James Martin   BA Literature
Hansraj Mathur   MA Political Behaviour
Allyson Matthews   BA Sociology
Ian Maxwell   MSc Opto-Electronics
Simon Mcalister   BA Economics
David Mcgovern   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Gordon Mcmanus   BA Linguistics And Sociology
Ann Mcnally   BSc Biochemistry
Francis Mcverry   MSc Telecommunication Systems
John Meachen   MA Literature - American Poetry
Steven Mee   BA Sociology
Richard Melville   BA Sociology
Ann Miller   BA Literature
Neville Miller   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Mohammad Mockdad   MSc Quantum Electronics
Winston Moore   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
David Morris   MA Linguistics
Thomas Mulvey   MA Social Service Planning
Ronaldo Munck   PhD Sociology
Timothy Mund   MA Political Behaviour
Reginald Murison   BA History And Government
Beryl Murphy   BA Literature And Art
Sylvie Murphy   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Cornelius Muzira   BA Government
Nighat Nadvi   PhD Chemistry
Mohammed Naiem   BSc Biochemistry
Vali Naseri   MSc Quantum Electronics
Philip Neal   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Philip Newby   BA History
John Newhouse   MA Applied Linguistics
Massoud Niazmand   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Keith Nilsen   BA Sociology
John Nsiah   BA Economics
Aubrey Nunes   MA Applied Linguistics
Carol Ogden   BA Sociology
Anthony O'Hara   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Abiodun Ojeleye   BA Government
Evelyn Oldfield   BA Sociology
John Oliver   BA Government And Sociology
Eugene O'Reilly   BA Philosophy And Government
Robert Osborne   BA Literature
Celeste O'Shea   BA Art History And Theory*
Patricia Pape   MA Applied Linguistics
Harendra Patel   BSc Computer Engineering
Minaxi Patel   BSc Biochemistry
Mineshkumar Patel   BSc Electronic Engineering
Edwin Penfold   MA Applied Linguistics
Rudolph Permaul   BSc Biological Sciences
Edouard Philippe   BSc Electronic Engineering
Denise Pickup   BA Literature
Gillian Pile   BA Linguistics And Sociology
Maria Pilidou   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Jean Popeau   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Solomon Popoola   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Diana Poundsford   BA Philosophy And Art
Besuki Pranolo   BSc Electronic Engineering
Colette Prendergast   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Keith Purvis   MA Applied Linguistics
Chin Quek   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Lester Quilter   BA Sociology
Margaret Quilter South BA Government And Sociology
Philip Quinn   MA Economics
John Radford   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Peter Raeburn   BA Literature
Steven Raine   BA Government
Helen Ramsbottom   BA Literature
Martin Raskovsky   BSc Computing Science
Ian Redhead   BSc Computer Engineering
Andrew Reed   BA Philosophy And Sociology
William Rich   MA Sociology
David Richards   MPH Language And Linguistics
Mark Roberts   BA Literature
Christopher Roch   MA Applied Linguistics
Anton Rodjito   BSc Electronic Engineering
Karolyn Rogers   BSc Computing Science
Kevin Rogers   BSc Computer Engineering
John Ross   MPH Computing
Christopher Rowbury   MSc Computer Studies
Pauline Royle   BA Government And Sociology
Mumtaz Sadullah   MA Applied Linguistics
Galal Salamah   MA Applied Linguistics
Miguel San Miguel   MA Economics
Mohammed Sapiyan   BSc Mathematical Computation
Nicole Schomberg   BA Russian Studies
Alan Scott   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Mendoza Segovia   MA Lit - Latin American Lit
Robert Service   PhD Government
Kaveh Shafai   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Ali-Reza Shahrokh   BSc Electronic Engineering
Daniel Shalev   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Firouzeh Shamsavary   MA Applied Linguistics
Cressida Sharman   BA Sociology
Leslie Shaw   BA Government
Susan Shaw   BA Literature
Alan Shea   BA History And Government
Francesa Shelley-Taylor   BA Sociology
Joy Silcock   BA Sociology
David Simpson   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Lesley Sladden   BA History
Louis Smart   PhD Chemistry
Graham Smetham   BA Mathematics
Ifor Smith   BA Government
Vlad Sobeslavsky   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Gholam Sodaireabedi   MSc Quantum Electronics
Ahmed Soufi   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
John Souray   BA Philosophy And Government
Sharon Spence   BA Economics
Jurg Sporndli   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jeremy Stagg   BA Mathematical Chemistry
Linda Sterling   BA Sociology
Stephanie Stevenson   BA Literature
Ian Stirk   MA Applied Linguistics
Richard Streatfield   BSc Theoretical Physics*
Sharon Sutherland   PhD Government
Robert Swain   BA Literature
Jayne Szmyt   BA Government
Ian Tabberer   BA Sociology
Bin Tan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Ian Tarling   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Elizabeth Taylor   MA Applied Linguistics
Mark Taylor   BA Literature
Robin Taylor   BA Economics
Colin Teasdale   BA Sociology
Valerie Teasdale Hayllor BA Sociology
Colin Thomson   BA Economics
Philip Tomlinson   BSc Computer Systems
Colin Townley   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Trevelyan   BA Economics And Government
Myna Trustram   BA History
Steven Tsenti   BA Government
Mark Tyler   BA Government
Uche Uma   BSc Biochemistry
Ioannis Veloudis   MA Applied Linguistics
David Vincent   MSc Mathematical Computation
Robert Vincent   MA Applied Linguistics
Heather Violett Howard BA Sociology
Sylvia Walby   MA Sociology
Adrian Walker   BSc Physics*
Susan Walkerdine   BA Sociology
Jonathan Wall   BA History And Government
Alan Wallcraft   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Clifford Wanford   BA History
Stephen Warin   BA Philosophy And Government
Scott Warman   BA Linguistics And Philosophy
Margrit Wehrli   MA Applied Linguistics
William Wells   MA Economics
Christopher West   BA History
Stuart Whitwell   BA Literature
Roger Whyte   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Sodchuen Wiboolyasake   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Mark Wild   BSc Biological Sciences
Brian Wilding   BA Economics
Ivan Wilks   PhD Mathematics
Frederick Williams   BA Philosophy And Government
Michael Wilsher   BSc Computer Systems
Brian Winterbottom   MA Sociology
Pamela Wolchover   BA Art History And Theory*
Kwok Wong   BSc Computer Engineering
Peter Wyatt   BA Literature
Cornelia Wyma   MA History & Theo Of Architecture
Abdalla Yassin   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Iraj Zadeh   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Carole Zahorski   BA History And Literature
Ali Zamanian   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Gary Zimmerman   MA Political Behaviour
Ricardo Zipper   MA Latin American Gov & Politics


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Abdul Abdullah   BA Economics
Nasir Abji   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Annakutty Achanparampil   BA Government
Robert Adams   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Charles Adubaw-Hagan   BA Government And Sociology
Sushil Advaney   BSc Computing Science
Farzan Aghili   BA Economics
Rafiq Ahmad   BSc Biochemistry
Alinaghi Ahmadi   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Stuart Allan   BSc Biological Sciences
Piers Allen   BA Literature
Charles Allotey   BA Economics
James Alt   PhD Government
David Anstead   BA Mathematics
Leveritt Appleby   BA History
Paul Armstrong   PhD Sociology
Peter Armstrong   BA Literature
Natasha Arora   BA Economics
Johan Arthur   MA Applied Linguistics
John Aspinall   BA Sociology
Joshua Attah   MA Economics
Abdul Awang   PhD Physics*
Davoud Azizian   BSc Electronic Engineering
Anil Bajpai   MA Literature - American Poetry
Cheryle Baker   BA Government And Sociology
Christopher Baker   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Delma Bales   BA History And Sociology
Michael Banyard   BA Literature
Simon Barber   BA History
Nair Barlow   MA Applied Linguistics
Anthony Baron   MA Economics
Richard Bartholomew   MA Sociology
Godfrey Bartlett   MA Art History And Theory*
Titilayo Bashorun   BSc Biochemistry
Paul Bates   BA Economics
Karl-Henrik Baum   MA Western European Politics
Kevin Beattie   BA Sociology
John Beer   BA Government
Ashgar Beihagi   MSc Chemistry
Vale Benson   BA Literature
Ajayinder Berman   BSc Computer Engineering
Neil Berry   MA Art History And Theory*
Nicolas Bertsos   MA Economics
Geoff Best   BSc Electronic Engineering
Terence Binsale   MA US Government & Politics*
Danielle Black   MA Applied Linguistics
Rebecca Bloomfield   BA Sociology
Patrick Blum   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Constantin Bonatis   MA Economics
James Bourke   MA Applied Linguistics
Anthony Bower   BSc Biological Sciences
Lorraine Braby   BA Sociology
Keith Bradley   PhD Sociology
Paul Brightwell   BA Literature
Karen Brindley   BA Sociology
Simon Brown   BSc Biochemistry
Elisabeth Brownless   BA Sociology
Quentin Burgess   BSc Electronic Engineering
Veronica Caperon Pugh BA History
Coleen Carey   BA Literature
Martin Carter   BSc Computer Systems
Harjinder Chana   BSc Electronic Engineering
Mohsen Chehel-Amiran   PhD Chemistry
Douglas Chewter   MA Political Behaviour
Grace Chilambo   BA Economics
Wong Ching   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Anthony Chorley   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Mohammad Choudhry   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Paula Chung Coxall BSc Biological Sciences
Ewa Chwalibog   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Stephen Clarke   BA Sociology
Stephen Cleak   MA Economics
Jonathan Clift   BSc Electronic Engineering
Jane Coleman   MA Social Service Planning
Monserrat Colldeforns   MA Economics
Paul Constantatos   BA Economics
Anastasios Constantinou   BA Economics
Richard Contreras   BSc Electronic Engineering
Timothy Coombs   PhD Chemistry
Paul Cox   BA Government And Sociology
Penelope Cox Oben BA Literature And Art
John Crocker   BA Literature
Paul Crutchley   BSc Biological Sciences
John Cudlip   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Laurence Curran   BA History
Anbanandan Curthan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Peter Dalton   BA Literature
Maria-Alba Damasceno   BA Literature And Art
John Dann   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Mary Darmanin   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Karsono Dasuki   PhD Physics*
Ashok Dattani   BA Economics
Elizabeth Davies   BA Sociology
Jana Davies   BA Literature And Art
John Davies   BSc Biochemistry
Vivian Davies   BA Philosophy And Government
Gladys Davis   BSc Chemistry
Ian Davis   BA Mathematics
Neil Day   MA Political Behaviour
Robert De Bitche   MA Applied Linguistics
Irles De Carvalho   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Maria De Salgado   BSc Chemistry
Patricia De Wolfe   MA Sociology
Maria De Zamora   MA Applied Linguistics
Oonagh Deane   BA Government
Kathleen Denny   MA Sociology
Ian Dilworth   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Mitra Dorostkar   MSc Gene Tech Micro-Organisms
Keith Doughty   MA Political Behaviour
Abel D'Sa   BSc Computing Science
Lesley Duffy Lodge MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Patricia Dukes Wick BSc Computing Science
Timothy Dunmore   PhD Government
Clive Eales-Johnson   BA Philosophy And Literature
Nigel Eaton   BA Literature
Simon Ehlert   BA Literature
Paul Elliott   MA Political Behaviour
Andrew Emerson   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Carol Evans   BA Literature
Francisco Farias   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Helen Fawbert   BA Economics
Sonia Felgate   MA Sociology
Farrokh Firoozi   BSc Computer Engineering
Christopher Firth   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Anthony Fitzgerald   BA Sociology
Michael Foley   PhD Government
Sek Foo   BSc Electronic Engineering
Farokh Fouladvand   MA Sociology
Lynne Foweraker   BA Literature And Art
John Fox   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Stephen Fox   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Paul Frith   BA History
Karen Gage   BA History
Andrew Gan   BSc Computer Engineering
Gladis Garcia   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
David Garner   BA History And Government
John Gazeley   BA Art History And Theory*
Ali Ghashghai   BSc Computer Systems
Terrie Gibbons   BA History And Sociology
David Gibson   BSc Computer Engineering
Daryoosh Gidanian   MSc Opto-Electronics
Sally Gittins   BA Art History And Theory*
Melvyn Glazer   BA Linguistics And Philosophy
Ian Glossop   BA Literature
Phaik Goh   BA Mathematical Chemistry
Tok Goh   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Mauricio Gordon-Wowa   MSc Biology
Linda Gorman   MA Applied Linguistics
Ian Gouldsborough   MPH Government
Jeffrey Grainger   MA Economics
Anne Grant   BA Art History And Theory*
Amanda Green   BA Linguistics
Eileen Green   MA Sociology
Rae Green   BSc Electronic Engineering
Terry Greene   BSc Electronic Engineering
David Greenop   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jorge Guaneme   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Anibal Guerra   BSc Electronic Engineering
Leonidas Gupta   MA Economics
David Hall   BA Sociology
Richard Hall   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Irene Hames   PhD Biology
Giovanna Hammet   BA Literature
David Hanley   MA Economics
Carol Harding   BA Mathematics
Elizabeth Hardman   BA Sociology
Anne Hargreaves   BA Sociology
Martin Harris   BA Sociology
Rosemary Harris   BA Sociology
Cheryl Harrison   BA Literature
Ian Hart   BA Sociology
Alisdair Hartley   BA Sociology
Michael Harvey   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Nicholas Harvey   BA Philosophy And Government
Kathlyn Henderson   BA Literature
John Henney   MA Applied Linguistics
Eulices Hernandez   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Joan Heuston   BA Sociology
Sandra Hill   BA Literature
Chi Ho   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Stephen Hoare   MSc Computer Studies
Michael Hobart   MA Sociology
Martin Hoctor   BA History
Allin Hoggarth   BSc Computing Science
Digenis Homatenos   BA Mathematical Economics
Timothy Hughes   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Kevin Huntley   BA Economics
Peter Hutton   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Peter Isaac   MSc Gene Tech Micro-Organisms
Wafaa Iskander   MA Applied Linguistics
Orville Jack   BA Government And Sociology
Mumtaz Jaffer   BA Economics
Gordon James   BSc Biochemistry
Therese James   BA Sociology
Christopher Jennion   BA Economics
Paul Jerome   MA Social Service Planning
Colin Jones   BA Literature
Linda Jones   BA Literature
Mark Jones   BA Literature
Denise Jupp Martin BA Linguistics And Literature
Christopher Kalus   MSc Computer Studies
Raymond Kanyangarara   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Saleem Karim   BA Economics
Bhooprakash Kawol   BA Economics
Martha Kay   BA Sociology
Colm Kearney   MA Economics
Lewis Kerr   MA Applied Linguistics
Charles Keseru   BA History And Sociology
Hassan Keypour   PhD Chemistry
Sohail Khan   BA Economics
Ali Khoshbin   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Sally Killick   BA Literature
Nigel King   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Leslie Kirkham   MA Applied Linguistics
Anthea Kneale   BA Sociology
Suat Koh   MA Applied Linguistics
Ladislav Kohout   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Maurice Kwurue   BA Government And Sociology
Tana Lamont   BA Sociology
Joseph Lansana   BA Economics And Government
Henry Lasurt   BA History
Kwok Lau   BSc Computer Engineering
Philip Lau   BA Economics And Government
Alan Leary   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Richard Leclerc   BA Philosophy And Art
Anthony Leddin   MA Economics
Richard Ledger   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Sau Lee   BSc Chemistry
Shu Lee   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Sock Lee   BSc Computer Systems
Chuen Leong   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Steven Leung   BA Mathematics
John Lewis   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Ie Liem   BSc Electronic Engineering
Brian Light   BA Government And Sociology
Sin Lim   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Clive Linke   MA Literature - Drama
Roy Lockhart   PhD Sociology
Robert Lockington   MSc Gene Tech Micro-Organisms
Fook Loke   BSc Electronic Engineering
Claire Lowen   BA Art History And Theory*
Michael Lumber   BA Philosophy And Government
Fay Lunzer   BA Literature
Fiona Lyczynski   BSc Biological Sciences
John Lynch   BA Literature
Thomas Lynn   MA Applied Linguistics
Terence Mackley   BA Philosophy And Literature
Carol Madjer   BA Sociology
Federico Marchand   BA Government
Carol Marriage   BA Sociology
Felicity Marriott   BA Literature
Christopher Martin   BA Government And Sociology
Trevor Martin   BSc Electronic Engineering
John Mcauley   BA Sociology
George Mccleod   MSc Computer Studies
Michael Mccorry   BA Sociology
David Mcilvenna   BA Economics
Majid Mdadadi-Ghazvini   MA Political Behaviour
Michael Miller   BA Russian Studies
Patrick Miller   MA Applied Linguistics
Stella Mo   BA Economics
Massoud Mobarakeh   BSc Computing Science
Mohamed Mohamed   PhD Mathematics
Ali Mokhber   BSc Chemistry
Rosita Mondrzejewski   BA Literature
Anargyros Monnas   BA Mathematical Economics
Amalia Moore Chamorro BA Sociology
Camilla Moore   BA Sociology
Elizabeth Moore   MA Political Behaviour
Marcyliena Morgan   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Isaac Mtungwazi   BSc Chemistry
Roisin Mulholland   BA Sociology
Francis Murphy   MA Art History And Theory*
Ruth Murphy   BA Sociology
Abbas Naini   MSc Quantum Electronics
Masoud Najafabadi   BSc Computing Science
Javad Nazemi   BSc Electronic Engineering
Ivan Neary   BA Philosophy And Government
Rowan Newcombe   BA Literature
Man Ng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Francis Ngokonyo   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Claire Norman   BA Government
Claire Norman   BA Government
Phillip Norman   BSc Electronic Engineering
Degraft Nunoo   BA Government And Sociology
Michael Obinkwo   BSc Electronic Engineering
Phyllis Ofulue   BSc Biochemistry
Ai Oh   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Leong Oh   BSc Electronic Engineering
Akangbe Olodo   BA Government
Fry Ominigbo   BA Government
Duke Oputa   BA Economics
Peter Osborne   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Maureen O'Sullivan   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Colin Oudot   BA Economics
Gabriel Oviedo-Montecino   MA Applied Linguistics
Kwadwo Pabi   BA Economics
David Page   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Mireya Palmieri   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Alexander Pappas   BA Economics
Bhamini Patel   BSc Biochemistry
John Pennock   MA Literature - Drama
Elizabeth Perry   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Phillip Pettitt   BSc Computing Science
Victoria Pettitt   BA Linguistics
Ronald Piddington   BA Government And Sociology
Mervyn Podmore   MA Literature - Drama
Winfred Ponnu   BSc Biological Sciences
David Power   BA Mathematics
Janina Pracz   BA Sociology
Khemraj Prang   BA Government And Sociology
Clive Price   BSc Biological Sciences
Graham Price   BA History
Linda Price   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Martin Pudney   BA Literature
Abdul Rahim   MSc Computer Studies
Anjum Rahmatulla   BA Economics
Anthony Ramatowski   BSc Electronic Engineering
Jane Ramsey   BA Art History And Theory*
Nicholas Randle   BA Government
Gerald Reilly   BA Philosophy And Government
John Remsbury   MA Applied Linguistics
Linda Reynolds   MA Social History*
Julian Rich   MA Applied Linguistics
Christopher Richards   PhD Literature
Lance Ridley   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Maria Rincon   BSc Computing Science
Carol Riordan   PhD Language And Linguistics
Cecilia Roberts   BA Art History And Theory*
Geoffrey Roberts   MA Literature - Drama
Barry Robinson   BSc Electronic Engineering
Gwyneth Rogers   BA History
Stephen Rogers   BSc Biological Sciences
Helen Rose   MA Sociology
Grahame Rourke   BA Sociology
Kathleen Rushton   BA Sociology
Yasuki Saito   MSc Computer Studies
Francis Saladanha   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Magalis Sanchez   BSc Chemistry
Enaldo Sarmento   PhD Physics*
Amy Schwarz   MA Art History And Theory*
Alan Scott   BSc Electronic Engineering
Ali Sekhavat   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Rodney Seville   BA Government
Nasrin Shafaghi-Nejad   BSc Biochemistry
Jeremy Shaw   MA Literature - Drama
Noel Shead   BSc Computer Systems
John Shipp   BA Sociology
Kam Shum   BSc Computing Science
Lindsey Sill Drey BA Literature
Karyn Simms   BA Sociology
Paul Slater   BA Linguistics
Stephen Slater   MA Applied Linguistics
Anne Smith   BA Literature
Julie Smith   BA Government
Peter Smith   MSc Computer Studies
Richard Smith   BA Philosophy And Government
Colin Smithson   BSc Biochemistry
Robert Snell   PhD Literature
John Sofronis   BA Economics
Tong Sow   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Marcia Spencer   BA Sociology
Kenneth Stainsby   BA Government
Karen Standland   BA Literature
David Storer   MA Economics
Joyce Stroud   MA Literature - American Poetry
Christine Sulman Thorburn BA Sociology
Stephen Sulman   BSc Computer Systems
Chi Sung   BSc Chemistry
Margaret Sutcliffe   BA Government And Sociology
Nicholas Swatton   BA Government
Frederick Symons   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Joon Tan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Kok Tan   BSc Biochemistry
David Taylor   BA Government And Sociology
Javad Tehranchi   MSc Mathematics (Fluid Mechanics)
Koon Teo   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Chin Tham   BSc Electronic Engineering
Lionel Theeuf   BA Language And Linguistics
Ajay Thobhani   BA Economics
Yuen Thomas   BA History
Jane Thompson   BA Literature
John Thomson   BSc Biological Sciences
Stephen Thurlow   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
David Toller   MSc Computer Studies
Tsewang Topgyal   BSc Biochemistry
Carlos Toranzos   BA Sociology
Michael Towers   BA Mathematics
Alan Towndrow   BA Economics
Joan Tullock   MA Applied Linguistics
Ann Turpin   BA History
Ian Turpin   MA Art History And Theory*
Chukwunenye Uriri   BA Government
Frits Van Der Linden   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Michael Vance   BSc Biological Sciences
Claire Varley   BSc Biological Sciences
Ronald Veitch   MA Art History And Theory*
George Vukovich   MA Applied Linguistics
Douglas Walker   BA Sociology
David Walton   MA Social Service Planning
Lena Wanford   BA Government
John Warham   BA Government
Philip Warner   BSc Physics*
Elizabeth Waters   BA Linguistics
John Watson   BA Literature
Stuart Watts   BA Mathematics
Philip Webb   MA Economics
Peter Welch   BA Art History And Theory*
Anthony White   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
David Wickens   BA Sociology
David Williams   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Philip Williams   PhD Chemistry
Rupert Williams   BA History
Kenneth Willy   BSc Computer Engineering
John Wilson   BA Sociology
Peter Winsdale   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Lai Wong   BSc Computer Systems
Tat Wong   BSc Computer Engineering
Martyn Yates   BA French Lang With Government
Mang Yeo   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Noraini Ab Rahman   BA Mathematics
Paul Abbott   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Suhaila Abdullah   BA Economics
Naomi Abe   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Kimberley Adams   BA Literature
Sara Adkins   BSc Biological Sciences
Rufus Adu   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Ayodele Agbelusi   BA Government
Manuel Aguilar   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Awni Akrawi   PhD Chemistry
Abdul Al-Hilfy   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Shabaz Ali   BA History And Government
Linda Allen   BA Linguistics
Guillermo Alvarez   PhD Chemistry
Roberto Aponte-Toro   MA Political Behaviour
Demetrios Apsouris   MSc Opto-Electronics
Hasan Arfeh   BSc Computer Engineering
Tahsin Arif   BSc Electronic Engineering
Douglas Arnold   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Anna Arroba   BA Latin American Studies
Gerard Arron   BA Art History And Theory*
Rafael Artiles   MA Applied Linguistics
Vuchara Asavakul   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Shera Astor Daruvala BA Economics
Angeliki Athanasiadou   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Farhana Aziz   BA Sociology
Davoud Azizian   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Alexandru Babcenco   PhD Physics*
John Bailey   BA Sociology
Mohamad Bairakdar   MA Political Behaviour
Elizabeth Bargh   BA Economics
Angela Baroni   BA Sociology
Catherine Barrett   BA Literature
Frank Barry   MA Economics
Edwin Bartholomew   BA History
Steven Barton   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Hossein Bashirieh   MA Political Behaviour
Malcolm Batki   BA Economics
Vinod Bawa   BSc Applied Physics
Martin Bayliss   BA Language And Linguistics
Richard Beard   BA History
Madeleine Bedford   BSc Biological Sciences
Yvonne Beeson   BA History And Literature
Myrian Bell   BA Government
Leigh Bennison   BA Literature
Hamid Bensaou   PhD Literature
Stephen Beresford   BA Philosophy And Government
Fabrice Beutler   BA Mathematics
David Bick   BA Government
Arthur Blachford   MA Sociology
Julian Bond   BA History
Zohra Boukroufa   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Wendy Bradshaw   BA Sociology
William Bray   MA Literature - Drama
Michael Brewer   BA Sociology
Ian Brewerton   BA Economics
Amanda Brighten   BA Literature
Tracey Brightmore   BA History
Albert Broomhead   BA Economics
Julia Brophy   BA Sociology
Stephen Brown   BSc Computer Systems
Roisin Brzozowski   BA Sociology
Mable Buffong   BA Economics
Annette Bull   BA History
Christopher Bunton   BA History And Government
Margaret Burns   BA Latin American Studies
Linda Burrow   MA Literature - Drama
Jane Busfield   BA Language And Linguistics
Judith Butler   BA Art History And Theory*
John Butters   BA Literature
Ashleigh Byron   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Christopher Cable   BSc Electronic Engineering
Robert Cadle   BA Mathematics
Felix Camarasa   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Luigi Campiglio   MA Economics
Geoffrey Campion   BA Literature
Joan Cardno   MA Applied Linguistics
Frances Carter   BA History
Peter Cattell   MSc Computer Studies
Fred Chambers   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Chan   BSc Biochemistry
Nai Chan   BSc Computer Systems
Susan Chandler   MA Applied Linguistics
Ann Charnley   BSc Biochemistry
Gurdeep Cheema   BSc Biochemistry
Anthony Childs   BA Economics And Government
Chai Chou   BA Linguistics
Kin-Chun Chow   BSc Computer Systems
Peter Cochrane   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Judy Colin   MA Political Behaviour
Philip Collier   MSc Computer Studies
Jeremy Cook   BA Literature
Martin Cooke   BSc Electronic Engineering
Florence Cooper   BA French Language With Sociology
Michael Cooper   BSc Biochemistry
Patricia Cooper   MA Literature - Drama
Laura Cotton   BA Linguistics
Geoffrey Cowell   MA Applied Linguistics
Andrew Cox   PhD Government
Sandra Cox   MA Art History And Theory*
Emer Crangle   BA Art History And Theory*
Alan Critchley   BA Sociology
Anthony Crocker   MA Applied Linguistics
Rodney Cuff   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
John Cullen   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Judith Cureton   BA Literature And Art
David Curry   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Lucy Danielian   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Julia Dastoor   BA Literature
Christopher Davies   BA Literature
John Day   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Lidia De Artiles   MA Applied Linguistics
Donna De Cesare   MPH Literature
Paulo De Lucena   BA Economics
Berta De Passos   MA Social Service Planning
Ione De Vasconcelos   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Stephen Deighton   MSc Computer Studies
Eduards Deksnis   PhD Mathematics
Julio Delgado   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Gabriel Diamantis   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Judith Divin Ramsay BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Stephen Dooley   BA Economics
Stevie Doswell   BA Literature
Mufeeq Doushaq   MA Applied Linguistics
Margaret Doy   PhD Art
Gordon D'Silva   BA Government
Jacques Dutronc   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Stephanie Early   BA Latin American Studies
Misbah El-Fareneh   BSc Electronic Engineering
Jennifer Ellis   MA Economics
Ahmed Eltahir   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Ahmed Essop   BA Sociology
Raziyeh Etemadi   MSc Chemistry
Barbra Evans   BA Government
David Evans   BSc Biological Sciences
Christine Evington   BA Literature
Michael Fast   MA Applied Linguistics
Richard Fearn   MA Social Service Planning
Sean Feeny   MA Art History And Theory*
Linda Ferrari   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Jean Fitzpatrick   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Mervyn Flatman   BSc Electronic Engineering
Terence Fleet   BA Economics And Government
Elaine Fletcher   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Patrick Flower   BA Mathematics
Jose Foppiano   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Ian Forrest   BA Government
Kenneth Fox   MPH History
Roy Fryer   MA Social Service Planning
Raksha Gajjar   BA Sociology
Patricia Garcia   MA Applied Linguistics
Patrick Gaule   BA Philosophy And Government
Kenyatta Gibbs   BSc Biochemistry
Mark Gibbs   BA Government And Sociology
Susan Gifford   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Peter Glen   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Anne Goasdoue   BA Sociology
Robert Goodchild   MA Sociology
Colin Gorman   BA Literature
Paul Gorman   BA History And Economics
Philip Gough   BA Economics
Anastasios Goutzoulis   MSc Opto-Electronics
Peter Gray   BA Philosophy And Government
Tina Green   BA Linguistics
Alan Greene   BSc Electronic Engineering
Anthony Griffiths   MA Literature - Drama
Mar Gudmundsson   BA Economics
Hassan Haji-Molana   MA Economics
Diane Hall   BA Language And Linguistics
Jon Halldorsson   BA Government
Abdul Hanafiah   MA Political Behaviour
Parwiz Hawaii   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Philip Hawthorn   BSc Computing Science
Gerard Heathcote   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
John Helliwell   MPH Chemistry
John Helps   BA History
Christina Higgins Mcwilliams-Morrison BA French Lang With Government
Neil Higgins   BA Mathematics
Allan Higginson   MPH Physics*
Trevor Hill   MSc Numerical Analysis
Adam Hocek   BSc Electronic Engineering
Wendy Hodgkinson Fox BA Literature
Susan Holditch   BA Philosophy And Government
Anne Holland   BA History
Leslie Holmes   PhD Government
John Horne   MA Sociology
Martin Hoskins   BA Literature
Adrian Howells   MA Political Behaviour
Jeremy Hunt   BA Art History And Theory*
Laura Hurtado   BA Latin American Studies
Maxia Hutchinson   BA Government And Sociology
Mohammed Imady   MA Literature - Drama
Alan Jabez   BA Government
Timothy James   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Mohammadreza Janbakhsh   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Janet Johnson   MA Art History And Theory*
Raymond Johnson   BA Literature
Sandra Johnson   BA Sociology
Hazel Johnston   BA History
Martin Jones   BA Literature
Neil Jones   BA Government
Philip Jones   MA Sociology
Stephanie Joseph-Hospedales   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Hamed Kandeel   MSc Mathematics
Andreas Kangallis   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Vasilios Kassianos   BA Economics
Robert Keen   BA Government
Fahim Kemal   BA Economics
Valerie Kemp   BA French Language With Sociology
Stephen Kerridge   BA Government
Mubarik Khilji   PhD Biological Chemistry
Jonathan Kimber   MA Political Behaviour
Douglas Kitway   BA Economics And Government
Ludovicus-Anna-Leonard Kleintjens   PhD Chemistry
Demosthenes Kontos   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Kalliopi-Maria Kopanitsa   MA Literature - Drama
Christopher Kozakiewicz   BA French Language With Sociology
Neville Lachmansingh   MSc Chemistry
Abel Lagos   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
John Lai   MSc Biology
Winston Lalla-Maharajh   PhD Chemistry
Menneline Lam   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Mark Lassman   BA Government
Sidi Lawal   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Julie Lawrence   BA Sociology
Neil Lazarus   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Howard Leach   BA History
Keh Lee   BSc Computing Science
Lai Lee   BSc Computing Science
Lian Lee   BSc Computer Systems
Yoke Lee   BSc Computer Systems
Susan Leeming   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Kam Liem   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Martin Limb   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Richard Little   BA History
David Littlewood   MA Political Behaviour
Kam Liu   BSc Chemistry
Kwok Lo   BSc Computer Engineering
Wing Lo   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Sua Loo   BSc Electronic Engineering
Michele Louis   BA Literature
Madeleine Loxton   BA History
Fook Lum   BSc Computer Systems
Suzanne Mackwell   MA Political Behaviour
Robert Macmahon   BA Government
Nour Maglad   MA Economics
Dimitra Makrinioti   MA Sociology
Mohamed Mansour   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Grace Marshall   BA Economics
Jacqueline Martin   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Timothy Martin   MA Applied Linguistics
Graham Martyr   BA Literature
Philip Mason   BA Economics
Sotiria Matziri-Philippidi   MA Literature - Drama
Grant Maxwell   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Julie Mccarthy   BA Sociology
Jane Mccormack   BA History And Government
Lawrence Mccrossen   BA Mathematics
Dermot Mcdonald   BA History
Ian Mcgregor   BSc Biochemistry
Richard Mckenzie-Smith   BA History
Teresa Mckevitt   BA Sociology
Doris Mcloughlin   MA Sociology
Cyril Meadows   BA Sociology
Roger Meek   BSc Computer Systems
Jacqueline Meikle Cooper BA Government
Mary Milburn   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Andrew Miller   MSc Computer Studies
Maria Mizon   MA Applied Linguistics
Mohammad Mohammad   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Domingo Molina   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Monteverde   BA Latin American Studies
Jonathan Moore   MA Political Behaviour
Michael Morrissey   BSc Computing Science
Sima Motamen   MA Economics
Robert Moul   MSc Theoretical Physics*
John Mowle   BSc Electronic Engineering
Kevin Moy   BSc Electronic Engineering
Witarsa Muljana   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Jeremy Mulvey   MA Art History And Theory*
Blanca Muniz   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Yaerb Nabhan   MSc Opto-Electronics
Masaki Nakagawa   MSc Computer Studies
Mahmood Nasir   BSc Computing Science
Naukez Nazir   BA Literature
Austin Neesham   BA Literature
Kathryn Nellist   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Kan Ng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Mia Ngiam   BSc Electronic Engineering
Mia Ngiam   BSc Electronic Engineering
Judith Nicholls   BA Literature
Geoffrey Nicholson   MA Literature - Drama
Tun Nie   BSc Electronic Engineering
Fiona Nilsen   BA Literature
Kevin Nolan   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Brian Norris   PhD Physics*
Alphonsus Ogwuru   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
John Oliver   BA Economics
Kiyoshi Ono   MSc Computer Studies
Ijeoma Onyegbula   BA Literature
Barbara Opie   MA Political Behaviour
Janet Osisiogu   BA History
Geraldine Owen   BA Literature
Bahereh Panbechi   BSc Electronic Engineering
George Papparis   MA Political Behaviour
Kenrick Parker   BA History
Jeffrey Parr   BSc Theoretical Physics*
Giles Parsons   MA Social History*
Amita Patel   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Rajanand Patel   BSc Computing Science
Alberto Perez-Gomez   PhD Art
Sasha Perryman   BA Latin American Studies
Keith Pfister   PhD Sociology
Michael Phipps   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Jane Pickup   BA Literature
Dorothy Plant   BA History
Clive Playford   BA Economics And Government
Pauline Pollard   BA Government
Abolghasem Poozesh   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Graham Popple   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Daniel Porter   BA Sociology
Daniel Porter   BA Sociology
George Prove   BA Government
Gregory Psaltakis   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Nicholas Pullin   BA Literature
Adrienne Punt   BA Literature
Mary Queen   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Mary Quinlan   BA Literature
Abdul Rahman   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Rosemarie Ramsey   BA Government And Sociology
Mark Rands   BA Government
Alison Rankine   BA Economics And Government
Keith Rautenbach   BSc Computing Science
Clare Rawlings   BSc Biological Sciences
Julie Reason   BA Language And Linguistics
Brian Reeve   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Sarah-Jane Reeve   BA Sociology
Ann Remsbury   MA Art History And Theory*
Jorge Restropo   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Robert Roberts   MA Literature - Drama
Lynn Robinson Collins BSc Biological Sciences
Alastair Rogers   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Juan Rojas   MA Applied Linguistics
James Rosenberg   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Richard Rosin   BA Philosophy And Sociology
David Ross   BA Government
Michael Rychlik   BSc Physics*
Susan Rycraft   BA History
Mehdi Sadr   MSc Quantum Electronics
Alireza Sadri   MSc Chemistry
Habib Saliba   MA Political Behaviour
Caroline Salt   BA Literature
Brian Sambrook   BA Literature
Stephen Sansome   BA Literature
Philip Savery   BA Economics And Government
Tamizan Savill   BA Language And Linguistics
Lindy Scholey   MA Literature - Drama
John Schutte   MA Applied Linguistics
Susan Seaford   MA Sociology
Andrew Seddon   BSc Biochemistry
Pragna Shah   BA Economics
Daniel Shalev   MSc Computer Studies
Alen Shapiro   MSc Computer Studies
Raj Sharma   PhD Chemistry
Peter Shaw   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Hans Siekmann   PhD Computer Science
Ernest Simo   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Oliver Slevin   MA Social Service Planning
Lawrence Smart   BSc Biochemistry
Christine Smith   MA Social Service Planning
Malcolm Smith   BA Economics
Shaun Smyton   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Kamran Soltanpour   BSc Electronic Engineering
Michael Spanchak   BSc Biochemistry
John Stanford   MA US Government & Politics*
Elizabeth Steele   BA Sociology
Randolph Stephens   BA Economics
Beryl Stockman   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Jonathan Stratton   PhD Sociology
Christopher Stubbs   BA Literature
Marilyn Sullivan   BA Economics
Noreen Sutton   BA History
Stephen Swailes   MPH Chemistry
Hamid Tabaee   BSc Computer Engineering
Alfredo Taborga   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Alireza Taherzader   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Kwok Tam   BSc Chemistry
Kwok Tang   BSc Computer Engineering
Kevin Taylor   MSc Numerical Analysis
Lien Tee   BA Economics
Stella Theodoulou   MA US Government & Politics*
Philip Thirkettle   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Lolade Thomas   BA Sociology
Richard Thomas   BA Economics
Maureen Thurston   BA Sociology
Michael Tilley   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
John Torkington   PhD Chemistry
Wing Tsang   BSc Computer Engineering
Lewis Tsao   BSc Computing Science
Basil Tsapralis   BA Economics And Government
Savas Tsohatzidis   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Joan Twelves   BA Sociology
Joyce Ugoagu   BA Government
Joseph Uprichard   MA Applied Linguistics
Susan Upton   MSc Numerical Analysis
John Urruty   BA Economics
Ali Uyanik   BA Government
Yogesh Vedd   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Idayibara Wakama   BA Economics
Pauline Wales   BSc Computing Science
Suzanne Walker   BA Literature
Susan Wallington   BA Sociology
Malcolm Wardlaw   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Richard Waring   PhD Biology
Linda Watson   BA Literature And Art
Julia Webley   BA Economics
Michael Welch   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Christopher Wheeler   BSc Biological Sciences
Dan Wheeler   BSc Biological Sciences
Paul Whittaker   MA Political Behaviour
Leslie Wildman   BA Sociology
Marcia Williams   BA History
Marie-Louise Winston   BA Sociology
Raymond Winter   MA Applied Linguistics
Bogden Wiwcazyk   BA History And Government
Emmanuel Wogbo   BA Sociology
Peta Wolpe   BA Sociology
May Wong   BSc Computer Systems
Louise Woods   BA Literature
Robert Worsnop   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Tak-Ming Yan   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Lay Yeap   BA Economics
Ka Yu   BSc Computer Engineering
Michael Zannetides   MA Western European Politics