Have you seen...?

You know what it’s like when you move house – it’s impossible to remember everyone when you let people know your new address. Over the years, we’ve lost touch with some of our graduates.

Can you help us find them? Check out the year you graduated below – you might find you have up-to-date details of someone on our list of the lost. If so, please get in touch with them and ask them to sign-up to the website www.essex.ac.uk/alumni - that way they too can benefit from our services and publications.

Thank you.


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
John Angier   BA Physics*
John Barnsley   MA Sociology
Derek Bilby   MSc Chemical Kinetics
Roger Bullock   MA Sociology
David Burdett   MSc Quantum Electronics
Eileen Burke-Moody Moody BA Sociology
Ann Bush Sargent BA Sociology
David Chapman   MA Economics
Noel Clark   MSc Structural Chemistry
Martin Collyer   MSc Continuum Mechanics
David Cooke   MA Applied Linguistics
Robert Crouch   PhD Economics
John Davies   MA Applied Linguistics
Felicity Dickinson Battersby BA Economics
Eleanor Falkner   MA Sociology
Ian Forsyth   MA Applied Linguistics
Graham Fraser-Andrews   MSc Continuum Mechanics
John French   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Greene   PhD Chemistry
Michael Hanson   MSc Chemical Kinetics
Moira Harrison   MA Applied Linguistics
Jane Hawkins   MA Sociology
Malcolm Kent   MSc Quantum Electronics
Alan Klier   MSc Continuum Mechanics
Henry Lambert   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Ledger   MSc Quantum Electronics
Brenda Leroy   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Martin   MA Economics
Stavros Mathioudakis   MA Economics
John Mcdonald   MA Economics
Peter Meades   MA Applied Linguistics
Alfred Mesure   MSc Physical Organic Chemistry
Earle Newton   MA Applied Linguistics
John Parham   MA Sociology
Joseph Prah   MSc Quantum Electronics
Maurice Punch   MA Sociology
John Robinson   MA Applied Linguistics
Nora Robinson   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Robinson   PhD Chemistry
Miles Roddis   MA Applied Linguistics
Terence Ryan   MA Economics
Michael Summers   MSc Quantum Electronics
Charles Taylor   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Taylor   MSc Continuum Mechanics
William Taylor   MSc Continuum Mechanics
Mildred Thomas   MA Applied Linguistics
Anthony Tillett   MA Political Behaviour
Humphrey Trevelyan   MA Sociology
Patricia Tulloch   MA Sociology
Robert Van Order   MA Economics
Frank West   MA Sociology
Vera West   MA Sociology


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
John Allen   PhD Language Centre
Stephanie Allen   BA Sociology
Michael Allison   BA Literature
John Appleby   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
David Baddeley   MSc Quantum Electronics
David Bennett   MA Political Behaviour
Malcolm Bennett   BA Economics
Diana Bird   BA Literature
Mary Blanchet   BA Government
Graham Brightwell   BA Mathematical Economics
David Brown   BA Government
William Brown   MA Applied Linguistics
Sylvia Carter   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Cherryman   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Judith Clowsley   BA Sociology
Paul Collins   MA Political Behaviour
Patricia Daniel Burton BA Sociology
David Davies   PhD Chemistry
Terence Davies   BA Mathematics
Marion Deere   BA Sociology
Anthony Dexter   MSc Chemical Kinetics
David Douce   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Alan Dowsett   BA Physics*
David Draper   BA Chemistry
Mary Driscoll   BA Mathematics
Samuel Earnshaw   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Huw Evans   MA Sociology
Paul Farnsworth   BA Chemistry
Edward Farrington   MA Applied Linguistics
Dorothy Forrester   MA Applied Linguistics
Marilyn Francis   BA Government
David French   BA Sociology
Gillian Frost   MA Sociology
Islay Fullerton   BA Sociology
Christopher Game   MA Political Behaviour
Arthur Girling   BA Government
Malcolm Gray   BA Economics
Susan Gray   BA Government
Rosaleen Gregory   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Edward Halford   MA Applied Linguistics
Lynley Hallett   BA Mathematics
Robert Harrison   BA Sociology
Richard Hawkes   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
David Heidenstam   MA Political Behaviour
Jennifer Heightman   BA Sociology
Peter Hensey   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Valentine Herman   BA Government
Barbara Hodgson   MSc Quantum Electronics
Judith Hollis   BA Sociology
Christine Howkins   MA Applied Linguistics
George Hyde   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Godfrey James   MSc Chemical Kinetics
Lisa Jardine Bronowski MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Jennifer Jenks Simms BA Literature
Sarah Judd   BA Government
Marian Kamanalagi   BA Sociology
John Keleher   MA Applied Linguistics
Raymond Kent   MA Sociology
Geoffrey Kiddell   BA Physics*
Lesley King   BA Government
Jack Larter   BA Sociology
Peter Lawrence   MA Sociology
Charles Lewis   PhD Chemistry
William Lister   MA Applied Linguistics
David Little   BA Economics
Susan Lowday   BA Sociology
Roger Markman   BA Government
John Mattingley   BA Chemistry
Anthony Mawson   MA Sociology
Eileen Mccleverty   BA Government
Michael Mccullagh   BA Economics
Richard Mcgowan   MA Applied Linguistics
Maureen Mckenna   BA Chemistry
Susan Mclean   BA Literature
Brian Middleditch   MSc Chemical Kinetics
Egbert Midlane   MA Applied Linguistics
Anna Miller   MA Applied Linguistics
Alan Mills   BA Government
Jennifer Monk   BA Sociology
George Moyser   MA Political Behaviour
David Muchnick   MA Sociology
Sheila Mullen   BA Literature
David Naylor   BA Mathematics
Robert Nisbet   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Ann Noble   MA Sociology
Paul Noble   MA Sociology
David Olagoke   MA Applied Linguistics
Alison Oldman   BA Government
Maxwell Page   BA Mathematical Economics
May Pan   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
David Parkin   PhD Chemistry
Trevor Pemberton   MA Applied Linguistics
Andrea Place   BA Government
Elizabeth Potter   BA Government
Barry Prentice   MA Applied Linguistics
Barbara Presch   BA Physics*
Euan Reid   MA Applied Linguistics
Ingrid Roddis   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Sheila Ryan   BA Sociology
Umasankar Sankarayya   MA Applied Linguistics
Barry Scanes   BA Literature
Gilbert Smith   MA Sociology
Norman Stockman   MA Sociology
Robert Stradling   BA Government
Harley Stratton   MA Applied Linguistics
Nicholas Tatam   BA Physics*
John Taylor   BA Sociology
Clive Tempest   MA Political Behaviour
Leonard Torode   BA Literature
Linda Waite   BA Literature
Ethel Walker   MA Political Behaviour
Norah Walsh   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Walton   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Kathleen Ward   BA Government
Philip Ward   MA Political Behaviour
John Whalley   BA Economics
Peter Wickham   BA Economics
Mary Willes   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Williams   MA Applied Linguistics
Rita Williams Molyneux BA Economics
John Wilson   MA Sociology
Clive Winter   BA Economics
David Wood   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Jill Woodhead   BA Sociology


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Richard Allen   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Surriaya Aziz   PhD Chemistry
Adrian Ball   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Inge Ball   BA Literature
Michael Barclay   BA Sociology
Judy Barker   BA Sociology
Mervyn Barker   BA Literature
Christopher Beattie   BA Chemical Physics
Barbara Beavan   BA Literature
Margaret Behrman   BA Sociology
Derek Bell   BA Physics*
Robert Benton   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Harold Berg   MA Linguistics
Roy Bivon   PhD Language Centre
David Boggett   MSc Quantum Electronics
Winifred Bowmer   MA Applied Linguistics
Ian Brodie   BA Sociology
Jean Brodie   BA Government
Norman Bromberger   MA Economics
Rosalind Brunt   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Jeannie Buchanan   BA Sociology
Katharine Burch   BA Literature
Jose Caballero   MA Economics
Alan Cardew   BA Literature
Mary Carrigan White BA Sociology
Pauline Cawrse   BA Mathematics
John Chambers   MSc Quantum Electronics
Paul Chung   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Ann Claydon Shillitoe BA Chemical Physics
Moray Clayton   MA Economics
Janet Coates Steel BA Literature
Maurice Cohen   BA Sociology
Pauline Collier   BA Economics
Susan Cone   MA Sociology
Jacqueline Coulthurst Darkins MSc Telecommunication Systems
Donald Dallas   MA Applied Linguistics
Anthony Davey   BA Chemistry
Roderick Deale   MA Applied Linguistics
Jean Dent   MA Political Behaviour
Barbara Donovan   BA Literature
Peter Downs   BA Government
Gillian Dyche   MA Sociology
Christopher East   BA Government
Reginald Eccles   MA Economics
Arthur Edwards   PhD Chemistry
Faiq El-Kaissi   MSc Chemical Kinetics
Marian Ely Tunney BA Literature
Ioannis Epaminondu   BA Economics
Richard Evans   PhD Physics*
Ian Fantom   MSc Quantum Electronics
John Farrow   PhD Physics*
Keith Fielding   MSc Computing Science
Ruth Fisher   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
David Forber   MA US Government & Politics*
Magdalen Ford Green BA Literature
Alaistair Fraser   BA Sociology
Andrew Gaffney   MSc Computing Science
Michael Gale   MSc Opto-Electronics
Peter Gilbert   MA Sociology
David Gilroy   MSc Telecommunication Systems
David Goodier   BA Literature
Valerie Greenwood   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
John Haire   MA Applied Linguistics
Daphne Halfpenny   BA Sociology
Philip Hall   BA Economics
Stephen Hall   BA Sociology
Valerie Hall   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
James Hardman   MA Applied Linguistics
Carol Harper Crush BA Economics
John Harrington   BA Sociology
Michael Harris   BA Literature
Sarah Harrison   BA Sociology
John Harvey   MSc Computing Science
Diana Hatchett Bennett BA Sociology
Alan Heath   BA Government
Geoffrey Hepworth   BA Physics*
Carol Herman   BA Literature
Rosamund Hitchins Seyd MA Political Behaviour
Keith Hodson   BA Physics*
Rosalind Howard   BA Literature
Michael Howley   BA Economics
Keith Hudson   BA Chemistry
Christine Hughes   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Sarah Humphrey   BA Sociology
Gillian Hutchinson   BA Economics
Barbara Hyde Cavender MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Clive Ireland   MSc Quantum Electronics
Robert Isgrove   BA Sociology
Glyndwr John   MA Applied Linguistics
Jeffrey Johnson   BA Mathematics
William Jones   BA Mathematical Economics
Kanji Kajiwara   PhD Chemistry
Kusuma Karunaratne Ediriweera Jayasuriya MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Jean Knott Mangan BA Economics
Marion Lackenby Stovell BA Government
Caelia Lambert   BA Government
Eric Lee   MA Applied Linguistics
Marilyn Lemmon   BA Government
Frederick Limeburner   BA Government
Alison Lodder   BA Government
Gregory Lomax   BA Sociology
John Loosemore   BA Government
William Macgregor   MA Sociology
Andrew Mack   BA Sociology
Ann Maconnachie   BA Chemical Physics
Paul Malkin   BA Sociology
Adrian Mangan   BA Chemistry
Phillip Mansell   MA Applied Linguistics
Thomas Marshall   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Colin Martin   BA Chemical Physics
Alan Martina   MA Economics
David Mathews   MA Sociology
John Mcconnel   BA Sociology
Mary Mcgreal   BA Government
David Mckay   MA US Government & Politics*
Russell Mckinlay   BA Sociology
John Mcnamara   BA Economics
Jean Mcnicoll   BA Sociology
Clive Meachen   BA Literature
David Merriman   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
David Milham   MSc Telecommunication Systems
David Millard   BA Sociology
Robert Miller   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kenneth Montague   BA Literature
Michael Moran   MA Political Behaviour
Elizabeth Morgan   BA Literature
Michael Morley   BA Economics
Pauline Morris   PhD Sociology
Allan Moscovitch   MA Economics
Cherry Moss   BA Mathematics
Sally Naylor Dellow BA Government
Carolyn Norgate   BA Sociology
Susan Nuttall   BA Sociology
Leo O'Keeffe   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Pepper   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Teresa Perkins   BA Sociology
Graham Phillpott   BA Physics*
Martyn Pilcher   MSc Quantum Electronics
Robin Poppelsdorff   BA Literature
Colin Prescod   MA Sociology
Martin Randall   BA Chemistry
Raymond Redstall   BA Physics*
Brian Reeve   BA Literature
Dennis Reich   BA Government
Patricia Reid Ashton BA Literature
Andrew Renshaw   BA Sociology
Andrew Rigby   MA Sociology
Richard Roberts   MSc Quantum Electronics
Marian Rubin   MA Political Behaviour
Peter Sainsbury   BA Sociology
Brian Saunders   BA Physics*
Barry Schechter   MA Economics
Carlos Sebastian   MA Economics
Susan Segal   BA Sociology
Mohamed Shabo   MA Political Behaviour
James Shaw   MA Applied Linguistics
Martin Shaw   BA Chemistry
Robert Shirley   MA Applied Linguistics
Ronald Shone   MA Economics
Terence Simms   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Janet Smith Lawton BA Government
Peter Smith   BA Mathematics
Peter Smith   BA Physics*
Robert Smith   MSc Quantum Electronics
James Southwick   BA Theoretical Physics*
Judith Stanislaus   BA Literature
Peter Steele   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Hilary Stevenson   BA Sociology
Maxwell Stewart   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Philip Strong   MA Sociology
Martin Taylor   BA Government
Margaret Templeman   BA Government
Anne Thompson   BA Sociology
Judith Thompson   BA Sociology
Stephen Town   MA Sociology
Jean Tubby Weller BA Literature
Marcella Tucker   BA Sociology
Marius Tybjerg   BA Chemistry
Sylvia Uren Ellis BA Literature
Fredericus Van Der Schrieck   BA Economics
Gary Walker   MA Political Behaviour
John Wall   BA Economics And Government
Barbara Wallace   MA Sociology
Terence Waterfield   MSc Opto-Electronics
David Watson   MA Sociology
George Watts   MSc Opto-Electronics
Margaret Welsby   BA Sociology
Peter West   BA Mathematics
Margaret Whalley Lomas BA Sociology
Allen Whitbread   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Ronald White   MA Applied Linguistics
Thomas White   MA Applied Linguistics
Jack Williamson   MA Applied Linguistics
Patricia Wilson   BA Sociology
Pamela Woods Minshall BA Government
Peter Woodward   MA Political Behaviour
Raymond Woolley   MA Applied Linguistics
Thomas Zaleski   BA Chemistry