Have you seen...?

You know what it’s like when you move house – it’s impossible to remember everyone when you let people know your new address. Over the years, we’ve lost touch with some of our graduates.

Can you help us find them? Check out the year you graduated below – you might find you have up-to-date details of someone on our list of the lost. If so, please get in touch with them and ask them to sign-up to the website www.essex.ac.uk/alumni - that way they too can benefit from our services and publications.

Thank you.



First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Mohammad Abbaszadeh   PhD Chemistry
Muhammad Abdullah   BA Government
Lyn Abissi   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Francis Adegbile   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Ines Aguirre   BA Government And Sociology
Kirupakaran Aiyathurai   BSc Computer Systems
Abdullah Alfi   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Ezer Ali   BA Economics
Ahmad Al-Najjar   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Traful Alvarez   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Marco Amato   PhD Physics*
Hossein Ameli-Moosavi   MA Economics
Souad Amimour   MA Social History*
Kwabena Amoako-Anim   BA Economics
Wainsworth Anderson   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Terry Andrews   BA Literature
Tina Andrews   BA Literature
Mona Anis   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Humberto Arguello   BA Economics
Richard Arnold   BSc Biological Sciences
Robert Atkinson   MA Political Behaviour
Miles Austen   BSc Electronic Engineering
Jose Ayo   MA Economics
Joseph Azouri   BA Economics
Sima Bahous   MA Literature - Drama
Mark Bailey   BA Government
Gillian Baines   BA Literature
Pauline Baker   BA Sociology
Benedict Bannister   BA Literature
Richard Barbrook   MA Political Behaviour
David Barlow   MPH Language And Linguistics
John Beer   MA US Government & Politics*
Valerie Beever   MA Sociology
Edmund Bennett   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Linda Berghmans   MA Literature - Drama
Maria Bickar Bakaj BSc Biological Sciences
Kapur Birdy   BSc Electronic Engineering
Julie Blessyn   BA Government And Sociology
Aileen Bonnett   PhD Literature
John Booth   MA Social Service Planning
Roger Borne   BA French Lang With Government
Michael Bowker   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Bernard Brett   MA Social Service Planning
Pamela Brigden   BA Philosophy
Paul Brown   BA Literature
Stephen Buchan   MSc Mathematics
Marlene Bunni   BSc Biochemistry
Clive Burgess   MA Literature - Drama
Heather Burton   BA Sociology
Richard Calton   BSc Electronic Engineering
Fiona Campbell   BA Art History And Theory*
Adrian Canning   BA Literature
Elaine Carabin   BA Sociology
Elena Carcache   MA Literature - American Poetry
Alan Cardew   PhD Literature
Peony Carpenter   BA Literature
Michael Carrier   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Casely-Hayford   BA Government
Andrew Cawdron   BSc Biological Sciences
Kwai Chan   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Ravinder Chana   BSc Biochemistry
Yen Chao   MA Applied Linguistics
John Charlton   PhD Government
Luciano Cheles   MPH Art
Peter Cherry   BA Art History And Theory*
Kai Chew   BSc Electronic Engineering
Chen Chin   BSc Electronic Engineering
Grace Chong Wong BA Sociology
Chin Chou   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Clark   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Suzanne Clark   BA History
Valerie Clark   MA Sociology
Ian Cleverley   BA Economics And Government
Fiona Cogan   BSc Biological Sciences
Patrick Cogan   BA History And Government
Brian Colborne   MA Applied Linguistics
Bernadette Collins Muscat BA History
Linda Collins   BSc Computer Systems
Paul Collis   BA History
Paul Connan   BSc Biochemistry
Simon Connell   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Connelly   MA Applied Linguistics
Richard Contreras   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Austen Conway   BSc Electronic Engineering
Anna Coombes   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Ian Cooper   MA Applied Linguistics
George Coote   BA Sociology
Graham Copley   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Joanna Corbin   BA Literature
John Cordingley   PhD Biology
Stella Coundouri   BSc Biological Sciences
Moira Crawley   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Stephen Cross   BA Art History And Theory*
Simon Crump   BA History And Economics
Rosa Cunha   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Isabel Cunningham   BA Sociology
Nesrin Danisman   MA Economics
Catherine Danks   BA Literature
Victor Darley-Usmar   PhD Chemistry
Richard Davies   BA Government
Susan Davies   BA Literature
Simon Davison   BA History
Jillian Day   BA Philosophy
Eudenilson De Albuquerque   PhD Physics*
Fernando De Oliveira   PhD Physics*
Mark De Souza   BSc Biological Sciences
Ayhan Dervisch   PhD Physics*
Neville Devenish   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Hossain Diba   BSc Applied Physics
Theodoros Dimas   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Robin Dixon   MA Political Behaviour
Carla Dobry   BSc Biological Sciences
Theole Douglas-Sherwood Fenning BA Literature And Art
Stephen Downs   MA Applied Linguistics
Brian Doyle   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Lynn Driver   BA Literature
Ian Dumont   MA Sociology
Gary Dunn   BA Government And Sociology
Dean Eccleston   BSc Computing Science
Claire Edwards   BA Literature And Art
Roy Edwards   BA Economics
James Eke   BSc Applied Physics
Hassan El-Ghanem   PhD Physics*
Elaine Ellen   BA History
Richard Elliott   BA Literature
Jeremy Ellman   MSc Computer Studies
Lucy Ellmann   BA Literature And Art
Gloria Eng   MSc Biology
Adrian Evans   BSc Computing Science
Stella Fabu   BA French Lang With Government
Raymond Farrow   MA Economics
Jocelyn Ferguson   MA Literature - Drama
Bertha Fields   BA Philosophy And Government
Sandra Findley   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Judith Flacke Rugg BA Language And Linguistics
Claire Fleetham   BA Literature
Mary Fleifel   BSc Computing Science
Anthony Fletcher   MA Political Behaviour
Man Fong   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Terence Ford   BSc Biological Sciences
Antonio Fornazaro   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Stewart Forster   MSc Computer Studies
Fiona Foster   BA Sociology
Ronald Frost   MA US Government & Politics*
Thomas Gabbott   BA Economics And Government
Anthony Gallagher   MA Applied Linguistics
Norma Gallagher   BA Art History And Theory*
Gwyneth Gardener   BA Literature
Andrew Garner   BA History And Economics
Andrew Gilbert   BA Government And Sociology
David Gill   MA Applied Linguistics
James Gilpin   BA Sociology
Fadia Girgis   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Diana Gittins   PhD Sociology
Janice Godfrey   BA Literature
Phaik Goh   BSc Computing Science
Paul Goldreich   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Ya-Qian Gong   MSc Quantum Electronics
Jose Gonzalez   MA Linguistics - Theoretical Ling
Ian Goodchild   BA Literature
April Goodey   BA Literature And Art
Ian Goodger   BA Sociology
Susan Gosling   MA Economics
Gisela Gower   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Ann Grainger   BA Literature
Kevin Gray   BSc Computing Science
Judith Griffin   MA Applied Linguistics
Jeffrey Groom   BA Government
Lloyd Grooms   MA Social Service Planning
Diana Gruenke Wisbey BA Literature
Frederick Grumbley   BA Government And Sociology
Birgir Gudmundsson   BA History And Government
David Guile   MA Sociology
Andrew Hackett   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Brian Hamer   BSc Computer Systems
Susan Hamnett   BA History
David Hampson   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Brian Hanson   MA Art History And Theory*
Adrian Hare   MA Applied Linguistics
Alan Harman   BA Government
Mary Harper   BA Government And Sociology
Glen Hart   BSc Computing Science
Ian Hart   MA Sociology
Steven Hayward   BSc Biological Sciences
Roger Haywood   BSc Electronic Engineering
John Heathcote   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Edmund Heery   MA Sociology
Simon Henderson   BA Philosophy And Literature
Leng Heng   MA Economics
Fiona Hetherington Leeder BA Linguistics And Philosophy
Lindsay Higton   BA History
Mark Hilder   BSc Biological Sciences
Penelope Hill   BA History
Elaine Hobby   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Jill Hockley   BA Sociology
Jonathan Hodgkinson   MA Social History*
Gillian Holmes   BA Language And Linguistics
Raymond Horne   BA Government And Sociology
Christopher Horrell   BA Mathematics
Ian Howarth   BA Economics
Mary Hunt   MA Social History*
Mary Hunter   BA Language And Linguistics
Abdullah Husain   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Sabrina Hussein   BSc Biochemistry
Colin Ingram   MA Sociology
Ivan Ivanissevich   BA Philosophy And Art
Margaret Iversen   PhD Art
Nigel Jacobs   MSc Computer Studies
Ayad Jaffa   BSc Biochemistry
Elmore James   BA Mathematics
Paul Jap   BSc Electronic Engineering
Neil Jarman   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Sylvia Jarman Marshall BSc Computing Science
Pramukh Jayasekera   MSc Chemistry
Gillian Jenner   BA Literature
Sunil Jobanputra   BSc Computer Systems
Franklin Johnson   BA Economics
Lyndon Jones   MA Social Service Planning
Christine Jordan   BA Sociology
Evelyn Juers   PhD Literature
Percy Kadandara   BSc Biochemistry
Abdollah Karaee   MA Economics
Farida Kara-Terki   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Mohammad Kashanchi-Langroudi   BSc Electronic Engineering
Leslie Kay   BA Literature
Michael Keane   BA Mathematics
Peter Keene   BA Government
Susan Kellerman   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Kennedy   MA Applied Linguistics
Peter Kennedy   BA Literature
Bagher Keramati   MSc Numerical Analysis
David Key   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Mohammad-Hassan Khaleghi-Rod   MA Social Service Planning
Naseem Khan   BA Sociology
Mansour Khoshkhou   BSc Electronic Engineering
Dae Kim   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Gregory King   MA Economics
Vaughan Kitchin   MSc Quantum Electronics
James Knights   BA Sociology
Robert Knox   BSc Physics*
George Kontomaris   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Fazil Korkut   BA Economics And Government
Kathleen Kuusisto   MA Social History*
Chee Kwok   BSc Theoretical Physics*
Siew Lai   BSc Electronic Engineering
Joseph Lansana   MA Western European Politics
David Larkworthy   BA Economics
Chiu Lau   BSc Computer Engineering
Michael Lauerman   MA Social Service Planning
Lillian Lau-Wong   MA Applied Linguistics
Kung Law   BA Economics
Doreen Leach   MA Sociology
Richard Leclerc   MA Art History And Theory*
Harvey Leigh   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Hilary Lester   BA Sociology
Chi Leung   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Philip Levick   MA Sociology
Ann Lewsey   BA Literature
Chi Li   BSc Biochemistry
Julie Lilwall Caulcott BA French Language With Sociology
Richard Linford   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kwai Lo   BSc Biochemistry
Charles Longland   MA Applied Linguistics
Christine Lovett   BA Art History And Theory*
Chee Low   BSc Electronic Engineering
John Lowe   BSc Electronic Engineering
Phyllis Lowe   MA Applied Linguistics
Elizabeth Lucas   MA Art History And Theory*
Daphne Lynch-Shyllon   BA Language And Linguistics
Brenda Maber   BSc Computing Science
Charles Macgillivray   BSc Biological Sciences
David Maclean   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Rohana Mahmood   BA Government And Sociology
Hsin-Li Mao   MA Literature - American Poetry
Sylvester Maponga   BA Economics And Government
Richard Marston   BA History And Economics
Caroline Massey   BA French Lang With Government
Pauline Mawkes   BA Sociology
Ailsa Maxwell   MA Art History And Theory*
Arnie Mcconnell   BA Literature
Harriet Mcdonald   BA History
Elizabeth Mcgoldrick   MSc Physics*
Alan Mcgrath   BA Government
James Mckie   BSc Biochemistry
Gordon Mclaughlin   BA Literature And Art
Josephine Mclaughlin   BA Art History And Theory*
Hyacinth Mcmillan   BA Economics
Maureen Mcwilliams   BA Sociology
John Mead   BA History
Graham Meaghan   BA Sociology
Claudio Mendez   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Steven Mennell   BA Sociology
Christos Mikalonis   BA Literature
Carolyn Miller   BA Government And Sociology
George Miller   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Valentine Miranda   PhD Biology
Lesley Mitchell   BA History
Sultan Mohamed   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Mohammad Mohammadi   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Anabertha Monges   BA Literature
Jonathan Monkcom   BA Literature
Anargyros Monnas   MA Economics
Malcolm Moore   BSc Electronic Engineering
Barry Mortimer   BA History
Fiona Morton   BA Literature
Fiona Moss   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Munzer Muhammad   MA Literature - Drama
Linda Mullis   BA Sociology
Peter Murphy   BA Literature
Guner Mustafa   BA Economics
Shaoul Nejad   BA Government
Steven Nelmes   BSc Chemistry
Ali Nesvaderani   BSc Electronic Engineering
Brian New   BA History
Chai-Chung Ng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Po Ng   BSc Computing Science
Didar Noroozi-Iranzad   BSc Computing Science
Alfonso Nunez   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Judith O'Callaghan   MA Art History And Theory*
Brian O'Donnell   BA Economics
Paul Oglethorpe   BA Literature
Kong Ong   BSc Computing Science
Babikir Osman   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Masuri Othman   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Anthony Paddock   BA History
George Palamidas   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Deborah Parfitt   BA Language And Linguistics
Julian Parker   BA Literature
Hilary Parry   MA Applied Linguistics
Elvis Payne   BA Literature
Malcolm Payne   BA Economics
Arthur Pee   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Josephine Peers   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Bernard Persighetti   MA Applied Linguistics
Ilan Phillips   BA Sociology
Caroline Pirie   BA Literature And Art
Ian Pitfield   MA Economics
Kevin Powell   BA Government And Sociology
Anne Powers   BA Sociology
Roland Pratt   BSc Physics*
Florian Prazdny   PhD Computer Science
Nigel Price   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Sara Priestland   BA Language And Linguistics
Michael Prior   PhD Economics
Mohammed Rahat   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Rahaman Rahim   BSc Biochemistry
Azim Rahin   MA Sociology
Tanya Rahman   BA Government And Sociology
Purnima Rajapakse   BA Economics
Colin Rallings   PhD Government
Lalao Ramandimbilahatra   MA Applied Linguistics
Lova Ramsay   BA Government
Adil Rasim   BA Economics
Syed Rasul   BA Economics
Harriet Rees   BA Literature And Art
Jacqueline Reiter   MPH Literature
Nasser Rezaee-Famy-Tafreshy   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Patricia Richardson   BA French Language With Sociology
Robert Rider   MA Social History*
Francisco Rigau   MA Economics
Denesh Rikhi   BSc Computing Science
Douglas Ritchie   BSc Computer Systems
Pamela Rivers   BA Sociology
Simon Roberts   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
David Robertson   PhD Government
Cameron Ross   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Louise Rourke   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Karen Rowley   BA Literature
Elizabeth Rutherfoord   BA Sociology
Keith Sabine   BSc Computer Engineering
Samir Saleem   MA Economics
Constantin Sandulescu   PhD Literature
Sumiko Satsuta Imai MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Keng Saw   BSc Computer Systems
Mark Schulz   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Ross Schuurmans   MA Applied Linguistics
Ian Scott   MA Economics
Michael Scott   BA History And Economics
Leong Seah   BSc Computing Science
Omar Shah   BA Economics And Government
Jill Shankleman   PhD Sociology
Rajiv Sharma   BSc Biochemistry
Susan Sharp Boxall BA History And Sociology
Timothy Shreeve   MSc Biology
Newton Silva   MSc Computer Studies
Roy Sinclair   BA Literature
John Skudder   BA History
David Smart   BA History And Government
David Smith   MA Social Service Planning
James Smith   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Philip Smith   BA Literature
Elizabeth Smyth   MA Applied Linguistics
Narainduth Sookhoo   MA Western European Politics
Yoke Soon   BSc Computing Science
Paul Spencer   BA Economics
Susan Spencer   BA Economics
Sally Staddon   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Michelle Stanworth   MA Sociology
Andrew Steenson   BA Economics
Winifred Stenning   MA Sociology
Clive Stephen   BA Art History And Theory*
Catherine Stergiou   MA Western European Politics
Peter Sturch   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Gillian Sturgeon   BA French Language With Sociology
Denise Swift   BA Economics
Peter Szalapaj   MSc Computer Studies
Ahmad Tahan   PhD Biology
Ali-Akbar Tahvildar   MA Sociology
Justin Tan   BA Economics
Chee Tang   BSc Electronic Engineering
Donald Taylor   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Karen Taylor   BA Government
Paul Tedder   BA Sociology
Andrew Thomas   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Anne Timoney   BA Literature
Stephen Tindal   BA Economics
Graham Tobbell   BA Economics
Paul Tomlinson   BA Philosophy And Literature
Ozan Tonguz   BSc Electronic Engineering
Christine Towndrow   BSc Computing Science
John Troughton   BA Government
Peter Trueman   MSc Computer Studies
Persephone-Dorothea Tselentis   MA Literature - American Poetry
Chuen Tsui   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Jan Tulliver   BA Literature
John Turner   BA Government
Jitesh Vadhia   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Leonarda Van Den Goorbergh   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Andreas Varelias   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Brian Vaughan   BA Russian Studies
Celine Viel   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Mary Volume   MA Sociology
Kate Wabara   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Waddington Wachenuka   BA Government
Peter Wain   MA Applied Linguistics
Gazi Wais   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Ann Walker   BA Literature
Chibueze Walker   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Mavis Waters   PhD Sociology
Richard Watkins   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Nigel Watson   BA Economics
Terry Webb   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Andy Webber   BSc Biochemistry
Doreen Wells   BA Philosophy And Government
David White   PhD Physics*
Stuart Whitwell   PhD Literature
Michal Widajewski-Kleszcz   BA Mathematics
Jayne Wilde   BA History
Lynne Wilkins   BA Sociology
George Wilson   BA Sociology
Marie Wilson   BA Literature
Pamela Wolchover   MA Art History And Theory*
James Wong   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Timothy Worrall   MA Economics
Linda Worsley Gaule BA Philosophy
Luke Wu   BSc Biochemistry
Martyn Yates   MA Western European Politics
Hock Yeo   MSc Computer Studies
Nader Yoossefi   BSc Computing Science
Ayyaz Zaigham   BSc Chemistry
Ahmad Zayed   BSc Computing Science
Hoshyar Zebari   MA Sociology


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Seyed Abedi-Chamazkati   BA Mathematics
Mohd Ahmad   BSc Electronic Engineering
Nasser Akbareian   BA Economics
Adebisi Akerele   BA Sociology
Reuben Akpoljaro   BA Economics
Steven Alaka   BA Economics And Government
Joan Allan   MA Methods of Appl Soc Research
Daniel Allen   BA Sociology
Patria Allinson   BA Language And Linguistics
Amanda Allison   BA History
Khaled Al-Sheikh   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Mohammad Al-Subbagh   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Elizabeth Alway   BA History
John Anderson   BSc Electronic Engineering
Caroline Andrewartha   BA Literature
Chris Andrews   BA Philosophy
Ian Andrews   BA Literature
Anwer Ansari   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Ann Anthony   BA Economics
James Antill   BA Government
Themistocles Antoniou   BA Economics
Benjamin Arditi   MA Political Theory
Hamid Asefi   PhD Chemistry
Rosalyn Ashby   BA History And Government
Mary-Anne Ashley   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Ali Assar   MSc Quantum Electronics
John Atkinson   BSc Computer Engineering
Dayangku Baharudin Matarsat BA Economics
Faridah Bakar   BSc Biological Sciences
Keith Baker   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Janina Banat   BSc Biochemistry
Rachel Barnard   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Christopher Barrett   BA Art History And Theory*
Mary Barrett   MA Social Service Planning
Penelope Barrs   BA Literature And Art
Melbourne Barton   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Rodney Bastard   BA Literature
Michael Baxby   BA Economics
David Beaumont   BA Sociology
Robert Beel   BA Linguistics And Literature
Christopher Bennett   BA Sociology
Valdir Bento   BSc Physics*
Jhayraz Bhurtun   BA Economics
Michael Biggins   BA Philosophy
Leo Bild   BA Philosophy
Francis Black   MA Western European Politics
Clive Bloom   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Keith Blundy   BA Government
Cruz Bonilla   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jennifer Borley   BA Literature
Alison Bridgens   BA Sociology
Sarah Briggs   MPH Literature
Paul Brightwell   MA Literature - Drama
Frank Brouwer   BA History And Economics
Mary Browning   BA Art History And Theory*
Geoffrey Bruce   BA Government And Sociology
Kenneth Buchanan   BA History
Mark Butcher   BA Sociology
Charles Butler   MA Literature - Drama
Robert Cameron   BSc Electronic Engineering
Stephen Capon   BA Literature And Art
Mary Carter   BA History
Susanne Catron   BA Literature
Tomas Chamorro   BA Economics
Jean Chan   BA Policy-Making & Administration
John Chapman   BA Economics
Wei Chen   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Kum Chia   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Romi Choksi   BA Economics
Georgios Christidis   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Chew Chua   BSc Electronic Engineering
Robert Churchill   BA Sociology
Charles Clark   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Ian Clark   BA Government And Sociology
Jacqueline Clarke   BA Literature
Hendergbaist Colasante   BA Latin American Studies
Marc Collett   BA Literature
Mary Collins   MA Social Service Planning
Joan Companys   BA Government
Freda Bowden Constable   BA Art History And Theory*
Costas Constantinou   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Robert Cowell   PhD Theoretical Physics*
Beverley Cowsill   BA Literature
Cherry Crawshaw   BA Linguistics And Sociology
John Critchell   BA Economics
Christine Cunningham   MA Applied Linguistics
Veronic Dady   BA Literature
Maria-Alba Damasceno   MA Art History And Theory*
Robert D'Angelo   BA Sociology
Catherine Danks   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Loretta D'Arcy Fenocchi BA Government And Sociology
Teresa Davy   MA Social History*
Amanda De Winter   BA Language And Linguistics
Christopher Dean   BA Literature
Vlasios Demetri   BA Economics
Lesley Denny   BA History And Government
Bryan Dew   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Saeed Didehvar   BA Mathematics
Damini Diyaljee   BA Sociology
Amber Djemal   BA Literature
Veronica Doherty   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Bahman Dolatshahi   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Stevie Doswell   MA Literature - American Poetry
Iskander Doumani   BA Computer Systems
Mamadou Doumbia   MA Applied Linguistics
Leigh Drake   BA Economics
Kathryn Dryden   BA History And Literature
Michael Dryden   BA Economics
Rodney Dunn   PhD Biology
Andrew Durrant   BA Computer Systems
Adolphus Duru   BA Economics And Government
John Dwyer   PhD Mathematics
Adrienne Edwards   BA Literature
Neil Einarson   MPH Art
Francis Ellah   BA Economics And Government
Izak Ersonmez   BSc Electronic Engineering
John Evans   MSc Computer Studies
Keith Everard   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Reza Falahati   BA Mathematics
Farhad Faraji-Abkenar   MPH Chemistry
Tahnyet Faroqui   BA Literature
Clive Fearn   BA Government
Paul Fernyhough   BSc Biological Sciences
Michael Firth   BA History
Michael Flanagan   BA Economics
Michael Flynn   BA Language And Linguistics
Ambe Forteh   MA Applied Linguistics
Alexandros Fourikis   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Paul France   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Bertrand Franck   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Lynne Friedli   BA History And Literature
David Frisch   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Elizabeth Fullerton   BA Literature
Lap Fung   BSc Electronic Engineering
Stephen Gamble   BA Economics
Beng Gan   BA Computer Systems
Trevor Garnham   MPH Art
Constance Gaza   BA Economics
Kostantinos Gerassimidis   PhD Chemistry
Marwan Gharib   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Millie Githieya   BA French Lang With Government
Teck Goh   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Marti Gonzalez   BA Mathematics
John Gosling   BA Economics
Karen Grant   BA Literature
David Griffiths   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Michael Griffiths   BA Literature
Colin Grimwade   BA Computing Science
Jiri Grosman   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Paul Grout   PhD Economics
Gary Grunwald   BA Art History And Theory*
Sandra Grunwald Irving BSc Environmental Biology
Brian Guest   BA History
Rudi Guyan   BA Government
Anthony Hallett   MSc Computer Studies
Philip Hamblin   BA Government
Sheilagh Hannah   BA Economics And Government
Michael Hannay   BA Economics
Barbara Harness   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Rosemary Harper   BA Art History And Theory*
Adrian Harris   BA Philosophy And Literature
Philippa Harrison   BA Government
Michael Harwood   MA Literature - American Poetry
Anne Hemming Brightwell BA Literature
Kathlyn Henderson   MA Literature - American Poetry
Deirdre Hennelly   BA Government
Bernard Heppell   MA Applied Linguistics
Leslie Herman   MA Sociology
Nancy Hernandez   MA Applied Linguistics
David Herrington   BA Economics
Nigel Hewlett   PhD Language And Linguistics
Masahisa Hirano   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Annette Hogan   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Ian Holmes   BA Computer Systems
Andrew Hopton   BA History
Mohammad Horri   MSc Chemistry
June Hosken   BA Literature
John Hovell   MSc Telecommunication Systems
David Howard   BA Mathematics
Richard Howey   BA Government
Chia-Ping Huang   BA Economics
Barbara Hudson   PhD Sociology
Carolyn Hughan   BA Literature
Christopher Hugo   MA Art History And Theory*
Martin Humphries   BA Russian Studies
Patrick Humphries   MA Applied Linguistics
Alan Hussey   PhD Biology
Robert Hutchinson   MA Applied Linguistics
Ruth Hyams   BA Literature
Syed Islam   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Symon Islesbuck   BSc Electronic Engineering
Rachel Ivanoff Gray BA Literature
Bryan Jackson   BA History
Awangku Jaludin   BA Computing Science
Nicholas James   BA Latin American Studies
James Jenkinson   MA Social Service Planning
Jane Jennings   BA History
David Johnson   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Robert Johnson   PhD Language And Linguistics
Tami Johnston   BA Sociology
Hafsteinn Jonsson   BA Sociology
Bamrak Kanachanawat   BA Economics
Dickran Kassabian   BA Economics
Tracy Keating   BA Philosophy And Literature
Elizabeth Kelly   BA Literature
Adrian Kennedy   BA Economics
Yasmin Kennedy   BA Literature
Sarah Kent Lawson-Barnes MPH Literature
Heather Kibblewhite   BA Literature
Stephen Kinder   BSc Applied Physics
Quentin King   BA Sociology
Stephen King   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Ann Knight   BA History And Sociology
Thomas Koelble   MA Western European Politics
Teresa Kosnowska   BA Literature
Marios Koutsokoumnis   BA Economics
Barica Kranjc   MA Applied Linguistics
Bhikhu Kuntawala   BA Economics
Nazia Kureeman   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Gary Kyle   BA Computing Science
Ahmad Laleh   PhD Chemistry
Naomi Landau   BA Literature
Paul Lant   BSc Physics*
Savvas Laoutas   BA Government
Pik-Yu Lau   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Michael Leach   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Andrew Lee   BA Philosophy
Sidney Lee   MSc Biology
Soon Lee   MSc Computer Studies
Julian Leonard   MA Applied Linguistics
Khin Leong   MA Applied Linguistics
Elvet Lewis   MA Methods of Appl Soc Research
Kwan Li   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Thomas Liew   BA Sociology
Peter Lind   PhD Government
Antony Lishak   BA Sociology
Derek Lithgow   BA Sociology
Avo Livaskani   BA Mathematics
Gerald Lopez   BSc Physics*
Man-Kwong Ma   MA Social Service Planning
Shu Ma   BA Economics And Government
Gregor Macdonald   BA Government
Patricia Mackie Fahy BA Literature
Dianne Macmillan   MA Applied Linguistics
Deborah Madeley   BA Government
Janet Maher   PhD Sociology
Mohamed Mahmud   BSc Biochemistry
Hatim Mahram   MA Economics
Deborah Malcolm   MA Western European Politics
Colin Mallett   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Philip Marsh   MSc Gene Tech Micro-Organisms
Ian Marshall   MSc Computer Studies
Paul Martin   BA Government
Stephen Matthews   BA Philosophy And Government
Martin Maywood   BSc Biological Sciences
Andrew Mcanulty   BA Policy-Making & Administration
John Mccartney   BA Economics
Donagh Mclaughlin   BA French Lang With Government
Leona Mcmullan   BA Sociology
Juliet Michel   BA Language And Linguistics
John Mills   BA Art History And Theory*
Mohammad Mockdad   MPH Physics*
Deborah Monkhouse   BA Literature
John Moorby   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Fiona Morris   BA History And Government
Penelope Morrison   BA Art History And Theory*
Hazel Morrissey Gillham BA History
Robert Moul   PhD Physics*
Hassan Muftizade   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Caleb Mulenga   BA Computing Science
Philomena Munizer   MA Literature - Drama
Donata Mureddu   PhD Literature
Christine Murphy   BA Literature
Huda Naoum   MA Literature - American Poetry
Masoud Nayeri   BSc Electronic Engineering
Archibald Ndoro   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Gilda Neshvad   MSc Chemistry
Michelle Niang   MA Applied Linguistics
Valerie Nice   BA Philosophy
Efstathios Nicolaides   BA Sociology
Catherine Nobbs   BA Literature
Lesley Northey   BSc Biological Sciences
Kevin O'Brien   BA Literature
Adewale Oke   BSc Applied Physics
Kenneth Okonedo   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Dean Oliver   BA Literature
Edmond O'Regan   MA Literature - Drama
Selma Ortiz   MA Applied Linguistics
Moira O'Toole   BA History
Scarlett Palmer   BA Literature
Sydney Palmer   MA Literature - Drama
Christopher Parker   MA Social Service Planning
Steven Parnell   BA Government And Sociology
Davar Parvenbenam   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Kalpana Patel   BSc Biochemistry
Kanji Patel   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Rashmikanta Patel   BA Economics
Martin Pearce   BA Government And Sociology
Ann Peck   BA History
Karen Peploe   BA Art History And Theory*
James Philip   PhD Literature
Hugh Phillips   BA Government
Kevin Phillips   BA Language And Linguistics
Ak Phpatra   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Linda Phuah   BA Economics
Nicholas Pineger   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Robert Plackett   BSc Environmental Biology
Kam Poon   BA Computer Systems
Robert Postlethwaite   BSc Physics*
Roland Pratt   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Gregory Psaltakis   PhD Theoretical Physics*
John Puddifoot   MA Methods of Appl Soc Research
William Quick   BSc Biological Sciences
Susan Rainbird   BA Literature
Goinsamy Ramasawmy   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Jose Ramirez   BSc Electronic Engineering
Prakash Ramsurrun   BA Economics And Government
Leslie Randall   BA Sociology
Anil Ratti   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Hiran Ratwatte   BSc Biochemistry
Paul Rickard   BA Sociology
Malcolm Riley   BA Literature
Nicholas Riley   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Melvyn Robinson   BSc Electronic Engineering
William Robinson   MA Applied Linguistics
William Rockett   BA Economics
Horacio Rodriguez   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jorge Rodriguez   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Stephen Rolfe   MA Social Service Planning
Michael Rose   BA Latin American Studies
Claire Rowe Williams MA Social History*
Robert Roy   BA Literature
Christopher Rudd   MA Political Behaviour
Alison Runchman   MA Western European Politics
Alan Russell   BA Language And Linguistics
Laura Russell   BA Literature
John Ryan   BA History And Literature
Suzanne Saddekni   MA Applied Linguistics
Louisa Sadler   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Bernard Saint James   BSc Electronic Engineering
Azhari Saleh   PhD Chemistry
Narmin Saleh   BA Economics
Bahram Salek   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Md Saman   BA Computing Science
Kathleen Sannerson Gough BA Sociology
Anthony Saunders   BA Computing Science
Carol Saunders   MA Comparative History
Gary Saunders   BA Computing Science
Charles Searle   MA Social History*
Kalindi Seenath   BA Language And Linguistics
Mark Semple   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Stephen Serpell   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Andrew Sestakovs   BSc Biological Sciences
Luey Seyfettinoglu   BA Economics
Sahbudin Shaari   MSc Quantum Electronics
Ruth Shade   MA Literature - Drama
David Shaer   BA History And Economics
Shinderpal Shahi   BSc Electronic Engineering
Charles Shaw   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Philip Shaw   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
William Shaw   BA Literature
Abdullah Shawoosh   MSc Quantum Electronics
James Shepherd   PhD Mathematics
Candy Sheridan   BA Government And Sociology
Pei-Sheng Shi   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Vui Shiak   BA Economics
Steven Sim   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jorge Simoes   BA Computing Science
Johan Simons   MSc Gene Tech Micro-Organisms
Andrew Sinclair   BA History
Daljit Singh   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Helen Skatun   MPH Art
Anne Slack   BA History
Joseph Slevin   BA Sociology
Richard Smith   BA Latin American Studies
Chin Soh   BA Economics
Patricio Solar   BA Literature
Nancy South   MA Economics
William Stair   BA Sociology
Heather Stanton   MA Applied Linguistics
Andrew Stewardson   BA Computer Systems
Anthony Swain   BA History
Paul Talkington   BA History And Government
Patino Tamaronis   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Fuk Tang   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Nayereh Tavafi   BA Government
Adeboye Taylor   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jean Tchofor   MA Applied Linguistics
Paul Teece   MSc Computer Studies
Nigel Thackray   BA Literature
Charles Theeman   BA Mathematics
Hugo Thomas   BA Philosophy And Government
Yvonne Thomas   BA Literature And Art
Victoria Thorp   BA Literature
Anna Tietze   MA Art History And Theory*
Chance Toffel   BA Sociology
Francesco Torrens   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Hamid Touhouche   BSc Electronic Engineering
Deborah Tripley   BA Literature
Robert Turner   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Ruth Turner   BA Language And Linguistics
Simon Twohig   BA Government
Sandra Tye   BA Art History And Theory*
Christiana Udeh   BA Economics
Harsha Vachhani   BA Mathematics
Majid Vagheei   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Pagona Vareldzis   MA Literature - Drama
Jose Vega   MA Political Behaviour
Efren Velazquez   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Richard Victor   BA Economics And Government
Alnoor Visram   BA Computing Science
Julian Wall   BA Sociology
William Wang   BA Economics
Rowan Watkins   BA History
David Watson   BA Economics
Joanna Watters   BA Literature
Paul Weller   PhD Economics
Hilary Whicker   BA Linguistics
Bernard Whiten   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Nicholas Wilcox   BA Government
Peter Williams   BA Sociology
Margaret Wilson   MPH Literature
Sally Wilson   BA History And Literature
Raymond Winn   BA Economics
Svend Winther-Kristensen   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Rudolf Wong   BA Economics
Adrian Wood   BA Economics
Valerie Wood   BA Sociology
Mary Woodiwiss   BA Literature
Jane Woodward   BA History And Literature
Stephen Woolhouse   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Poh Yap   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Isam Yasin   BA Computing Science
Anthony Zacharis   BA Mathematics
Farhad Zarkesh   BA Economics
Ricardo Zipper   PhD Government


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Samya Abdel-Rahim   BA Philosophy
Mehryar Adibpour   BA Mathematics
Muhammad Akhter   MA Applied Linguistics
Nozha Al Taho   MSc Biology
Ahmad Al-Mashhadani   PhD Chemistry
Ahmed Al-Salmani   MSc Chemistry
Paul Anderson   BA History
Louise Andronicou Paleomylites BA Government And Sociology
John Angel   BA Literature
Stephen Apps   BA Sociology
Richard Arundell   BA Economics And Government
Jose Ayo   PhD Economics
Sunil Bahl   BSc Computing Science
Christine Bailey   BA Government
Joy Bailey Newton BSc Biological Sciences
Shila Bailey Sengupta BA Literature
Stephen Barbeary   BA Economics
Michael Barker   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Ian Barnes   BA Art History And Theory*
Francis Barry   BSc Computing Science
Mervyn Bartlett   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Martin Bath   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
David Benn   BSc Electronic Engineering
Peter Bennet   BSc Biochemistry
Blanca Bernal   MA Applied Linguistics
Federico Berrueto-Pruneda   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Jonathan Bignold   BSc Electronic Engineering
Paul Bisping   MA Economics
Paul Bitmead   BA Philosophy
John Bjornson   BSc Chemistry
Margaret Bottomley   PhD Chemistry
David Boulton   MA Applied Linguistics
Sarah Bowden   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Shaun Bowler   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Raymond Boyle   BA Philosophy And Government
Varoujan Bozorg   BSc Electronic Engineering
Peter Brazier   BA Language And Linguistics
Stuart Brenton   PhD Sociology
Andrew Briscoe   BA Philosophy And Literature
Helena Brogan   BA History
Angela Bruce   BA Sociology
Christopher Bulcock   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Susan Buswell   BA Literature
Charles Butters   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Patrick Byrne   BA Sociology
Fatina Calver   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Neil Camp   BA Literature
Adriana Canales   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Andrew Canning   BA Literature
Hazel Canter   MA Methods of Appl Soc Research
Francis Carr   MA US Government & Politics*
Thomas Carr   BA Economics
Simon Carrington   BSc Biochemistry
Andrew Carter   BA Literature
Paola Caselli   MA Economics
Kwai Chan   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Yi Chan   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Yin Chan   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Yuen Chan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Ravinder Chana   MSc Chemistry
Michael Chard   PhD Biology
Stephen Charles   BA Literature
Ping Chau   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Oi Cheung   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Anthony Chin   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Mubatsiri Chiota   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Narade Choomkamol   MSc Computer Studies
Anna Clark   MA Social History*
Charles Clark   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Louise Clarke   BA History
Diana Clee   BA Literature
Nicola Clingan   BA Literature
Adam Clow   BA Philosophy
Frances Coady   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Martin Coath   BSc Chemistry
Kevin Coleman   BA Government
Ashley Collins   BA Literature
Jonathan Confino   BA Government
Jayne Corcoran   MA Applied Linguistics
George Core   BA Government
David Coule   MSc Physics*
Robert Cox   BSc Environmental Biology
Alicia Cranfield   BA Art History And Theory*
Simon Crate   BA Economics And Government
Jose Craveirinha   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
John Cresswell   BA Sociology
Rachelle Crowson   BA Philosophy And Literature
Rodney Cuff   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Edward Cummings   BA Language And Linguistics
Gavin Cutler   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Terry Dale   MA Applied Linguistics
John Davies   MA Economics
Nicholas Davies   PhD Literature
Nigel Davis   MA Economics
Anthony Debell   BA Economics
David Dedman   BA Sociology
Adriana Del Paso   BA Latin American Studies
Anna Demetriadou   BA Economics
Balbir Dhaliwal   BSc Electronic Engineering
Leo D'Mello   BA Economics
Sandra D'Souza   BA French Language With Sociology
Martin Duckworth   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Patricia Duffy   BA Government
Louise Dunne   BA Sociology
Andrew Dymond   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Simon Eagles   BSc Computing Science
Joanna Ealand   BA Literature
Angela Efstratiou   BA Policy-Making & Administration
James Eke   MSc Quantum Electronics
Robert Ellison   MA Applied Linguistics
Muwaffag Elshaktori   BSc Electronic Engineering
Jesuthasan Emmanuel   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Fatima Ennaji   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Michael Ephgrave   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Anthony Evans   MA Political Behaviour
Serap Evrensel   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Alan Fair   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Judith Fairley   BA Language And Linguistics
Michael Fanders   BA History
Howard Farmer   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Jonathan Farnol   BA Economics And Government
Roger Field   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Alan Fielding   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Peter Finn   BA Government
David Fisher   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Andrew Flynn   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Raymond Foster   BA History And Economics
Moreen French   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Michael Friel   MA Applied Linguistics
Susan Fryer   BA Linguistics
Rimon Gabbay   BSc Mathematics and Computing
George Gabriel   MA Social Service Planning
Heather Gamble   BA Literature
Herve Ganem   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Nady Ghali   MSc Chemistry
Gillian Glen   BA French Lang With Government
Lynda Goodall   BA Literature
Colin Goody   BSc Electronic Engineering
Alan Gordon   BA Philosophy And Literature
Mark Gray   BA Government
Wendy Gray   BA Economics
Philip Grayston   BA Government
Pauline Greene   BA History And Government
Roger Gregory   BA History
Elizabeth Grout   BA Government
Nooshin Guitoo   MA Sociology
Jane Gurney   BA Economics
Ramiz Gursoy   BA Economics
Peter Hafseth   MA Applied Linguistics
John Hallett   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Frank Halsey   MSc Computer Studies
Walid Hamudi   MSc Quantum Electronics
Michael Hardey   BA Sociology
Claire Hardiman   BA Literature
Joan Hardman-Cobb Hardman BA Sociology
Colin Hardwick   BSc Environmental Biology
Simon Harper   BA Sociology
Vivian Harper   BA Economics
Antonia Hart Gray BA Linguistics
Assir Hassan   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Mei-Fat Hau   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Akbar Hawa   BSc Biochemistry
Julian Hayeck   BA Economics
Antony Haynes   BA Literature
Barbara Head   BA Art History And Theory*
David Hearnshaw   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Satyashila Heeralall   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Thomas Hewitt   BA Sociology
William Hill   BSc Biochemistry
Corinne Hills Shears BA Government And Sociology
Mark Hobson   BA Economics And Government
Linda Hoffman   MA Applied Linguistics
Alison Holden Smith BA Literature
Trevor Holloway   BSc Environmental Biology
Gillian Holmes   MA Native American Studies
Mario Houska   BSc Environmental Biology
Claire Howard   BA Sociology
Jennifer Hudson-Phillips   BA Economics
Frank Hughes   BA Literature
Nigel Hughes   BA Sociology
Simon Humby   BA Mathematics
Douglas Hunter   BA Economics
Mohd Husain   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kevin Hutchings   BSc Chemistry
Nicholas Ioannou   BA Economics And Government
Manoj Jain   BA Economics And Government
Judith James   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Caroline Jamieson   BA Sociology
Roger Johns   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Thomas Johnson   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Beverley Jones   BSc Biochemistry
Christopher Jones   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
David Jones   BA History And Government
Mary Kallfelz-Cox Kallfelz MA Political Behaviour
Nicola Karaceylan France BA History
Theofanis Katapodis   BA Sociology
Mohsen Kebryai   BSc Computing Science
Howard Keech   BA Economics
Andrew Keeling   BA Mathematics
Duncan Kent   BA History
Elizabeth Kettle   BA Art History And Theory*
Monica Khoo   BA History And Government
Juay Koh   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Ahmet Konrot   PhD Language And Linguistics
Arif Lafta   PhD Chemistry
Kwok Lai   BSc Electronic Engineering
Shoaib Lakhany   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Esmaeel Laleh   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Tak-Fai Lam   BA Mathematics
Chui Lau   BSc Computing Science
Chun Lau   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Wai Lau   BSc Electronic Engineering
Meliana Lauw   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Kaven Lee   BSc Computing Science
Robert Lee   BA Economics
Christopher Leigh   BA Government
Gillian Leighton   BA Sociology
Stephen Leliw   BA Government
Dennis Leonard   BA Economics
Simon Lethem   BSc Biochemistry
Chin Leung   BSc Computing Science
David Lewis   BA History And Government
Martin Ley   BSc Physics*
Danielle Limouzin   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Roger Livsey   BA Mathematics
Gaynor Long   BA Literature
Stephen Luckman   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Ravindranath Lungut   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Helen Macgilp Eardley BA Literature
Karen Mackie   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Catherine Maclachlan   BA Literature
Nelson Mancilla   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Stephen Mann   BA Literature
Brian Marley   BA Literature
Kevin Marlow   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Kathleen Martin   BA Government
Inderjit Marway   BA Mathematics
Efthimia Mavromihali   MA Art History And Theory*
Sandra Maxwell   PhD Literature
Philip Mayer   MA Methods of Appl Soc Research
Julie Mccourt   BA Literature
Lord Mcfarquhar   BA Philosophy
Elizabeth Mcgoldrick   PhD Physics*
Jane Mckinnel   BA Literature
Barbara Mcknight   PhD Biology
Richard Mclachlan   MSc Computer Studies
Gordon Mclaughlin   MA Art History And Theory*
Josephine Mclaughlin   MA Native American Studies
Roderick Mcmillan   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Theodor Memos   PhD Physics*
Niki Michaelidou   BA Economics
Sarah Mitchell   BA Sociology
Helen Moran   BA History And Literature
Daniel Morfett   BA Literature
Robert Mtandari   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
David Murphy   BSc Biological Sciences
Hisham Mustafa   BSc Electronic Engineering
Zahara Mustapha   BSc Electronic Engineering
Brian Mutandiro   BA Economics
Ireri Mutunga   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Mupanga Mwanakatwe   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Avtar Nagra   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Peyman Nasr   BA Mathematics
Maria Navarro   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Bali Nayyar   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Mohammed Nazzal   BSc Electronic Engineering
Jacqueline Neale   BA History
Jacqueline Newell   BA Literature
Terence Newell   BA Government
Cheung Ng   BSc Computing Science
Choon Ng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Catherine Nicoll Whitehead BA Literature
Alireza Nilforoushzadeh   BSc Electronic Engineering
A Nor   PhD Chemistry
Mustapha Nouas   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Edward Nsubuga   BSc Biochemistry
Elizabeth Nunn   BA Literature
Rosalind O'Brien   BA Sociology
John Onslow   BA History And Literature
George Orme   BA History
Michele Paris   BA Literature-English & European
Parool Patel   BSc Chemistry
Rajeshkumar Patel   BA Economics
Stephen Patterson   BA History
Alison Peat   BA Literature
Amanda Perkins   BA Literature
Michael Permaul   BA Sociology
James Peterson   PhD Chemistry
George Petree   BA Philosophy
Edwin Petros   BSc Computing Science
Hussein Piskobulu   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Mary Playford   BA History
Dinesh Prasher   BSc Mathematics and Computing
John Pratt   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Julia Price   BSc Biochemistry
Roger Price   BA Sociology
Martin Pudney   MA Literature - Drama
Kathleen Pugh   BA Literature
Allyson Purcell   BA Sociology
Sunil Puri   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Dorota Puzio   BA Literature
Janet Ray   BA Literature
Raymond Redstall   MSc Physics*
Soledad Reyes   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
David Richards   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Kay Richards   BA History And Sociology
Penelope Rickman   BA Sociology
Miles Ridley   BA Literature
Shahidah Ridwan   BSc Physics*
John Roberts   BSc Electronic Engineering
John Rotherham   BA Literature
Peter Rout   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Stephen Rowley   BA Philosophy
Linda Russell   BA Philosophy And Literature
Mehrdad Saffari   BA Mathematics
Mohammed Saleem   PhD Biological Chemistry
Lynne Salmon   BA History
Neil Salmon   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Saiadon Sarijan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Andrew Seddon   PhD Chemistry
Tracey Sellers   BA History
Jane Shackleton   BA Literature
Rajiv Sharma   MSc Chemistry
Susan Shaw   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Nicola Simpson   MA Sociology
Roy Sinclair   MA Literature - American Poetry
Harjinder Singh   BSc Computing Science
Barry Smith   BA Economics
Steven Smith   BA Economics
Jon Snorrason   MA Economics
David Snow   BA Government
Rusheeka Somadasa   BA Policy-Making & Administration
De Sotiriadou   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Nicolas Sparsis   BA Economics And Government
Olivia Spencer   BA Sociology
Julie Spicer   BA History
Russell Steadman   BA Government
Kevin Stone   BSc Computing Science
Judith Stoute   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Paul Street   BA Art History And Theory*
Margaret Strickland   MPH Literature
Anar Suleman   BSc Biochemistry
Lorraine Sullivan   BA Government
Kwok Szeto   BSc Computing Science
Sui Tam   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Anthony Tant   BA Government And Sociology
Raymond Tatane   BA Government
Christopher Taylor   BA Economics
Jill Taylor   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Paul Taylor   BSc Biochemistry
Stephen Taylor   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Ee Teo   BA Government And Sociology
Michael Thomas   BA Literature
Beverley Thompson   BA History And Government
Eric Thompson   BA Economics
Barbara Thornton   MA Applied Linguistics
Michael Thornton   MA Applied Linguistics
Tracey Tilley   BA Literature
Martin Timms   BA Art History And Theory*
David Tozer   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Helen Train   BA Art History And Theory*
Hon Tse   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Michael Tsin   BA History
Arnold Tucker   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Jonathan Tucker   MA US Government & Politics*
Thomas Turner   BA History
Rajan Upadhyaya   BSc Biochemistry
Luis Vasquez   BA Latin American Studies
Ginetta Vedrickas   BA Sociology
Caroline Vergo Given BA Art History And Theory*
Lisa Viner   BA Sociology
Maureen Wakefield Nice/Russell BA Literature
Philip Walker   BA Economics
Rachel Walker   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Rosalie Ward   BA Government And Sociology
Roger Waters   BA Mathematics
Colin Weaver   BSc Electronic Engineering
Barbara Webb   MA Applied Linguistics
Kenneth Wheatley   BSc Physics*
Althea Wilkinson   MA Methods of Appl Soc Research
Janet Wilkinson   BA Literature And Art
Trevor Williams   BA Economics
Carole Wilson   BA Sociology
Anna Winsloe   BA French Language With Sociology
Peter Winter   BA Economics
Lai Wong   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Pik Wong   BA Economics
Yeun Wong   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Yuet Wong   BA Mathematics
Stephen Worrall   BA Economics
Cleaver Wright   BSc Electronic Engineering
David Wright   BA Literature
Ah Yeo   BSc Computing Science
Maro Yiokari   MA Applied Linguistics


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Abdullah Abdul-Fatah   PhD Literature
Mohamed Aboker   BA Economics
Michalis Achilleos   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kammala Achu   BA Sociology
Azma Agzenay   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Md Ahmad   MA Sociology
Mustafa Ahmet   BSc Biochemistry
Alsharif Al Hussein   MA Development Economics
Simon Aldridge   BA History And Sociology
Ahmad Al-Najjar   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Nehizi Alpturk   MA Economics
Ian Andrews   MA Social Service Planning
Terry Andrews   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Farhat Arshad   BA Psycholinguistics
Jeffrey Ashbolt   BA Economics
Marian Ashworth   MA Social History*
Ali Assar   PhD Physics*
Souad Baameur   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Avtar Badhan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Gerard Bailey   BA Literature
Nigel Baker   BA History And Government
Janet Baldwin   BA Economics And Government
Josephine Banham   BA Language And Linguistics
Eduardo Barajas-Sandoval   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
David Barnett   BA Sociology
Pamela Baugh   MA Applied Linguistics
Abdullah Bedaida   MA Development Economics
Avtar Bhatoa   LLB Law
Annette Birchall   BA Government
Alice Bisherurwa Katiti Ndagiuimana MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Louise Blackman Tibbetts BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Catriona Blake   MA Social History*
William Blyth   MSc Telematics
Claire Boaden   BA Literature
Graham Bolton   BSc Computing Science
Cruz Bonilla   MPH Electrical Engineering Science
Andrew Booth   MSc Computer Studies
Steven Brabbs   BA Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
James Bradley   MA Literature - Drama
Indra Brady   MA Native American Studies
Lynne Brady   BA History
Mary Braunsdorf   MA Western European Politics
Philip Bridge   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Michael Brooks   PhD Computer Science
Adam Brown   BSc Physics*
Chantal Brown   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Keith Bryan   BSc Biological Sciences
Mary Bryce   MA Lit - Cross Cultural Studies
Zahid Bukhari   BSc Electronic Engineering
Patricia Burnell   MSc Chemistry
Renate Burr   BA History And Government
Alison Bye   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Richard Calton   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Vivienne Calver   LLB Law
Rosalind Cameron Berber BA Literature
Arax Carapiet   BA Literature
Alan Carling   PhD Government
Angus Carrick   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Richard Chainey   BA Literature
Kai Chan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Maxine Charnley   LLB Law
Kiran Chauhan   BSc Electronic Engineering
Kwok Cheng   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Man Cheung   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Sham Chiang   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Michael Chow   MSc Teletraffic Engineering
Paris Christofides   BA History And Government
Dai Chung   LLB Law
Ian Claydon   PhD Language And Linguistics
Ruther Cohen   MA Literature - Drama
Clare Collier   BA Government And Sociology
John Cooke   BA History And Economics
Clare Cooney   BA Literature
Marie-Therese Cooper   BA Literature
Timothy Cooper   BA Economics
Jacqueline Core   BA History
Hugh Corr   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Pavlos Costas   BA Government
Steven Crate   BA Sociology
Lauren Crayden   BA Government And Sociology
Penelope Crinson   BA Sociology
Franca Crucianelli   MA Economics
Anthony Curtis   BA Literature
Amer Daeri   BSc Electronic Engineering
Ann Dally   BA History And Literature
Chryssa Damianaki   MA Art History And Theory*
Naorayex Dastoor   PhD Economics
Leonore Davidoff   PhD Sociology
Myra Davis   MA Literature - Drama
Gerard Delaney   BA Philosophy And Government
Barry Dickinson   BSc Computing Science
Alison Dixon   BA Sociology
Miriam Donaghy   BA Philosophy And Literature
Mufeeq Doushaq   PhD Language And Linguistics
Leigh Drake   MA Economics
David Eckersley   BA Government
Gillian Eden   BA Literature
Olwen Edwards   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Efthymios Efthymiou   BA Economics And Government
Najia El Alami   MA Lit - Cross Cultural Studies
Abdelhak El Ghandor   MA Literature - Drama
Ricardo Elcock   BA History And Government
Judith Ellis   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Bella Enwiya   PhD Chemistry
Mohamed Erraia   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Richard Evered   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Sarah Exelby   BA Literature And Art
Mohamad Fadzil   BSc Electronic Engineering
Gary Fahy   MA Comparative History
Glenn Farrier   MA Applied Linguistics
Daniel Fass   MSc Computer St.(Cognitive Stud)
Joel Fatobi   MA Development Economics
Christopher Fawcett   PhD Art
Moslem Ferod   MA Sociology
Margaret Fisher   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Gerardo Flores-Rosas   MA Development Economics
Terence Ford   MSc Biology
Dennis Fowler   MA Applied Linguistics
Malcolm Franklin   MSc Telematics
Basil Garabet   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Philip Garlick   BA Economics
Edouard Gendron   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
David Giles   BA Sociology
Kay Gilmore   BA Literature
Edward Goodman   BA Linguistics
Martin Goodman   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Andrew Gordon   BSc Environmental Biology
Harold Gordon   PhD Physics*
Susan Goringe Dood BA Language And Linguistics
Geoffrey Gray   MA Sociology
Janet Grindrod   BA Mathematics
Jennifer Grist   BA Literature
Frederick Grumbley   MA Political Theory
Jiann-Jong Guo   MA Hist & Phil Of Soc & Pol Sci
John Haffenden   MA Social Service Planning
Sally Hagen   MA Art History And Theory*
Susan Haines   BA Mathematics
Nigel Hamblion   BA Mathematical Economics
Halima Hammoud   MA Applied Linguistics
Brendan Hanley   BSc Chemistry
Joyce Hargreaves   MA Social Service Planning
Stephen Harries   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Kevin Harris   BA Sociology
Nigel Harris   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Philip Harris   BA Literature
Catherine Harrison   BSc Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Hartman   BA Art History And Theory*
Charmayne Harty   BA Psycholinguistics
Alison Harvey   BA History
Vincent Harvey   BA Economics And Government
Parwiz Hawaii   PhD Theoretical Physics*
Fiona Heald   BA Sociology
Robert Henderson   BA Literature
William Hewitt   MA Applied Linguistics
Karen Hillison   BA Literature
Jill Hills   PhD Government
Kin-Kay Ho   LLB Law
David Hodgson   MSc Computer St.(Cognitive Stud)
Keith Holden   BA Economics
Susan Holly   MA Comparative History
John Holmes   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Pauline Holt   BA Literature
Ruth Hone   BA Mathematics
Richard Houghton   BA Economics
Denise Howard   BA Sociology
Glennys Howarth   BA Sociology
San Huang-Noran Huang MSc Computer Studies
Karen Hughes Beagle BA Sociology
David Hunt   BA History
Mohammad Hussain   PhD Biological Chemistry
Giovanna Hutcheon   BA Language And Linguistics
David Hyde   BA History
Zuhairi Ibrahim   BSc Physics*
Olufunso Ige   BA Language And Linguistics
Caroline Ilbrey   BA Art History And Theory*
Jessica Isaacs   BA Philosophy
Rashid Ismail   BA Mathematics
Randa Jaafar   LLB Law
Stuart Jackman   BSc Chemistry
Nicholas Jackson   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Minas Jacob   BA Philosophy And Government
Christine Jennett   BA Sociology
David Jeys   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Fiona Johnston   BA Literature
Mary Jolly   BA History
Rosalind Jones   LLB Law
Kathryn Just   BA Literature
Roy Kabwe   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Terrence Kaliski   BA History
Kinnari Kansara   BA Sociology
Mwenya Kapotwe   BA Economics
Nadia Kebir   MA Comparative History
Sharon Kelly   BA Mathematics
Alan Kendall   MA Social Service Planning
Ralph Kershaw   BA History
Fayruz Khader   PhD Biological Chemistry
Michael Kidd   MA Economics
Mark Knapp   BA Latin American Studies
Michael Knapp   BSc Biological Sciences
Kitty Ko   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Panagiotis Koutzoukos   MSc Computer Studies
George Kudzordzie   BA Economics
Paul Kunkler   MA Art History And Theory*
Evelyn Lam   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Yau Lam   BSc Computing Science
Robert Lane   BA History
Elias Lattos   MA Economics
Sai-Choi Lau   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Chi Law   MSc Computer Studies
Sidi Lawal   PhD Language And Linguistics
David Leatherbarrow   PhD Art
Boon Lee   BA Economics
Cho Lee   BSc Computing Science
Fook Lee   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Wai-Cheong Lee   LLB Law
Catherine Leonard   BA Sociology
Irene Leong   LLB Law
Wing Leung   MSc Telematics
Sai Li   BSc Electronic Engineering
Stuart Lilley   BA Philosophy
David Litchfield   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Robert Little   MA Social History*
Odette Livingstone-Smith   MA Art History And Theory*
Gerald Lopez   MSc Quantum Electronics
Andrea Low   BA History
Sze Lu   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
John Madin   MA Art History And Theory*
Hassan Mahboubi   BA Mathematics
Hamid Mahdavi   MA Economics
Dimitra Makrinioti   PhD Sociology
Chun Man   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Richard Marks   BA Philosophy
Gordon Marriott   MSc Computer Studies
Christopher Matson   BA Literature
Ian Maynard   BA Literature
Charles Mbire   BA Economics
Martin Mcauley   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Corriena Mcclean   BA Government And Sociology
John Mcdonagh   BA History
Fiona Mcguiness   BA Literature
Sheila Mckeen   BA Sociology
Patricia Mcmorrow   BSc Cell Biology
Stephen Mcshane   BA Philosophy And Literature
Morkos Meckled   PhD Literature
Gerlinde Meissner   BA Art History And Theory*
Miguel Mercado   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
David Merrells   MA Applied Linguistics
Julie Merwick   BA History
Misheck Mhonyera   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Paul Miles   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Beth Milleman   MA Political Theory
David Miller   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Stephen Minter   PhD Biology
Cheung Mo   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Farhad Modarress   BA Mathematics
Mohamed Mohamed   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Norani Mohamed   BSc Physics*
Mohammad Mohammad   PhD Language And Linguistics
Wai Mok   BSc Applied Physics
Maria Molfino-Cordero   MA Development Economics
Michael Moloney   BA Government And Sociology
Amalia Moore Chamorro MA Sociology
Christopher Moore   BA History
Sandra Moore   BA History
Susan Moore   BA Economics
Keith Morrill   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Seyed Mostafavi   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Hafiz Muhammad   MA Economics
Michael Mullaney   PhD History
Andrew Murphy   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Mary Murphy   BA Mathematics
Ram Murti   BA Mathematics
Wissam Nassar   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Rita Nath   BA Government And Sociology
Hilary Naylor   BSc Physics*
Ann-Marie Newton Barwell BA Mathematics
Chui Ng   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Efstathios Nicolaides   MA Sociology
Edith Obianagha   MA Development Economics
Thomas Obinyan   MPH Sociology
Maria Oghanian   BA Philosophy And Government
Marcilio Oliveros   PhD Theoretical Physics*
Alison O'Meally   BA Economics
Bijoke Onipede   BSc Chemistry
Nicholas Orengo   BA Literature
Heather Page   BA Psycholinguistics
Mark Paines   BSc Biochemistry
Paraskevi Papadopoulou   MSc Computer Studies
Eugenia Papathanassopoulou-Koutzo   LLM International Human Rights Law
Judith Passingham   BA Literature
Atul Patel   BSc Computing Science
Jayshree Patel   BSc Biochemistry
Mohan Patel   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Rajesh Patel   BSc Computing Science
Ioannis Patsios   MA Economics
Leonard Pedroza   MA US Government & Politics*
Andrew Perkins   MA Applied Linguistics
Catherine Phippard   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Ngee Phoa   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Stephanie Pointon   BA Sociology
Ian Pope   BA Economics
Irene Pourgouris   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Miranda Powles Howse BA Philosophy And Government
Peter Powley   BA Economics
Luigi Qazi   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
William Quinn   MA Applied Linguistics
Ricky Rand   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Martin Raskovsky   PhD Computer Science
Hiran Ratwatte   MSc Chemistry
Clifford Ray   BSc Biochemistry
Catherine Rea   BA Philosophy And Art
Wojciech Redzikowski   BA Government
Fiona Richards   BA Art History And Theory*
Caroline Ricketts   BA Government And Sociology
Gareth Roberts   BA Mathematics
Linda Robson   MSc Biology
Mary Roden   BA Sociology
Philip Roebuck   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Michael Rose   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Anna Rowe   BA Art History And Theory*
Simon Royster   BA Government
Saeid Safarfashandi   BSc Electronic Engineering
Lakhvinder Sagoo   MSc Computer Studies
Ghassan Saleh   BSc Electronic Engineering
Janet Sanderson   BA Language And Linguistics
Zahra Sapru   PhD Chemistry
Marieka Satow   BA Government And Sociology
Anthony Schwartz   BA History And Government
Philip Scott   BSc Computing Science
Carmel Searson   BSc Environmental Biology
Mark Semple   MSc Electrical Eng (Euro Joint Sc)
Elizabeth Senior   BA Literature
Jane Senior Libby BSc Biological Sciences
David Shaer   MSc Computer Studies
Said Shahtahmasebi   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Jacqueline Shannon   BA Psycholinguistics
Peter Shearman   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Roger Simmonds   BA Philosophy
Anita Sinclair   MA Applied Linguistics
Jagdish Singh   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Herve Six   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Mark Slade   BA History
Clara Slater   BA Literature
Mark Slatter   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Anthony Smith   BA Philosophy And Government
David Smith   MA Methods of Appl Soc Research
Graham Smith   MA Social History*
Jacqueline Smith   BA Language And Linguistics
Kevin Smith   BA Economics
Gregory Smith-Richards   LLB Law
Augusto Solis   MA Sociology
Peter Southeran   LLB Law
Nigel Spice   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Catherine Spillane   BA Literature
Alison Spowage   LLB Law
Karen Stafford   BA Economics And Government
Nigel Stamp   LLB Law
Kerry Standring   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Jennifer Stannard   MA Art History And Theory*
Andrew Stenhouse   BA Government
Cherrie Stevens Burling BA Sociology
James Stodder   MA Economics
Kenneth Sturge   BA Sociology
Raymond Suen   BA Mathematics
Nilesh Taank   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Shahram Taherzadeh   BSc Physics*
Salaheddin Tahir   PhD Biological Chemistry
Edita Tahiri   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Maria Taliotou   BA Economics
Kwok Tam   MPH Chemistry
Theresa Taylor   BA Art History And Theory*
Marcelino Tayob   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Thomas Telfer   MA Applied Linguistics
Rajesh Thakkar   BA Economics
George Theodorakis   MA Western European Politics
Sarah Timpson   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Robert Tofa   MA Western European Politics
Pedro Toledo   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Jonathan Topps   BA Economics
Reza Torabi-Forooshani   MA Development Economics
Douglas Tovell   BA Sociology
Cheryl Trundley   BA French Lang With Government
Andrew Turner   BA Economics
Susan Upton   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Gordon Vale   BA Literature
Laurence Vaughan   BA Government
Jane Vessey   BA Literature
Yilmaz Vural   BA Linguistics
Alexandria Walker   BSc Computing Science
Nicholas Warner   BA Sociology
Maxine Watson   BA Literature
Jacqueline Webb   BA Literature
Lynne Wedlock   BA History
Janet Weekes   BA Literature
Andrew Wells   BSc Chemistry
Nicholas Wetz   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Mary Whiten   MA Applied Linguistics
Joanna Whitworth   BA Psycholinguistics
Michael Whybray   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Carol Wilcox   BA Economics
Mark Wildsmith   BA French Lang With Government
John Wilkinson   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Geraldine Wilks   MA Applied Linguistics
Denis Williamson   MA Applied Linguistics
Ian Wilson   BA Language And Linguistics
Kevin Wilson   BSc Computing Science
Ian Wisloch   MA Applied Linguistics
Helen Wong   BA Economics
Yu Wong   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Fabian Worsfield   MA Literature - Drama
Duncan Wright   BA Philosophy And Literature
Perry Wright   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Siu Yan   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Shiu-Chuen Yang   LLB Law
Baruani Yassin   MSc Computer Studies
Mei-Tze Yeh   BA Economics
Ching Yeow   BSc Computing Science
Poon Yeung   BSc Electronic Engineering
Foong Yoong   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Siu Yung   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Abdul Abbas   MSc Computer Studies
Moira Abdel-Rahim   MA Lit - Cross Cultural Studies
Osman Akbay   BA Government And Sociology
Zarina Akhtar   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Abdul-Hassan Al-Hilfy   PhD Theoretical Physics*
Shamshad Ali   MA Business Economics
Michael Allen   BSc Biological Sciences
Joyce Allsop   BA Sociology
Wafa Al-Tai   PhD Biological Chemistry
Russell Amerasekera   BA Government
Dimitri Andreadakis   MA Western European Politics
Frederick Anvia   PhD Chemistry
Labib Arafeh   MSc Computer Studies
David Ardley   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Margaret Arkwright   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Kevin Armstrong   MA Applied Linguistics
Marie-Helene Arnauld   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Kuttava Ashok   LLM International Human Rights Law
Denise Ashworth   BA Mathematics
Keith Atkinson   BSc Electronic Engineering
Minerva Ayala   MA Business Economics
Ahmed Azaiz   MA Development Economics
Yasmin Bacchus   BSc Cell Biology
Robert Baker   BA Mathematics
Hayfa Bakoss   PhD Chemistry
Norman Baldwin   BSc Electronic Engineering
Patricia Bardill   MA Applied Linguistics
Graham Bardsley   BSc Computing Science
Roland Barnes   MA Social Service Planning
Simon Barnett   BA Economics
Terence Barrett   BA Mathematics
Manjit Basuita   BSc Computing Science
Alun Bayliss   BA History
Odete Beirao   BSc Biological Sciences
Neil Beresford   BA Government And Sociology
Robert Bevan   LLB Law
Davinder Bhamra   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Kullambettu Bhat   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Maria Bickar Bakaj MSc Biological Chemistry
Marian Biskupski   BA History And Sociology
Graham Blackburn   BA Philosophy And Art History
Shirley Boghossian   BA History
Sara Boulter   BA Philosophy
Smaine Bouzendada   MSc Computer Studies
Brian Brady   BA History
Ian Brockwell   BSc Biochemistry
Lawrence Bronk   MA US Government & Politics*
Hope Brown   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Jonathan Brown   BSc Electronic Engineering
Charles Broyden   PhD Computer Science
Ahmet Bulutoglu   BA Economics
Anthony Bunting   BSc Computing Science
Kevin Burrell   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Roger Butcher   BA Sociology
David Buxton   BA Philosophy And Art History
Sharon Bye   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Tracey Byford   BA Economics
Ignace Callewaert   MA Western European Politics
Alfred Carter   BSc Biochemistry
Nigel Castledine   BSc Biochemistry
Yi Chan   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Gary Chapman   MSc Mathematics
Mark Chapman   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Li Chen   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Wen Chiang   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Ian Chisholm   BSc Electronic Engineering
Narade Choomkamol   MPH Computer Science
Kin Chow   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
King Chu   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Shu Chung   BSc Chemistry
Lale Claeys   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Stuart Clark   LLB Law
Irvin Cohen   LLB Law
Nigel Cole   BSc Electronic Engineering
Bernard Colling   BSc Electronic Engineering
Kevin Conroy   BSc Biochemistry
Gregory Coombs   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jonathan Cooper   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Garry Corcoran   MSc Computer Studies
Julia Cornes   BA Art History And Theory*
Evangelia Courea   BA Economics
Michael Courtney   MA Applied Linguistics
Helen Cox   BA History And Literature
Andrew Cracknell   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Jose Craveirinha   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Margaret Cronin   BSc Biochemistry
Mir Dabirraji   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
David Dale   BA Economics
Anthony Daniels   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Maria Dascalopoulou   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Jean Davies   BA Literature
Andrew Dawson   BA Government And Sociology
Carmen De Sanchez   MPH History
Maria Debono   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Dawn De-Hayes Rice LLB Law
Anna Delapenha   BA Economics
John Denman   MSc Telematics
Neil Devlin   BA Literature
Parmjit Dhariwal   BA Government And Sociology
Daljit Dhillon   BA Economics
Paul Di Carlo   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Jean Dimitrakopoulos   MA Sociology
Anastasios Dimopoulos   MSc Telematics
Norman Dinwoodie   MA Literature - American Poetry
Martin Done   BA Economics
Graham Dorward   BA Economics
Martin Draper   MA Literature - Drama
Alistair Duncan   BA Economics
Ian Duncan   BA History
Karen Elliott   BSc Biological Sciences
Neil Elliott   BA Economics
Matthew Ellis   MSc Computer St.(Cognitive Stud)
Janet Eng   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Judith Evans   BA Literature
Mohamad Fadzil   MSc Telematics
James Falkowski   LLM International Human Rights Law
Chi Fan   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Aurino Filho   PhD Theoretical Physics*
Jonathan Fitch   BSc Biological Sciences
Wing Fok   BA Economics
James Forrest   MA Applied Linguistics
Modupe Fowora   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Michael Fox   MSc Computer St.(Cognitive Stud)
Mark Fry   BSc Physics*
Michael Fuller   BSc Electronic Engineering
Martin Gascoigne   BA Sociology
Paul Geurten   BA Economics
Jose Giampietri   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Caroline Gibbon   MA Economics
Suzanne Gikas Fenner BA Art History And Theory*
Gordon Gilchrist   BA Mathematics
Michael Glass   BA Economics
Henderson Griffith   BA Philosophy And Government
Jacqueline Griffiths   BSc Biological Sciences
Pierino Grimaldi   MSc Mathematics
Paul Gronke   MA Western European Politics
Anthony Grundy   BA Sociology
Richard Hale   BA Government
Julia Hanford   BA Literature
Elias Hanna   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
David Harding   BSc Cell Biology
Lisa Harding   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Joan Hargreaves   BA History
Allan Harris   BSc Environmental Biology
Robert Harris   BA Literature
Tjitske Hasper   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Jayne Hayes Wyer BA Sociology
Sara Hayes   BA Literature
Lesley Hayman   MA Applied Linguistics
Nicholas Healey   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Julian Heaton   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Andrew Herrington   BA Economics
Kevin Higgins   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Andrew Hobkirk   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Christopher Hodge   BA Philosophy And Literature
David Holland   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Michael Hopley   PhD Literature
Anthony Hopwood   BA Philosophy
Heather Horsfall   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Suzanne Horsnell   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Anna Houston   MA Applied Linguistics
Rene Hout   LLB Law
Terry Howard   BA Sociology
Vicki Howarth   BA Sociology
Eric Hubbard   BA Government
Anthony Hughes   MA Art History And Theory*
Alice Hutchinson   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Mahmood Ibrahim   MSc Computer Studies
Zuhairi Ibrahim   MSc Quantum Electronics
Michael Imms   MSc Chemistry
Duncan Jackson   MPH Biology
Ayad Jaffa   PhD Biological Chemistry
Helen Jeys   BA Economics And Government
Bashir Jivani   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Parwar Johal   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Stephen Johnston   LLM International Human Rights Law
Andrew Jones   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Gareth Jones   PhD Biological Chemistry
Stephen Jones   BA Literature
Ivar Jonsson   MA Hist & Phil Of Soc & Pol Sci
Pramod Junankar   PhD Economics
Fairouz Kamareddine   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Xiao Ke   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Regina Kerr   BSc Biochemistry
Robert Kirkby   MSc Telematics
Shirley Knott   BA Philosophy And Literature
Sally Knowles   BA Economics
Jerzy Kolankiewicz   PhD Sociology
Demosthenes Kontos   PhD Theoretical Physics*
Harmit Kuner   BA Economics
Chi Kung   MSc Telematics
Alick Kwok   BA Economics
Carl La Vespa   BA Economics
Charles Lamb   MA Literature - Drama
James Law   BA Latin American Studies
Anthony Lawson   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Vivienne Leandro   BA Art History And Theory*
Michael Leavey   BA Economics
Rallou Lessios   MA Applied Linguistics
Tai Leung   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Caroline Leverton   BA Art History And Theory*
Barbara Levy   LLB Law
Chin-Thian Lim   BSc Electronic Engineering
Poh Lim   BSc Computing Science
Avo Livaskani   MSc Mathematics
Peter Lord   BSc Electronic Engineering
David Lott   MA Applied Linguistics
Judith Lown   PhD Sociology
Georgina Ludlam   BA Government
Chi Luk   BSc Computing Science
Maria Lunati   MA Economics
Alison Lyon Garner BA Literature
Glen Mabey   BA Sociology
Catherine Maclachlan   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Clyde Macveigh   BSc Electronic Engineering
Diana Makinson Gorton PhD Biology
John Malley   BA Government
John Mallinson   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Epaminondas Mamalis   MSc Computer Studies
Jacques Maniacara   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Philip Marklove   MSc Computer Studies
Brian Marley   MA Literature - American Poetry
John Marriott   BA Economics
Mary Marshall   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Olayinka Masha   LLB Law
Nicola Mason   BA Art History And Theory*
Albert Matongo   MA Comparative History
Hasmah Matsarudin   BA Economics
Susan Maynard Twomey BA Literature
Julia Mayo   BA Literature
David Mcclellan   MSc Computer Studies
David Mcgoogan   BA Mathematics
James Mckie   MSc Chemistry
Gillian Mcknight   BA Philosophy And Art History
Brendan Mcmahon   MA Economics
Hilary Mehew   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Gustavo Mejia   PhD Literature
Concepcion Menasche   BSc Chemistry
Geetha Menon   LLB Law
Siham Mhyaldin   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Luisa Miletto   BA Literature
Candia Milton   BA Art History And Theory*
Tanveer Mir   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Norani Mohamed   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Masood Mohammed   BA Philosophy And Government
Paul Monaghan   MA Sociology
Zainab Moola   BSc Biochemistry
Peter Moores   MSc Telematics
Stanley Moreno   PhD Sociology
Ann Mortimer   BA Sociology
Roland Mosse   BSc Biochemistry
Neil Mowbray   BA Mathematics
Trevor Mowle   BSc Electronic Engineering
Fiona Murphy   BA History And Government
Martin Murray   BA Literature
Ghulam Murtaza   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Mary Mustoe   BA Literature
Seong Na   MPH Economics
Iffat Nadvi   PhD Biological Chemistry
Debra Nash   BA Literature
Mohammed Nawaz   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Javad Nazemi   PhD Electrical Engineering Science
Gilda Neshvad   PhD Chemistry
Philip Newby   MA Comparative History
Chi Ng   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Simon Nichols   MSc Computer Studies
Gordon Nicol   MA Applied Linguistics
Paris Nicolaou   BA Mathematics
Joseph Nkounkou   MA Applied Linguistics
Joanna Norman   BSc Biochemistry
Khalid Nowman   BA Mathematical Economics
Nazmeen Nuq   MA Applied Linguistics
Nadim Obeid   MSc Computer Studies
Victor Okai-Koi   BA Government
Ali-Akbar-Farhad Okhovatian   BA Mathematics
Sarah Ollett   BA Literature
Afolake Onafowokan   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Alison Onley   BSc Biochemistry
Jairo Onoro   BSc Computing Science
Brian O'Sullivan   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Dayang Othman   BSc Computing Science
Raffaele Paci   MPH Economics
Nicola Palmer   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Lawrence Paratz   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Dale Parker   BA Economics
Vincent Parker   MA Art History And Theory*
Kailesh Patel   BSc Computing Science
Minesh Patel   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Paresh Patel   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Mohammed Pazeer   BSc Physics*
Anthony Peaty   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Angela Pegg   BA Philosophy
Steven Penny   BA Mathematics
Steven Perfect   BA Literature
Anjum Pervez   MSc Electrical Engineering Science
Mark Peston   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
James Pomeroy   BA History And Government
Lindsey Poole   BA Sociology
Ritchie Poon   MSc Computer Studies
Helen Potts   LLB Law
Andrew Prangnell   BA History
Susan Pratt   BSc Biological Sciences
Jacqueline Prestidge   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Michael Prinsloo   MA Political Theory
Amarjit Purewal   BSc Biochemistry
Minh Quan   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Alan Quigley   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Katrina Rack Whittaker BSc Cell Biology
Simon Rack   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Timothy Rackett   BA Sociology
Khurram Raghid   PhD Biological Chemistry
Gillian Ray   BA Mathematics
Martyn Reid   MA Social Service Planning
Esmeralda Rendon   MA Applied Linguistics
Helen Rennie Ready BA Literature
Michael Rennie   MA Western European Politics
Dennis Rensch   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Mark Richards   BSc Electronic Engineering
James Roberts   MSc Biology
Iain Robertson   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Janice Robinson   BA Sociology
Paul Robson   BSc Computing Science
Mirfakhradin Rokhsari   BSc Computing Science
Henrietta Rose   BA Literature And Art History
Robin Rowley   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Linda Russell   MA Continental Philosophy
Victor Rust   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Mark Rutherford   BSc Biochemistry
Louisa Sadler   PhD Language And Linguistics
Athanasios Sagos   MA Development Economics
Samir Saleem   PhD Economics
Mohamad Salman   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Mehdi Samad-Yazdchi   MSc Computing Science
Suleiman Sani   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Emmanuel Sarbah   MA Western European Politics
Patience Sarpong   BSc Biochemistry
David Sawkins   BA History
Rosemary Scott   MA Applied Linguistics
Charles Searle   PhD Sociology
Naila Sennik   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Grahame Seymour   MPH Chemistry
Sejal Shah   BA Mathematics
Akhil Sharma   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Christopher Shaw   MA Applied Linguistics
Gary Shaw   BA Economics And Government
Abdullah Shawoosh   PhD Physics*
Roberta Sheps   LLB Law
Ekaterini Shiakka   BA Economics
Peter Shola   MSc Computer Studies
Christine Silkstone   BA Russian Studies
Michael Simpson   MSc Telematics
Alan Sinclair   BA Sociology
Ranjit Singh   BSc Computing Science
Bahadar Singhera   BSc Applied Physics
Deborah Sloman   BA Literature
Claire Smith   BSc Electronic Engineering
Craig Smith   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Gregory Smith   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Jonathan Smith   BA History
Neville Smith   BSc Computing Science
Paul Smith   BA Literature And Art History
Sean Smith   BSc Biochemistry
Wang So   BA Economics
Farida Soeharto   BA Mathematics
Sanjay Soni   MA Economics
Mohummad Soormally   BA Economics
Silvia Soto-Galicia   MA Political Economy
Gary Spiers   BSc Physics*
Moira Steele   BA Art History And Theory*
Esther Stern   MA Political Behaviour
Mandy Stevenson   BA Literature
Wendy Stewardson Baigent BA Literature
Keith Stowell   BA Mathematics
Lorna Strutt   BA Literature And Art History
Anthony Sullivan   BSc Computing Science
Rebecca Surender   BA Sociology
Peter Swinton   BA Literature
Hossain Tabatabai   BSc Computing Science
Alfredo Taborga   MPH Government
Phoebe Tait   MA Art History And Theory*
Kar-Lai Tam   BSc Computing Science
Ulrica Tam Lee BSc Computing Science
Dean Taylor   BA Sociology
George Taylor   BA Sociology
Karen Taylor   BSc Biochemistry
Joseph Teck   MSc Computer Studies
Vanessa Tenn   BA Sociology
Reeta Thakar   BSc Computing Science
David Theobalds   BA Economics
Heather Thomas   BA Language And Linguistics
Nicholas Thomas   BA History And Economics
Nicolas Thompson   BA Linguistics And Philosophy
William Thompson   MA Social History*
Alan Thorne   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
John Tinsley   BA Government And Sociology
Andrew Toal   BSc Computing Science
Adela Tompsett   MA Literature - Drama
Paschalia Trayiannoudi   PhD Literature
Russell Trigg   MA Art History And Theory*
Ping Tsang   MSc Computer Studies
Wing Tsui   LLB Law
Peter Turner   MSc Teletraffic Engineering
Friday Udoh   MSc Computer Studies
Carlos Vassallo   BA Economics
Damian Vaughan   BA Literature
Daniel Verdin   BSc Physics*
Reshma Vpadhyaya   BA Latin American Studies
David Vroege   BSc Biological Sciences
Sylvia Walby   PhD Sociology
Mark Walker   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Elizabeth Walklin   BA Literature
Peter Wane   BA Economics
Yichao Wang   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Stephen Weatherburn   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Roderick Webb   MA Applied Linguistics
Andy Webber   PhD Biology
Richard Wei   BA Economics And Government
Stuart Wells   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Treena West Matson BSc Mathematics and Computing
Christopher Wharton   BA History And Government
John Whitehead   MA Applied Linguistics
Paul Whiteley   PhD Government
John Wightman   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Meir Wigoder   MA Art History And Theory*
Anton Wild   BA Philosophy
Ben Wilfred   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Christina Wilks   MA Applied Linguistics
Frances Williams   BA Mathematics
Sian Williams   BA Literature
Anthony Willis   BA Economics And Government
Anne Wiseman   MA Applied Linguistics
Lai Wong   MA Business Economics
Tat Wong   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Linda Woodrow   MA Applied Linguistics
Christine Wright   LLB Law
Siu Yan   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Chong Yiu   BA Economics
Susan Young Smith BA History
Siu Yung   MSc Telematics
Ruzlan Zabidi   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Anna Zavou   BA Mathematical Economics
Rajai Zeidan   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Suhad Abboushi   MA Applied Linguistics
Olubunmi Adenegan   BA Economics
Karim Ahlehagh   BSc Electronic Engineering
Maninder Ahluwalia   BA History And Government
Seema Ahya   BA Literature
Onotoghene Akpobasa   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Souad Al-Azzawi   PhD Chemistry
Bature Ali   MA Sociology of Development
Bushra Al-Khudhair   MSc Biology (By Dissertation)
Hadj Allaoua   MA Economics
Zoubida Allaoua   MA Economics
Mohamed Al-Taha   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Amina Al-Timari   PhD Biological Chemistry
Giovanni Anania   MA Social Science Data Analysis
Giorgos Anastasiadis   MPH Economics
John Anderson   MSc Telematics
Stuart Andrews   LLB Law
Eng Ang   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Sarah Angill   BA Literature
Ian Anthony   BSc Electronic Engineering
Matthew Arcus   MSc Computer Studies
Matthew Arnoldi   BA History And Literature
David Atchison   BA Art History And Theory*
David Atkinson   MA Applied Linguistics
David Auerbach   BA German Lang With Government
Noor Awal   LLB Law
Nader Azarmi   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Fatima Azeri   MA Lit - Cross Cultural Studies
Marcus Babaoye   LLM International Human Rights Law
Josephine Banham   MA Literature - Drama
Michael Barber   BA Mathematics
Hugh Barry   LLM International Human Rights Law
William Barry   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Colin Bates   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Ian Bathgate   MA Art History And Theory*
Sally Bayliss   BA Art History And Theory*
Gary Bean   BA Mathematics
Anthony Beaumont   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Lynne Bevan   BA Linguistics
Michael Biggins   MA Philosophy And The Humanities
Corinna Bingham   BSc Biochemistry
Grzegorz Bogochwalski   BSc Computing Science
Vuyiswa Bonga   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Lamine Boudouha   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Andrew Bourne   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Margaret Bower   BA Philosophy And History
Geoffrey Bromley   MA Social Service Planning
Sandra Brooke   BSc Biological Sciences
Edward Brown   BSc Biochemistry
Graeme Brown   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Brian Brownlee   MA Applied Linguistics
Marlene Bunni   PhD Biological Chemistry
Jeremy Burden   BA Government
Renate Burr   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Christopher Buttrick   BSc Electronic Engineering
Luis Camargo-Suan   MSc Computer Studies
Andrew Campbell   MSc Telematics
Peter Campbell   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Olga Cardenas   MA Hist & Phil Of Soc & Pol Sci
Michele Carlisle   BA Government
Richard Carney   BA Government
Carmen Carrera   PhD Economics
Stuart Carson   BSc Biochemistry
Yiu Cham   LLB Law
Kwok Chan   MSc Telematics
Hong Cheah   BA Economics
Sik Cheng   BSc Computing Science
Kwok Chiu   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Sing Chong   BSc Computing Science
Anthony Chow   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Siu Chow   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Chun Chu   BSc Electronic Engineering
Alan Clarance   BA Economics
John Clare   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Shelagh Clarke   BA History And Government
Geoffrey Claughton   BA Literature
Penny Clements   BA Literature
Mark Conaty   BA Economics
Michael Connelly   PhD Language And Linguistics
Ian Connor   BSc Applied Physics
James Copping   BA History
Laura Corballis   MA Social History*
Joan Corlett   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
David Coule   PhD Physics*
Timothy Coupe   BA History
Christine Cox   BSc Biochemistry
Simon Critchley   BA Philosophy
Nicholas Croydon   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Debra Cudworth   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Stefan Czerniawski   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Peter Dabbs   BA Philosophy
Sudabeh Daghaghi   MA Lit - Theo & Pract Of Lit Tran
Sally Dalzell   MA Applied Linguistics
Martin Daniel   BA Economics
Caroline Dann   BA Language And Linguistics
Anne De Roeck   MSc Computer St.(Cognitive Stud)
Taraneh Dean Assadullahi BSc Biochemistry
Husniye Demircioglu   MSc Bio Chemistry By Dissertation
Christina Dempster   BA Literature
Reema Desor   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Panicos Diacos   BA Economics
Jane Dixon   LLB Law
Mitra Djavaheri   BA Language And Linguistics
Sholeh Dobbin Namiranian BSc Biochemistry
Alan Dowell   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Christine Durber Thomas BA Language And Linguistics
Kenneth Eaton   MA Western European Politics
Veronica Eddy   BA Government
Ian Edgar   MA Applied Linguistics
Charles Eggleton   BA Literature
Yousif El Hag   MA Lit - Cross Cultural Studies
Jesuthasan Emmanuel   MA Political Economy
Hannif Esmail   BSc Applied Physics
Tayib Etti   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Jacqueline Farrar   BSc Chemistry
Carole Fawcet Mears BA Mathematics
Nicholas Fawcet   BSc Theoretical Physics*
John Field   MPH Economics
Susan Fish   BSc Chemistry
Gulia Flux   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Yu Fong   BSc Computing Science
Margaret Foong   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Stephen Forrester   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Marlene Forsythe   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Sonya Francis   BA Language And Linguistics
Jonathan Friedler   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Hock Gan   BA Economics
Kathryn Garbett   LLB Law
Paolo Garella   MPH Economics
Georgia Georganta   MSc Molecular Biochemistry
Rita Giacaman   MPH Sociology
Gladys Giraldo   BA Latin American Studies
Duncan Glyde   BA Economics
Deborah Goddard   BA Sociology
Cherry Good   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Sheila Grandison   MA Art History And Theory*
Alison Grasselli Cooksey BA Language And Linguistics
Huw Gray   PhD Biology
Paul Greenhill   BA Language And Linguistics
Justin Griffiths-Williams   BA Government
Neil Gulati   BSc Computing Science
Charith Gunawardena   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Adelana Haastrup   MA Political Economy
Caroline Haines   BA Sociology
David Hallowes   MA Literature - Drama
Paul Hammond   BA History
Walid Hamudi   PhD Physics*
Masputeriah Hamzah   BA Language Studies - English
Robert Handford   BA Economics
Neil Harvey   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Haslan Hassan   MSc Physics*
David Haszeldine   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Siam Heng   MSc Computer Studies
Christopher Heptinstall   MSc Computer Studies
Peter Hickinson   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Andrew Hicks   BSc Electronic Engineering
Mark Hinman   BA Mathematics and Politics
Sai Ho   LLB Law
Brian Hoare   BA Philosophy
Peter Hogg   BA Economics
Charles Holt   MA US Government & Politics*
Moheiddin Homeidi   MA Linguistics And Phonetics
Paul Houselander   BSc Electronic Engineering
Ian Howarth   MA Art History And Theory*
Stephen Howell   BSc Physics*
Martin Howey   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Jill Humphrey   BA Philosophy
Sallina Hussain   BA Language Studies - English
Charles Ingham   MPH Literature
Diane Ingram   BA Literature
Paul Ingram   BA Economics
Georgios Iordanou   BA Economics
Clement Iton   LLM International Human Rights Law
Adam James   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Pramukh Jayasekera   PhD Chemistry
Meralyn Jennings   BA Philosophy
Simon Johnston   BSc Biochemistry
Cerian Jones   BA Sociology
Rachael Jones   LLB Law
Trace Jordan   BSc Applied Physics
Louise Joyce   BSc Physics*
Leonor Juarez-Almendros   BA Linguistics
Philip Kan   BSc Chemistry
Anastassios Kantzavelos   MSc Mathematics (By Dissertation)
Ngoloma Katsuva   MA Applied Linguistics
Carol Keddie   BA Art History And Theory*
Brian Keenan   MA Applied Linguistics
Renata Kelly   MA Applied Linguistics
Sarah Kelly   BA Literature
Dympna Kenny   MSc Telematics
Nigel Kettley   BA Sociology
Catherine Keynes   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Robin Khan   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Judith Kimble   PhD Sociology
Jeremy King   BA Economics
George Kloussiadis   BSc Electronic Engineering
Anastasios Kontogiorgos   MSc Computer Studies
Steven Kraft   MA Soviet Government & Politics
David Kuo   LLB Law
Kam Kwong   MSc Computer Studies
Fat Lam   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Bradley Lander   LLB Law
John Landers   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Ruthy Laniado   PhD Government
Julia Lawrence   BA Russian Studies
Peter Lawson   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Gilbert Lee   BA Art History And Theory*
Soon Lee   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Wai Lee   LLB Law
Heong-Man Lei   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Patricia Lennon   BA Russian Studies
Paul Leonard   BSc Biochemistry
Koon Leong   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Audrey Lewis   BA Mathematics
Sai Li   MSc Electronic Systems Eng (Diss)
Mark Lihou   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Michele Lindsey   BA Art History And Theory*
Paul Linford   BSc Electronic Engineering
Jacqueline Linsley   BA History And Literature
Chi Liu   BA Economics
Hsiao-Tien Liu   MA Applied Linguistics
Martin Livesey   MA Applied Linguistics
Karen Lofthouse   BA Linguistics & Lang Pathology
Maria Louro   MA Literature - Drama
Piers Lowson   BSc Chemistry
Peter Lukes   BSc Chemistry
Kan Lum   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Mark Lum   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Sean Lynch   BA Literature
Annette Macey   BSc Biological Sciences
Iain Macfarlane   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Alison Macleod   BA Language And Linguistics
Thora Magnusdottir   MA Sociology
Nadarajah Mahendrarajah   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Paul Maher   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Haytham Mahfoud   MA Literature - American Poetry
Hj Mail   BA Economics
Dorothy Makaza   BA Economics And Government
Marliza Mansor   BA Language Studies - English
Dimitrios Maroulis   PhD Economics
Katherine Mckee   MA Art History And Theory*
William Mcneill   MA Continental Philosophy
Donald Mcternan   BA Government And Sociology
Daphne Metcalf   BA Sociology
Clare Midgley   MA Social History*
Michael Mills   BA Government
Alexander Molle   MA Social History*
Daniel Morfett   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Marie Morley   BA Literature
Christopher Morris   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Stephen Morse   BSc Cell Biology
Elizabeth Moss   BA Economics
Sima Motamen   PhD Economics
Munzer Muhammad   PhD Literature
Helen Mulholland   BA Latin American Studies
Stephen Mungin   BSc Chemistry
Edith Munoz   MA Ideology & Discourse Analysis
Simon Munton   BA Government
Carl Musson   BSc Computing Science
Mohamed Naimi   MA Lit - Cross Cultural Studies
Shing Ngai   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Christakis Nikolaou   LLM International Human Rights Law
John Niland   BA Government
Andrew Nocon   MA Social Service Planning
Mark Norman   LLB Law
Luis Novoa   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Stephen Nyeki   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Michael O'Donovan   LLM International Human Rights Law
Patrick Okeke   MA Political Economy
Christine Oliver   MA Social History*
Sean O'Malley   BSc Biological Sciences
William O'Neill   BSc Applied Physics
Ayoola Osinowo   MA Literature - American Poetry
Charles Padgham   BSc Biochemistry
Linda Pajo   BA Philosophy And Literature
George Palamidas   PhD Theoretical Physics*
George Panayiotou   BA Economics
Bryan Parkinson   BA History
Malcolm Parr   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Hitesh Patel   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Shaun Paterson   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Robert Paton   BA Economics
Julie Pearce   BA Government And Sociology
Outi Peck   BA Government And Sociology
Dimitrios Peros   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Joanne Perry   BA Literature
Edwin Petros   MSc Computer Studies
Alasdair Pettinger   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Canh Phan   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Photius Photopoulos   MA Economics
Michael Piggott   BA Mathematics
James Pigott   LLB Law
Mehmet Postacioglu   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Neil Potter   BSc Computing Science
Miranda Powles   MA Political Theory
Helga Preese   MA Applied Linguistics
Dorianne Preston-Lowe   MA Art History And Theory*
Charlotte Primrose   BA Russian Studies
Helen Pullin   BA Literature
Ibrahim Rahman   BSc Biochemistry
Sanjeev Ram   BSc Electronic Engineering
Rashda Rana   BA Philosophy
Lance Randall   BA Mathematics
Stephen Randall   MSc Telematics
Merlyn Rassell   BA Sociology
Graham Raw   BA History
Michael Rayner   BSc Physics*
Judith Reed   BA Language And Linguistics
William Reed   MA Applied Linguistics
Errol Reid   LLM International Human Rights Law
Jeremy Reid   MSc Computer Studies
Gillian Retallick   BA Linguistics And Literature
Roderick Rhodes   PhD Government
Paul Richardson   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Elisabeth Richmond   MA Social History*
Anthony Riggs   BSc Environmental Biology
Elina Rigler   BA Linguistics
Juan Rincon   BSc Cell Biology
David Roberts   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Mark Roberts   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Winfrith Roberts   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Ann Robinson   BA Language And Linguistics
Lyndall Rosewarne Jones MA Literature - Drama
John Rotherham   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Donna Rudolph   MA Literature - American Poetry
Ali Saadat   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Sameera Saeed   BA Sociology
Fouad Said   PhD Chemistry
Upul Samaranayake   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Abdul-Rahim Samman   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Graham Savage   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Anthony Schwartz   MA US Government & Politics*
Christopher Scothern   BA Russian Studies
Stephen Sebastianelli   BSc Biochemistry
Shahram Semnani   BSc Electronic Engineering
Mark Senior   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Chikmagalur Shashidhar   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Denise Shaw   BA Literature
Jean Shearman   BA Sociology
Susan Sheerin   MA Applied Linguistics
Ian Shephard   MSc Computer Studies
James Sheptycki   MA Hist & Phil Of Soc & Pol Sci
Julie Shipley   BA History
Hashim Shubaki   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Pui Si   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Roger Simmonds   MA Continental Philosophy
Vijay Simon   MPH Economics
John Simpkins   BA History
Andrew Singer   BA Economics
Ting Siu   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Karthigesu Sivagurunathan   MSc Computer Studies
Timothy Smerdon   BA History And Economics
Amanda Smith   BA Government And Sociology
Amanda Smith Earnshaw BA Language And Linguistics
Charles Smith   PhD Sociology
Ian Smith   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Karin Smythe   BA Sociology
Justine Southall   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Simon Speeks   LLB Law
Duncan Speirs   MA Social History*
Melanie Spencer   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Timothy Spencer   BSc Computing Science
Gary Spiers   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Maureen Staines   BA Literature
John Stanford   PhD Government
Nicholas Stephens   BA Government
Andrew Stickland   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Andrew Stokes   BA Literature
Martyn Stones   BSc Biochemistry
Alison Stonier   BA Literature
Wendy Stopher   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
George Stower   PhD Mathematics
Margaret Stuart   LLB Law
Norman Sutton   MSc Telematics
Stephen Sykes   BSc Chemistry
Costantinos Syrakis   BSc Electronic Engineering
Paschal Tabansi   MA Political Economy
Jennifer Tabbenor Trumble BSc Computing Science
Duncan Tait   BA Government
Mee-Yee Tam   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Jeremy Tambling   PhD Literature
Ching Tan   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Nigel Taylor   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Maria Teixeira   MA Sociology of Latin America
Augustina Tetsola   LLB Law
Timothy Thomas   BA Government And Sociology
Geoffrey Thompson   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Kathryn Thornton   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
King To   BSc Computing Science
Francesco Torrens   PhD Government
Bingshi Tuo   MA Applied Linguistics
Antony Turner   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Teweldeberhan Tzeggai   MA Hist & Phil Of Soc & Pol Sci
Moin Uddin   BSc Biochemistry
Ajay Vekaria   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Daniel Verdin   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Ioannis Ververidis   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Susan Walters   MA Literature - Drama
Guangxun Wang   MA Applied Linguistics
Nigel Warrack   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Jane Waterworth   BA Philosophy
Andrew Webb   BA Philosophy
Paul Welton   BA Economics
Helen Weston   BA Language And Linguistics
Lawrence Wheatland   BSc Environmental Biology
Richard Wheeler   BSc Physics*
Mark Wildsmith   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Mark Wilkes   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Beverley Williams Hatcher BA History And Sociology
Trevor Williams   MA Political Economy
Sebastian Withnell   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Candida Wittome   LLM International Human Rights Law
Chan Wong   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Pak Wong   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Anthony Woodiwiss   PhD Sociology
Wing Wu   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Wan Yim   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Tien Yim-Teo   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Carol Yore   BSc Biological Sciences
Sau-Ying Yung   BA Economics
Azlina Yusoff   BA Language Studies - English


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Simon Abbotts   BA Mathematics
Samya Abdel-Rahim   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Costas Adamidis   BSc Mathematics
Anthony Adamu   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Zainab Ahmad   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Latifa Akhrouf   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Margaret Alexander   BA Literature
Sallehuddin Ali   BA Economics
Peter Allen   MPH Literature
Wagih Al-Mustafa   PhD Biology
Mohammed Al-Nayel   PhD Biological Chemistry
Abdulaziz Al-Saqer   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Abdulrahman Alyoubi   PhD Chemistry
Hazlina Aris   BA Language Studies - English
Sophocles Aristodemou   MA Business Economics
Sheila Armitage Surender LLB Law
Whaley Armitage   BA Government
Olubunmi Awoniyi   LLB Law
Mamadou Ba   MA Applied Linguistics
Rajni Badlani   MA Applied Linguistics
Anand Baharuddin   BA Language Studies - English
Mohamed Baka   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Georgina Baker   BA Art History And Theory*
Stephen Baker   MA Applied Linguistics
Terrence Ballard   LLB Law
Andrew Barbour   BSc Electronic Engineering
Claudia Barjolin   BA French Lang With Government
Paul Barnes   LLB Law
Susan Barrington   BSc Mathematics
Oonagh Bathgate   MA Hist & Phil Of Soc & Pol Sci
Timothy Battye   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Patrick Beardmore   BA Government
Sarah Bender   BA History
Martin Bicknell   MSc Info Sys Perf & Teletraff Eng
Henry Bilsland   BSc Computing Science
Richard Bingham   BA Literature
Lynn Blewett   BA History
Michael Bolton   BA Economics
Joanne Booth   BA Art History And Theory*
Massimo Bordignon   MA Economics
Dawn Bostock Hands BA Economics
Julie Boulter   LLB Law
Elaine Bracey   BA Literature And Art History
Dominic Brashaw   BSc Biological Sciences
Carlo Breen   LLB Law
Robert Briddon   MSc Molecular Biochemistry
Claire Brimble   MA Econometrics
Linda Broomfield Bell BA Sociology and Social Policy
Joanne Brown   BA Literature
Sherrol Brown   BA Literature
Alan Byrne   BSc Mathematics and Computing
James Cahan   MA Political Behaviour
William Campbell   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Xuegen Cao   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Ulla Carlisle   BA Government
John Carolan   MSc Computer Studies
Rubina Cassell Mirza BA Government
Ian Chambers   BA Government
Chiu Chan   MSc Telematics
Chun-Min Chan   MA Continental Philosophy
Kam Chan   BSc Computing Science
Kam-Wah Chan   MA Social Service Planning
Kwai Chan   BA Economics
Norman Chan   BSc Computing Science
Soon Chan   MA Applied Linguistics
Susan Chandler Richards BA Literature And Art History
Christine Chapman   LLB Law
Elizabeth Cheah   LLB Law
Sean Cheek   BA Government
Weng Cheng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Yu Cheng   MSc Computer Studies
Ching Chi   BSc Computing Science
Jalil Chitizadeh   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kwok Chow   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Akram Chowdhury   LLM International Human Rights Law
Lionel Clark   BA Economics And Government
Susan Clark   BA History
Astell Clarke   MSc Computer Studies
Cardinal Clarke   BA Mathematics
Mark Clements   BSc Electronic Engineering
Andrew Clempson   BA History And Government
Nicholas Coates   MA Applied Linguistics
Alfred Cole   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Peter Coles   BA Sociology
Andrew Collier   MA Business Economics
Bernard Colling   MSc Electrical Eng (Euro Joint Sc)
Graeme Condie   LLB Law
Richard Contreras   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Vivien Cook   PhD Language And Linguistics
Raymond Cooke   BSc Biochemistry
Sarah Cooke Causwell BA Sociology
Richard Cooper   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Helen Corner   MA Art History And Theory*
Kenneth Cox   MA Applied Linguistics
Carla Cracknell   BA Policy-Making & Administration
John Cribb   MA Social Service Planning
Adrian Currie   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Simon Davies   BA Government
Emma Dawson   BA Art History And Theory*
Natalija De Bondt   MA Applied Linguistics
Antonella De Lucia   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Kyriacos Demetriou   MSc Computer Studies
Lana Devan Devan BA Sociology
Parmjit Dhariwal   MA Western European Politics
Rupinder Dhillon   BSc Chemistry
Raman Dhingra   MSc Computer Studies
Michael D'Souza   MA Economics
John Dunn   BA Latin American Studies
Jennifer Durkin   BA Art History And Theory*
William Edmondson   MA Linguistics-Theoretical Ling
Samuel Egwu   BA Sociology
Obiora Ejim   MPH Biological Chemistry
Amani El-Husseini   MSc Chemistry (By Dissertation)
Ruth Emiabata   BA French Language With Sociology
Herbert Espinosa   MSc Telematics
Brian Evans   BA Government
Kathrin Evans   BA Latin American Studies
Paul Evans   BA Literature
Nigel Ewington   MA Applied Linguistics
Simon Fann   LLB Law
Martin Faulkner   BA Mathematics
Geoffrey Fedee   BA Government
James Findlay   MA Social Service Planning
Desmond Fisher   MSc Electronic Systems Eng (Diss)
Leo Fleming   BA Russian Studies
Gregory Flinn   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Mark Floyer   MPH Literature
Manouch Fouladgar   BA Economics
Maria Frangodimitraki-Georgiadu   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Suzanne Franklin   BA Literature - English & European
Julie Freemantle   BA Art History And Theory*
Wa Fung   BSc Computing Science
Oliver Garman   BA Government
Timothy Gaved   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
John Gazeley   PhD Art History And Theory*
Helen Giles   LLB Law
Lee Gleeson   LLB Law
Simon Goldie   BA Government
David Goldsmith   BA History
Janice Goldsmith   BA History And Government
Donna Gomien   LLM International Human Rights Law
Patricia Goodall   BA History
David Grant   BA Government
Kushaan Gupta   BA Literature
Hee-Jae Ha   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
Hisham Habahbeh   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Shuller Habeenzu   MSc Computer Studies
Iain Hackett   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Jonathan Hallett   BSc Biochemistry
Daren Harris   BA Economics
Maurice Harvey   BA Mathematics
Syed Hasan   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Gary Hayes   BA Government
Carolyn Helmer   BA Latin American Studies
Sheila Henderson   MA Political Theory
Chin Heng   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Robert Hewitt   BSc Biological Sciences
Anthony Heywood   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Denise Hinks   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Cho-Yin Ho   BSc Biochemistry
Margrethe Hooper   MA Applied Linguistics
Ruth Hopkins   BA Literature
Peter Hulme   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Suzanne Humby   BA Latin American Studies
Donna Hunter   MA Western European Politics
Aristidis Ikiades   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Khalid Ishaq   MSc Computer St.(Artific Intel)
Rikki Jaffar   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Nigel Jagger   MSc Computer Studies
Norma Jaggon   BA Government
Khalid Javed   LLB Law
Bo Jia   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Ian John   BSc Cell Biology
Gillian Johnston-Wood   BA Language And Linguistics
Mark Jones   BA Language And Linguistics
Trace Jordan   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
John Joughin   BA Literature
Maria Juca   PhD History
Natalie Kennard   BA Language And Linguistics
Graham Kenning   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Simon Keogh   MSc Telematics
Abdel-Aziz Khamiss   PhD Computer Science
Akhlaq Khan   MSc Electronic Systems Eng (Diss)
Nicholas Khoo   BA Russian Studies
David King   PhD Sociology
Richard Kirton   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Vaughan Kitchin   PhD Physics*
Mark Knapp   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Roland Knight   MA Western European Politics
Simon Knott   MA Political Economy
Sujata Krishnan   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Chung Kwan   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Pak Kwan   BA Economics
Sing-Kwong Lam   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Robert Lapointe   MA Political Theory
Chi Lau   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Hang Lau   MSc Computer Studies
Keith Lau   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Pak Leung   BA Economics
Siu Leung   LLB Law
Seng Lim   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Rebecca Llewellyn   BA Russian Studies
Gerald Lopez   PhD Physics*
Jennifer Loutit   BA French Lang With Government
Ian Lovelock   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Lai Lui   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Martin Macaulay   BA Latin American Studies
Jennifer Mackness   BA History
Tariq Mahmood   MSc Computer Studies
Wai Mak   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Wai-Tung Mak   BSc Computing Science
Grant Malcolm   MSc Computer Studies
Abdul Malik   PhD Chemistry
Andrew Marino   BA Literature
Joanne Marley   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Jill Marsden   BA Philosophy
Onisha Maruve   MSc Mathematics (By Dissertation)
Theodoros Mastichiadis   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Christopher McClure   LLB Law
Lord Mcfarquhar   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
John Mchenry   MSc Telematics
William Mcneill   PhD Philosophy
Prakash Mehta   LLB Law
Alnoor Meralli   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kamru Miah   BSc Electronic Engineering
Anita Michli   LLB Law
Paul Middlemass   BA Government
Theresa Middleton Fogarty MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Stephen Miller   MSc Computer Studies
Howard Mitchell   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Abdul-Razak Mohamed   PhD Biology
David Moir   MA Continental Philosophy
Eva Moller   MA Western European Politics
Winston Moore   PhD Government
Gillian Moriarty Bailey BSc Cell Biology
Lesley Morris   BA History
Joanna Morrison   BA Language And Linguistics
David Mosley   MSc Computer Studies
Patricia Muir   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Robert Munro   BSc Physics with Micro Electronics
Baird Ndovie   MSc Numerical Analysis
David Neve   BA Economics
Cheok Ng   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Wah Ng   BSc Computing Science
Rose Ngeny   MA Sociology of Development
Anne Nicholson   BA Sociology
Amanda Nixon   BA Literature
Norhayaliza Nordin   BA Language Studies - English
Jerzy Nowicki   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Khalid Nowman   MA Econometrics
Rosalind O'Brien   MA Soc of Gender Divisions In Society
Vincent O'Byrne   MSc Electronic Systems Eng (Diss)
Kiran Odhav   MA Sociology
Jan Olszanski   BA Economics
William O'Neill   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Drostan O'Reilly   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Charles Osei-Bonsu   MSc Computer Studies
Mark Owen   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Craig Oxenham   BA Economics
Richard Page   BA Economics
Roger Palmer   BSc Electronic Engineering
Mohan Patel   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Nileshkumar Patel   BSc Biochemistry
Rekha Patel   BA Economics
Usha Pattansetti   MA Applied Linguistics
George Pearce   PhD Sociology
Michael Pedersen   MPH Economics
Withanage Perera   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Steven Perrett   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Paul Pimstone   BSc Biochemistry
Dean Pollen   BSc Biochemistry
Laura Powell   MA Western European Politics
Neil Price   BSc Biochemistry
Rowena Price   BA Sociology
Susan Priestnall   BA Language And Linguistics
Pauline Proctor   BA Literature-English & European
Mir Qurashi   PhD Mathematics
Bahman Rafatjoo   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Paschalis Raimondos   MA Development Economics
Rozaida Rauf   BA Language Studies - English
Anthony Raw   MSc Computer Studies
Michael Rayner   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Nigel Read   MSc Computer Studies
Philip Reynolds   BA Government
Caroline Richards   MPH Biology
David Richards   BA Literature
Alan Rickman   BA Literature
Robert Rider   PhD Sociology
Amanda Robinson   BA Government
Kim Robling   BA Language And Linguistics
Richard Rogers   BA Sociology
Christopher Rudd   PhD Government
Ghassan Saed   PhD Biological Chemistry
Vijay Sagar   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Jasvinder Sagoo   BA Economics
Narmella Saiedabadi   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Gillian Savage   BA Literature
Erica Schwiening   BA Language And Linguistics
Anna Seifert   BA Philosophy
Margaret Sellers   MA Art History And Theory*
Shahram Semnani   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Robert Serumaga   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Jayant Shah   MSc Computer Studies
Asit Sharma   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Josephine Shore   BA Literature
Gamal Shoukry   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Elizabeth Simpson   MA Social Service Planning
Malkeet Singh   BA Economics
Paban Singh   MSc Computer Studies
Anthony Smith   LLM International Human Rights Law
Heather Smith   BA Literature
Michael Smith   BA Economics
Sarah Smith   BA Sociology
Simon Speck   BA Philosophy
Belinda Spencer   BA Government
Takashi Suzuki   MSc Telematics
Patricia Swallow   BSc Biochemistry
Mahmoud Taheri   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Kok Tan   BSc Computing Science
Gabriel Tang   BSc Computing Science
Mou Tang   BA Economics
Teresa Taras   BA Linguistics
Poh Teow   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Dipti Thakar   BSc Cell Biology
Christopher Thomas   BA Art History And Theory*
Glyn Thompson   MA Art History And Theory*
William Thomson   BA Economics
Joanne Todd   BA History And Sociology
Manda Toms   LLB Law
David Trafford   BA Russian Studies
Gary Tree   BA History And Government
Christopher Trotter   BA Government
Jonathan Tucker   PhD Government
Mark Van Der Zwart   LLB Law
Stephen Vaughan   MA Social Service Planning
Swaminathan Venkataraman   MSc Telecommunication Systems
Richard Ventham   BA Government
Helen Vincent   BA Economics
Sarah Wall   BA Mathematical Economics
David Waller   BA Government
Yichao Wang   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Christopher Ward   PhD History
Julian Watts   BSc Cell Biology
Joyce Waugh   BA Literature
Janet Webb Dixon BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Helen Wheeler   BSc Biological Sciences
Sharon White   BA Philosophy And Government
Amanda Wilkie   BA Literature-English & European
Frances Williams   MSc Computer Studies
Julie Williams   BA Mathematics
Victoria Williams   BA History
Penelope Williamson   BSc Biological Sciences
Paula Willock   BA Latin American Studies
Nicholas Willson   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Avril Wilson   BA History And Sociology
Graham Winch   BA Philosophy
June Wollaston   BA Language Studies
Chin Wong   BSc Chemistry
Chun-Shing Wong   MSc Telematics
Mary Wong   LLB Law
Tang Wong   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Wing-Fook Wong   MA Sociology
Michael Wright   MSc Telematics
Chi Wu   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Katrina Wyatt   BSc Biochemistry
Hoi Yau   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Yuk Yeung   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Melina Yiasemi   BA Economics
Wei Zhang   MA Applied Linguistics
Omar Ziani   MA Descript & Applied Linguistics
George Zourdoumis   BA Economics


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
David Abdoo   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Anthony Adamu   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Chinelo Adimorah   MA Sociology of Dev-Plan & Policy
Connie Ahmed   LLM International Human Rights Law
Hamid Al-Fattal   PhD Mathematics
Yazmine Alimi   MA Sociology of Development
Joyce Allsop   MA Sociology
Gracia Arboli Iriarte   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Eugene Assaf   MA Practical Reasoning
Michael Bailey   LLB Law
John Baldock   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Mark Ball   BA Economics
Adetokunbo Bamigboye   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Sarah Barman Kitchen BSc Physics*
Linda Barnard   BA History And Government
Adam Barnes   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Janet Bateman   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Victoria Bazin   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Andrew Beards   MA Continental Philosophy
Ruth Beattie   BA Literature-English & European
Yvonne Bell   BA Sociology
Nirmala Bellare   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Alan Berg   BSc Physics*
Julie Bevan   BA Art History And Theory*
Paul Blake   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Daniele Bourdais   MA Literature-Theo & Prac Lit Tra
Sally Bowles   BA Russian Studies
Guy Bredenkamp   PhD Biology
Anne Broni   BA Economics
Jonathan Brothers   BSc Mathematics
Catherine Brown   BSc Environmental Biology
Robert Brown   MSc Computer Studies
Craig Burnett   BSc Biological Sciences
Jonathan Busby   BA Government
Perry Bushell   MA Hist & Phil Of Soc & Pol Sci
Kay Capes Pollard BA Literature-English & European
Adeline Carbery   MA Social History*
Bernardo Cardenas   MPH Art History And Theory*
Alexandra Carruthers   BA History And Government
Jienlin Chen   MA Linguistics-Descript & Applied
Hon Cheng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Yuen Cheng   BSc Biological Chemistry
Paul Chernett   MSc Computer Studies
Lahcen Chovali   MA Literature - American Poetry
Brian Clacey   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Paul Clements   BA Philosophy And Government
Julie Clift Clift BA Government
Peter Coles   BA Sociology
Mark Conaty   MA Economics
Caroline Costello   BA Sociology
Trina Cotes Nelson BA Language And Linguistics
William Cotes   BA Language And Linguistics
Susan Cotterill   LLB Law
Patrick Covello   PhD Biology
Robert Craig   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Ian Crane   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
John Cresswell   PhD Sociology
Norman Crowther   MA Literature - Soc Of Literature
Paul Cullingford   BA Philosophy
Marc Cuthbert   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Stephen Davies   PhD Biology
Anne Dawes   BA History
Janice Dawkins   BA Sociology and Social Policy
George Deacon   PhD Sociology
Jean Depasquale   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Yamina Deramchia   PhD Literature
Simon Des-Etages   LLB Law
Jeffrey Deslandes   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Harpreet Dhingra   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Adriano Di Matteo   BA Policy-Making & Administration
John Dickins   BA Language And Linguistics
Robert Docherty   PhD Biology
Sarah Donnelly   BA Government
Rita Drake   BA History
Susan Dyos   BSc Biological Sciences
Angela Eade   BSc Environmental Biology
Gregory Elliott   MA Literature - Drama
Sonia Ellis   BSc Mathematics
Jennifer Emby   MSc Computer Studies
Simon Evans   PhD Literature
Gulten Fahri   BA Government And Sociology
Nicholas Farrimond   BA Economics
John Faulkner   MA Sociology
Katrin Flikschuh   BA Government
Abubakar Folami   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Robert Foran   MA Development Economics
James Ford   BA Economics
Lynne Foweraker   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Clive Francis   MSc Computer Studies
Sani Friedman   MA Social Service Planning
Claire Gardent   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Michael Gibbs   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Karen Gillies   BA Literature-English & European
Cherry Good   MA Literature - American Poetry
Katherine Gould   BA Sociology
Kim Grant   MA Art History And Theory*
Vanessa Gratwick   BA Philosophy
Deborah Greatrex   MA Political Behaviour
Richard Greenfield   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Ivor Greenstreet   LLB Law
Frances Grew   MSc Biology (By Dissertation)
Maria Grisi   MPH Biology
Dorothy Grumbridge   BA Literature
Sofiah Haji Mohammad Taha   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Victoria Hallas   BA Economics And Government
Michael Halloran   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Ali Hamie   MSc Computer Studies
Caroline Hanks   BA Literature-English & European
Brian Hanson   PhD Art History And Theory*
Ian Harkness   BA Economics
Jane Harrington   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Melissa Harris   MSc Computer Studies
Haslan Hassan   PhD Physics*
Paul Hicks   BA Economics
Paula Higgins   BA Economics
Kian Ho   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Kevan Hobbis   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Susan Holly   PhD History
Michael Holmes   MA Western European Politics
Moheiddin Homeidi   PhD Language And Linguistics
Stephen Horigan   PhD Sociology
Stuart Howe   BSc Biochemistry
Wai-Tin Hui   MA Econometrics
William Hurley   BA Government And Sociology
John Hutchinson   MSc Electronic Systems Eng (Diss)
Gracia Iriarte   MA Applied Linguistics
Syed Islam   PhD Literature
Ian Jagger   BSc Physics*
Gary James   MSc Computer Studies
Kyrie James   MA Literature-Soc Of Literature
David Jamieson   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Deborah Jennings Suttle BA Linguistics
Karsten Jensen   MA Ideology & Discourse Analysis
Li-Xing Jia   MPH Computer Science
Ian Johnston   BSc Mathematics
David Jones   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Stephen Jones   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
William Jowett   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Harjit Kandola   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Ngoloma Katsuva   PhD Language And Linguistics
Peter Keenan   BA Government
Helen Kellow   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Deirdre Kelly   BA Latin American Studies
Noela Kelly   BA Literature And Sociology
Susan Kelly   BA Language And Linguistics
Heider Khosravi   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Yoon-Shin Kim   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Gillian Kirby   BA Literature And Sociology
Rohit Krishna   MSc Computer Studies
Chun Kwok   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Derek Laing   MA Economics
Serena Lambert   BA Russian Studies
Nicholas Land   PhD Philosophy
Kwok Law   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Kin Lee   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
John Leo   MA Literature - American Poetry
David Leonard   BA History And Government
Koon Leung   MSc Computer Studies
Philip Leveridge   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Martin Ley   PhD Theoretical Physics*
Rosemary Lindsey   BA History
Christopher Lines   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Colin Linsley   MA Economics
Colin Linsley   PhD Economics
Jia Lixing   MPH Computer Science
Gail Lochtie   MSc Mathematics (By Dissertation)
Stephen Lupi   BA Government
Caroline Mackay Harwood BA Economics
Martin Mahon   BSc Biological Chemistry
Abdul Majid   MSc Computer Studies
Gan Mam   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Athanasios Mamalos   BA Economics
Heleni Manika   BA Linguistics
Richard Marriott   BA Sociology
Stephen Marriott   MSc Computer Studies
Philip Marsden   MSc Telematics
Mechelle Martinborough   LLB Law
Elizabeth Martinez   LLB Law
Helen Mccabe   LLB Law
Richard Mccauley   BA Philosophy And Government
Corriena Mcclean   BA Government And Sociology
Helena Mcgrath   MA Economics
Gerlinde Meissner   MA Art History And Theory*
Christopher Milburn   BA History
Joseph Milner   BSc Cell And Molecular Biology
Annette Modena   BA Art History And Theory*
Yvonne Modlin   MA Art History And Theory*
Zainab Moola   MSc Biological Chemistry
Palmyra Morton   PhD Language And Linguistics
David Musslewhite   PhD Literature
Zakia Naguib   MA Literature - American Poetry
Mark Newson   MSc Computer St.(Cognitive Sci)
Kwok Ng   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Barbara Norrey Spencer BA Literature And Art History
Michael North   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Nadim Obeid   PhD Computer Science
Colm O'Kelly   BSc Environmental Biology
Kristin Olafsdottir   BA Sociology
Fred Opondo   MA Sociology of Dev-Plan & Policy
George Padandonatos   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Tanya Palmer   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Yat Pang   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Georgios Papandonatos   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Takis Papartemis   LLB Law
Vimala Paranjothy   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Jaimini Patel   BA Economics
Anna Peasgood   BA Literature-English & European
Rogelio Perez   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Adrian Pettet   BA Philosophy
Theodora Philcox   MA Art History And Theory*
Andrew Phillips   MA Literature - American Poetry
Sipho Pityana   BA Government And Sociology
Naomi Power   BA Language And Linguistics
Andrew Poxon   BSc Cell And Molecular Biology
Sara Pudney   BA History
Dawn Pym   BA Sociology
Djamal Rebaine   MSc Computer Studies
Robert Rennie   MA Business Economics
Keith Robinson   BA Philosophy And Literature
Keith Robinson   MA Art History And Theory*
Diane Roe   BA Literature-English & European
Mirtza Romero   MA Linguistics-Descript & Applied
Lynda Rowan   BA West European Politics & Language
Zad Sabri   MA Literature - American Poetry
Cindy Salas-Ortiz   BA Latin American Studies
Sireen Samad   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Paul Sands   BA Language Studies - English
David Seager   BA History
Alex Segbefia   LLB Law
Elaine Seifert Roberson BA History
Jacqueline Senior   BA Philosophy And Literature
Patrick Shann   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Garmon Shiu   BA Economics
Siang Sim   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Janet Simmons   BSc Biological Sciences
Housseini Skalli   MA Literature-Cross-Cultural Stud
Sarah Skelton   BA Literature-English & European
Heather Small   BA Literature-English & European
Clare Smee   BA Art History And Theory*
Sharon Smith   BSc Mathematics
Graham Speed   BA Literature-English & European
Carole Spencer   MPH Sociology
Jonathan Spiers   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Mark Springett   MSc Computer Studies
Maureen Staines   MA Literature - American Poetry
Paul Steinhausen   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Andrew Stickland   MA Political Theory
David Stocker   BSc Physics*
Rachel Stones   BA Sociology
Stephanie Stray   PhD Government
Keith Stuart   BA Economics
Lyal Sunga   LLM International Human Rights Law
George Swankier   BSc Biochemistry
Maria Szkromyda   BA Philosophy And Government
Sofiah Taha   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Ashene Taleb   PhD Sociology
Kam Tang   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Thavatchai Tangsirivanich   BA Economics And Government
Roopa Tanna   BA History
Anthony Tant   PhD Government
Andrea Taylor   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Paul Taylor   PhD Chemistry
Smita Thakar   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Petra Thamm   BA West European Politics & Language
Bhavna Thobhani   BA Language And Linguistics
Richard Toulson   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Glen Trenouth   BSc Mathematics
Brian Turner   BA Government
Alistair Tyler   BA Government
Julian Van Sertima   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Jane Vanner   BA Philosophy And History
Philip Vellender   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Melissa Vogel Jarvis BA Art History And Theory*
Yilmaz Vural   MA Linguistics-Descript & Applied
Julia Welbourne   PhD Art History And Theory*
Andrew Wells   PhD Chemistry
Joanna Whiting   LLB Law
Ian Wilkinson   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Stephen Williams   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Peronelle Willson   PhD History
Lindsey Wilshere   LLB Law
Andrew Wilson   BA Economics
Ascan Woermann   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Ricky Wong   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
See Wong   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Dean Wyles   BSc Mathematics
Xiaoming Xi   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Panteli Yiannakou   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Tamara Yiannakou Headley BSc Theoretical Physics*
Robert Young   BA Philosophy


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
John Abbott   MA Contemporary Japan
Husam Abu-Soud   PhD Chemistry
Mohammad Al-Subbagh   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Taib Amrani   MA Literature (C19/20 Eng/US Lit
Jane Anderson   BA Economics
Terry Andrews   PhD Literature
Abdul Aziz   PhD Mathematics
Sharanjit Bains   LLB Law
Anthony Baldwin   MA Political Economy
Philip Ball   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Christopher Batorfi   BSc Electronic Engineering
Michael Baziljevich   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Simon Beales   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Damian Beasley-Suffolk   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Alan Bebbington   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Amit Ben-Haim   LLB Law
Julian Benscher   BA Economics And Government
Adam Bird   BSc Physics*
Peter Bishop   PhD Chemistry
Lucia Boddington   BA Art History And Theory*
Simon Borns   BA Government
Jean Bourget   LLM International Human Rights Law
Edward Boyle   BA Government
David Brewer   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Raymond Brooks   MA Economics
Ian Brown   BA Government
Mandy Brown   LLB Law
Paul Bruthiaux   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Philip Buckley   BA Literature And Art History
Haley Budden   BA Economics
Katharine Cairns   BSc Chemistry
Simon Carrington   PhD Biological Chemistry
Kun Chan   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Jihad Charmand   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Kai Cheung   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Chi Choi   BSc Electronic Engineering
Kae Choy   MSc Computer Studies
Adrian Churchward   MPH Law
Dermot Clarke   MSc Computer Studies
Rebecca Coggins   MA Art History And Theory*
Martin Cohen   MA Literature - Drama
Aileen Corbett   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Kevin Cosgriff   MA Economics
Jonathan Coulson   LLB Law
Peter Creme   MSc Computer Studies
Simon Critchley   PhD Philosophy
Gary Crook   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Paul Currah   BA Literature-English & European
Susan Cuttle   BA Art History And Theory*
Adrian Dally   BA Linguistics And Philosophy
Caitlin Daniels   BA Sociology
Jennie Davies   MA Literature-Soc Of Literature
Paul Davies   BSc Cell And Molecular Biology
Nicola Davis   BA Literature-English & European
Nicole De Lalouviere   MA Applied Linguistics
Richard Dean   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Gretta Defoe   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Lorna Donegan   BA Sociology
Sara Donovan   BA Art History And Theory*
Giuseppina D'Oro   BA Philosophy
Catherine Doyle   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Gwyneth Drury   BA Sociology and Social Policy
David Drysdale   BA Philosophy
Martin Duffy   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
George Ellinas   BA Government
Fiona Ellis   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Peter Endler   BSc Electronic Engineering
Benjamin Evans   BA Government
Julia Evans   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Nicholas Evans   BA Literature-English & European
Olatokunbo Fajemirokun   LLB Law
Ming Fang   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Richard Farmer   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Daniel Fass   PhD Computer Science
Fiorella Finazzi   BA Linguistics And Philosophy
David Fleming-Jones   BA Government
Stuart Forsyth   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Rodney Fotheringham   PhD History
Melonie Franklin-Pender   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Alistair French   BSc Theoretical Physics*
Lynne Friedli   PhD History
Pauline Fuller   BA Government And Sociology
Jesus Gama   MSD Computer Science
Jill Gerrish   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Katherine Getao   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Christopher Gilbert   MSc Computer Studies
Lindsay Gilmore   BSc Applied Physics
Nicholas Gooch   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Dennis Gorman   PhD Sociology
Martin Gorringe   BA Government
Brett Gorvy   MA Art History And Theory*
Christopher Graeme   BA Russian Studies
Stephanie Gray   BA Literature-English & European
Connie Green   BA Literature-English & European
Alan Greenwood   BA Philosophy
Jennifer Greitschus   MA Art History And Theory*
Harjit Grewal   MSc Molecular Biochemistry
Cheryl Grosvenor   BA Economics
Ayse Gulcur   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Julia Guy   BA Sociology
Jamila Halfichi   MA Literature (C19/20 Eng/US Lit
John Hamill   BA Economics
Lee Harrington   MA Linguistics-Descript & Applied
Mark Harris   LLB Law
Mark Hartley   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Terence Hayes   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
Daniel Heaney   BA History
Paul Hearn   MSc Computer Studies
Satyashila Heeralall   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Danny Henry   BA History And Government
Barbara Hicks   BA History
Ying Hu   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Nigel Hubbell   BA Language Studies
Elizabeth Hughes Dormer BA Literature-English & European
Christine Hume   MA Soc of Gender Divisions In Society
Naoko Ikegami   MA Sociology
Carol Innes   BA Sociology
Nathan Iyer   LLB Law
Lesley Jefcoate   MA Literature - Drama
Stephen Jenkinson   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Edith Jimenez-Huerta   PhD Sociology
Hywel Jones   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Peter Jones   BSc Electronic Engineering
Peter Jones   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Robin Judson   BSc Applied Physics
Zahid Kaleem   PhD Chemistry
Efstathios Karolidis   MSc Statistics and Operational Res
Lynne Kasson   MA Literature - Drama
Gillian Kay   BA Literature And Sociology
Sally Keenan   MA Literature - Women Writing
Jacqueline Kelly   BA Government And Sociology
Johanna Kelly   MA Contemporary Japan
Andrew Kemp   BA Literature-English & European
Margaret Kemp   BA Government
Benjamin Kesteven   BA Government
Ian Khosla   BSc Computing Science
Julie Killbourn   BA Literature And Sociology
Siang Koh   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Yacoub Korkis   MA Literature - Drama
Arun Kumar   BA Economics
Yong Kwong   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Mohamed Lahjouji   MA Literature-Soc Of Literature
Chiu Lam   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Choon Lam   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Wing Lam   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Kwok Law   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Felicity Lawrence   BA Art History And Theory*
Kam Lee   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Gillian Leighton   MPH Sociology
Kam Leung   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
King Leung   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Stefan Lewis   BA Sociology
Michele Libby   BA History And Government
Mark Lihou   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Peng Lim   MSc Computer Studies
Wan Lim   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Charles Limon   BA Philosophy
Diana Lindsay   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Mandy Lloyd   BSc Computing Science
Karin Lommel   BA West European Politics & Language
Elizabeth Lucas-Libor   PhD Art History And Theory*
Pak Lun   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Felicity Lunn   MA Art History And Theory*
Kevin Lyne   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Sharon Maguire   BA History
Patrick Maher   BA Latin American Studies
Dang Mai   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Kalonda Majambo   PhD Language And Linguistics
Jill Marsden   MA Continental Philosophy
Paul Martin   BSc Theoretical Physics*
Monkami Masale   MSc Theoretical Physics*
Michel Mason   BA Literature And Sociology
Anne Mcelroy   MA Social History*
Derek Mcluskey   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Ian Mcmechan   BA Literature - United States
Gillian Mcneil   MA Literature - Drama
Caroline Mcstravick   BA Economics
Pamela Melliar   MA Art History And Theory*
Sally Messenger   BA Psycho-Linguistics
Eloho Messiri   MSc Computer Studies
Rachl Miller   BA Literature-English & European
Sandhya Mohith   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Graeme Moore   BA Literature-English & European
Ian Morgan   BSc Biological Sciences
David Morrow   BSc Biological Sciences
Ian Musson   BSc Theoretical Physics*
Bernard Myers   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Paula Neal   BA Latin American Studies
Chik Ng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Hon Ngai   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Cyprian Ngolah   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Deborah Nicholas   BSc Cell And Molecular Biology
Chung Ning   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Poloko Nkobi   MA Sociology of Development
Dorian Notman   BA History
Ngongho Nyama   BSc Computing Science
Peter O'Donnell   BA History And Government
Bridget O'Hagan   LLB Law
Margaret O'Hara   BA Language And Linguistics
Anne Ohene-Kena   BA Art History And Theory*
Junaidi Omar   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Hock Ong   BSc Electronic Engineering
Jacton Opiyo   MSc Computer Studies
Adrian Orwin   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Isaac Oshungade   PhD Mathematics
Mohammad Osta   MSc Electronic Systems Eng (Diss)
Meryem Ouedghiri   MA Literature (C19/20 Eng/US Lit
Osagie Oyegun   LLB Law
Chung-Hun Pak   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Margaret Palmer   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Shuk Pang   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Susan Partridge   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Mark Patch   LLB Law
Susan Peneycad   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
David Perry   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Subramanian Pillai   LLB Law
Lynda Potter   BSc Biological Sciences
Deborah Powell   BA Literature-English & European
Benjamin Prall   BA Economics And Government
Sukhwinder Purewal   BA Government And Sociology
Gillian Pym   BA Economics
Denise Quaynor   LLB Law
Sanjay Raina   MSc Computer Studies
David Rees   BA History And Literature
Michael Rees   BA Economics
Ian Rice   BA Economics
Kevin Richmond   BA Economics
Joanne Roberts   BA Government
Richard Robey   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
James Robinson   BA Government And Sociology
Carlos Rodriguez   BA Economics
David Rooney   BA Russian Studies
Dominic Rossi   BA Government
Abdelkader Sabil   MA Literature-Cross-Cultural Stud
Adil Salim   PhD Chemistry
Cosmona Sarkar   BA Art History And Theory*
Michael Saward   PhD Government
Adam Scott   LLB Law
Colin Searle   BA History And Government
Keiko Sengoku   MA Literature - Women Writing
Fiona Service   BA History
Kathryn Seymour   BA Economics
Nilesh Shah   BSc Mathematics
Joel Shapiro   MA Continental Philosophy
Daniel Sharpe   LLB Law
Chi Shum   BA Economics
Charles Shwenn   MSc Computer Studies
Roger Simpson   PhD Art History And Theory*
Patrick Skevington   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Katie Skillings   BA Literature And Sociology
Janice Skinner   BA Philosophy And Literature
Sigrun Skogly   LLM International Human Rights Law
David Smith   BSc Electronic Engineering
Mark Smith   MA Political Theory
Ying Soh   LLB Law
Justin Spence   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Markus Steger   BA Government
Beverley Stephenson   BA Literature-English & European
Robert Stoddart   BA Government
Geoffrey Stout   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Andrew Sturdy   BA Government
Shiv Sundar   BA Economics And Government
Adrian Suri   BA Sociology
Takashi Suzuki   MPH Electronic Systems Engineering
Anthony Swift   MA Linguistics-Descript & Applied
Jehad Taies   PhD Chemistry
Seng Tan   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Michele Taverna   BA Latin American Studies
Ning Teo   LLB Law
Robert Thacker   BA Government
Chin Tham   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Elizabeth Thomas   MA Political Behaviour
William Thompson   PhD Sociology
Virginia Thwaites   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Iain Titterington   BA Philosophy
Po To   BA Economics
Michael Towers   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Mang Tsui   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Kok Tsun   LLB Law
Katherine Turner   BA Psycho-Linguistics
Stephen Turner   MA Art History And Theory*
Christopher Twigger   BA Literature-English & European
Okechukwu Uwechue   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Juan Vargas   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Luis Vasquez   MA Sociology
Simon Vowles   BSc Environmental Biology
Bharti Vyas   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Ayesha Wahab   BA Accountancy, Finance & Economics
Alexander Walker   BA Economics
Rachel Walker   PhD Government
Sarah Wall   MA Development Economics
Christina Walton   BA Literature-English & European
Ingrid Watson   MA Western European Politics
Matthew Webb   BSc Computer & Microprocessor Sys
Brigitte Wechsler   BA History
Jerome Weekes   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Sabine Weidel   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Simon Welch   BA Economics
Alan West   MSc Computer Studies
Timothy Whitehead   BA Government
Simon Whittle   BSc Environmental Biology
Frances Whyte   BA Literature-English & European
Peter Willment   BA History
Carol Wilson   BA Literature - United States
Jennifer Witcomb   BA Literature-English & European
Ching Wong   BSc Mathematics
See Wong   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Chee Woo   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Man-Lung Woo   MA Social Service Planning
Christopher Woollard   PhD Computer Science
Jianping Xiong   MSc Electronic Systems Eng (Diss)
Peter Yeomans   BA Government
Kam Yeung   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Yuk Yip   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Lealem Yitayew   MA Economics
Chee Yong   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Susan Young Smith PhD History


First NameSurnameMaiden NameDegreeSubject of Study
Tibor Almassy   MA Business Economics
Mahel Al-Sawda   MA Literature - American Poetry
Mohamad Amran   MA Art History And Theory*
Lisa Arnesen   BA Literature-English & European
Charles Arthur   MA Latin American Gov & Politics
Paul Astell   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Claire Atkins   BA Government
Sandra Barton   BSc Applied Physics
Maria Bastos   MA Ideology & Discourse Analysis
Kamlesh Bathia   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Stuart Bean   BSc Computer Science
Tulin Bedri   BA Literature-English & European
John Bell   PhD Computer Science
Carol Bentley   BA Literature-English & European
Lucy Bergot   BA Art History And Theory*
Nicholas Bloxham   BSc Electronic Engineering
George Bowerman   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Derek Bowler   BA Economics
Michael Boyden   BA Government
Sean Bradley   LLB Law
Adam Bragg   BA Modern Languages and Linguistics
Aston Bridgman   MA Contemporary Japan
Shelley Broughton   BA Psycholinguistics
Karen Brown   BA Government
Rachael Brown   BA Literature-English & European
Rachel Brown   BA History And Sociology
Graham Bruce   MA Literature (C: Drama)
Paul Buckley   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Shalini Buell   MA Soc Of Urbans'N Dev/Countries
David Bunday   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Hiromi Bunday   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Sarah Burston   BA Latin American Studies
Trudi Butler   BA Art History And Theory*
Lisa Campbell   BA French Language & Linguistics
Silvana Carotenuto   MA Literature - Drama
Patricia Carvalho   BA Philosophy
Paul Cashian   MA Economics
Henry Catchpole   MA Financial & Business Econ
Charles Catt   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Eric Chang   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Helen Chaplin   BA Government And Sociology
Ming Chew   MSc Computer Studies
David Chippett   BA Modern Languages and Linguistics
Soo Chng   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Kim Choi   MA Financial & Business Econ
Tat Chua   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Ching-Wai Chung   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Yuksel Cinar   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Anita Clarke   BA Literature-English & European
Sean Clarke   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Ruth Collingwood   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Mary Cosgrove   MA Art History And Theory*
Simon Cox   BA Literature-English & European
Martin Creaner   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Andre Croppenstedt   MA Development Economics
Ian Crowther   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Judith D'All   BA French Language & Linguistics
Kim Davis   MA Literature (C19/20 Eng/US Lit
Andrew Dawson-Maddocks   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
David Deakins   MA Business Economics
Shawn Dear   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Steven Delo   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Tasleem Din   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Aidan Dixon   BA Literature-English & European
Duc Do   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Christopher Dodgson   BSc Mathematics
Sani Doguwa   PhD Mathematics
John Dorkenoo   BA Latin American Studies
Viviane Drain   BA Latin American Studies
Gary Drewett   BA Language Studies
Jack Eastman   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Neil Eastwood   BSc Physics*
James Eglin   MA Ideology & Discourse Analysis
David Ellis   MA Literature-Soc Of Literature
Ramin Erfani-Shomaly   MSc Computer Studies
Alan Fieldsend   LLB Law
Christopher Foggin   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Analisa Fox   BA Literature-English & European
Aelswith Frayne   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Anne Gallen   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Kelly Galvin   BA Economics
Jean Georges   BA Literature-English & European
Martin Glen   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Peck Goh   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Amanda Gomez   BA Literature And Art History
Sharon Gosden   BA Government And Sociology
Fiona Grant   BA Sociology
Cressida Graves   BA Literature-English & European
Jacqueline Green   BA Economics
Tim Grover   LLB Law
Mark Haddock   BA Philosophy
Jonathan Hall   BA Literature-English & European
Abbas Hamad   MSc Biology (By Dissertation)
Louise Hamnett   BA Government
David Harvey   BSc Environmental Biology
Timothy Heaton   BA Sociology
Graham Henderson   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Ceferino Henriquez-Navarro   BA Economics
Lucina Hockey   BA Philosophy
David Holland   PhD Mathematics
Stephen Holste   BA Economics
Darren Hopkins   BSc Physics with Laser Technology
John Horsfall   BSc Applied Physics
Lucien Howlett   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Patricia Hubbell   BA History
Alison Hughes Jones BA Literature-English & European
Fiona Hughes   BA Economics
Diane Humphrey-Evans Mcdonald PhD Biology
Ghansanfar Hussain   MSc Physics (By Dissertation)
Stephen Hussey   BA History
Alan Hutchison   BSc Computer Science
Janet Hyncica   BA Literature-English & European
Ahbul Ibrahim   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Richard Inskip   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Hishamuddin Ismail   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Jo Jackson Mussell BA Literature-English & European
Frederic Jacob   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Sharon Jacobs   BA Government
Stuart Jaques   BSc Physics*
Michael Jenkins   MA Literature-Soc Of Literature
Nigel Johnson   BA Government And Sociology
Elaine Jones   BA Latin American Studies
Leonor Juarez-Almendros   MSc Computer Studies
. Junus   BSc Comp. Sci. (Sys Architecture)
Terrence Kaliski   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Gurdev Kaur   BA History
Rory Keane   BA Literature-English & European
Renata Kelly   PhD Language And Linguistics
Jehad Khoury   PhD Physics*
Fiona Kirkman   BA Sociology
Siu Kot   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Simon Krystman   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Steven Laws   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Wendy Leaver   LLB Law
Soo Lee   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Fong Leong   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Christopher Lewington   MSc Computer Studies
Alison Lewis   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Eric Lim   MSc Computer Studies
Jackson Lim   MSc Computer Studies
Miao Lim   MSc Computer Studies
Chi Ling   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Camille Linnane   BA Art History And Theory*
Margaret Little   BA Government
Choi Liu   BA Economics
Joseph Macharia   PhD Biology
Miles Mackenzie   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Haytham Mahfoud   PhD Literature
Khalid Mahmud   MSc Computer Studies
Jaswinder Mann   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Paul Manning   BSc Computer Science
Paul Marsden   MSc Lasers And Their Applications
Ricardo Massarella   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Steven May   BSc Computer Science
Jeff Mccalla   BSc Electronic Eng (Telecomm)
Marc Mckiernan   PhD Biology
Stuart Mckinnon   BA Government
Catherine Mcleod   MA Art History And Theory*
Christopher Monk   BA Government
Fayez Monkara   MSc Bio Chemistry By Dissertation
Patrizia Monzeglio   MA Economics
Clare Moore   BA Sociology and Social Policy
Frances Moore   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Trevor Moores   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Edward Morgan   BA Economics And Government
Stephen Morrey   BA Government And Sociology
Blanca Muniz   PhD Government
Diana Mutimer   MA Art History And Theory*
Richard Nelson   BA Modern Languages and Linguistics
Debbie Nethaway   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Michael Newman   MA Continental Philosophy
Sarah Northam   BA Philosophy And Literature
Laura Nye   BA French Language & Linguistics
Siobhain O'Beirne   BA History And Government
Sharon O'Donnell   MSc Computer Studies
Joseph O'Donovan   BSc Mathematics
Kristin Olafsdottir   MA Literature-Soc Of Literature
Stephen Osborn   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Anthony Owen   PhD Biology
Gabriel Ozique   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Alessandro Palau   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
John Parker   BA Literature-English & European
Velji Patel   BSc Mathematics and Computing
James Patterson   MPH Philosophy
Mary Pearce   MA Art History And Theory*
Hugh Pendry   BA Philosophy
Tony Penn   BA United States Studies (4 Yr)*
Susan Perry   MA Literature - Drama
Alasdair Pettinger   PhD Literature
Juliette Phillips   BA Literature-English & European
Michael Phipps   PhD Government
Cheryl Pierce   BA Literature-English & European
Giovanna Pizzoferro   BA Literature-English & European
George Polenakis-Kanakis   MA Economics
Mehmet Postacioglu   PhD Theoretical Physics*
James Quarshie   MA Financial & Business Econ
Fifi Radiastuti   MSc Computer Studies
Inapula Raditloaneng   MA Sociology of Development
Tina Redwood   BA Policy-Making & Administration
Michael Riley   PhD Sociology
Julie Robinson   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Keith Robinson   MA Continental Philosophy
Neil Robinson   MA Soviet Government & Politics
Darren Rock   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Micro)
Melanie Rogers   BSc Biological & Medicinal Chem
Simon Rose   BSc Chemistry
Jacob Rosenshine   LLB Law
Markus Rosgen   BA West European Politics & Language
Michael Ross   BA Linguistics
Robert Rossetter   BA Philosophy
Citlali Rovirosa-Madrazo   MA Ideology & Discourse Analysis
Wail Sabbagh   BSc Computer Science
Schole Sadrzadeh   MSc Computer Studies
Kumiko Sakamoto   MA Literature - Drama
Joseph Schmitt   MA Practical Reasoning
Helen Scrivener   BA Literature-English & European
Howard Simmons   MSc Computer Studies
Keith Skilling   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Sarah Skyme   BA Art History And Theory*
Martin Smith   BSc Biological Sciences
Michael Smith   LLB Law
Nigel Smith   BA Government
Juliet Smith-Evans   BA Philosophy And Sociology
Eric Sohrab   MSc Computer Studies
Chi Soong   BSc Mathematics Oper Res & Econ
Andrew Southgate   BA Economics
Martin Spenceley   MSc Computer Studies
Matthew Sprinks   BSc Cell And Molecular Biology
Neil Stanley   MSc Computer Studies
Mel Stephenson   BA Economics
William Stocks   MSc Computer Studies
Deborah Stone   BA Modern Languages and Linguistics
Michael Stout   MSc Computer Studies
Emilio Suarez   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Francisco Suarez-Farias   PhD Government
Richard Sutcliffe   PhD Computer Science
Stuart Sutherland   MA Literature-Soc Of Literature
Boon Tan   MSc Computer Studies
Lay Tan   LLB Law
Seok Tan   BSc Electronic Eng (Comp & Comm)
Walters Tangwe   BSc Electronic Engineering
Andrew Thorne   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Joan Tilburn   PhD Biology
Soon Tok   BSc Comp. Sci. (Sys Architecture)
Jacob Torfing   MA Ideology & Discourse Analysis
Ernest Tsui   PhD Physics*
Sui Tsui   BSc Mathematics and Computing
Kazuko Ueda   MA Art History And Theory*
Edward Ufland   BA Government
Stephen Ullman   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Jeremy Valentine   MA Ideology & Discourse Analysis
Machteld Van Dooren   LLM International Human Rights Law
Charles Vinan   MSc Telecomm and Information Systems
Robert Vinestock   BA Philosophy
Pui Wai   BA Accounting, Finance & Economics
Colin Ware   MA Social Service Planning
Bruce Warmer   MSc Intelligent Knowledge Based Sy
Raazia Waseem   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Jane Waterworth   MA Practical Reasoning
Andrew Watters   BA Philosophy
Roger Wearing   MA Social Service Planning
Mark Weinel   BA Philosophy And Government
Judy White Humphrey BA History
Julian White   BA Government
Antony Whittall   BA Government
Colin Wilcox   BA Economics
Genoveve Wilk   BA Philosophy
Emma Wood   BA Literature-English & European
Mathew Wood   BA Economics
Yuk Wu   BA Economics And Government
Feyyaz Yalcin   MA Business Economics
Mary Yii   MA Linguistics-Applied Linguistic
Ahmad Younis   PhD Electronic Systems Engineering
Bernard Zeches   BA Literature-English & European
George Zourdoumis   MA Economics